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An example of a class reductionist lefty meme describing feminism and the alt-right as two different flavors of what is essentially the same philosophy

Idpol is an abbreviation for identity politics used primarily (but not exclusively) in leftist, manospherian sites. It is used in those places to refer to politics that promote the cause of a particular identity group (such as the defense of the interests of incels, feminism, etc.) in a manner that suggests that they are misguided.

Spook[edit | edit source]


A spook is a slighty overlapping term also used in the lefty manosphere to describe ideas/movements/behaviours born seemingly solely from zealotry/ideology. Such alleged distractions are usually identity politics related, or "IDpol". Feminism is often described as a "spook" in lefty manospherian sites. However, alleged spooks are not always related to IDpol.

The use of the term comes from the book The Ego and Its Own by 19-century philosopher Max Stirner. Often, a "spook" can refer to morality or collectivism, as Stirner was seen by some as a lefty individualist or nihilist.

Zizek and Stirner[edit | edit source]

The term "spook" is used to reference Slavoj Zizek's criticisms of political (including gender) ideology itself.

Feminism as "spook"[edit | edit source]

Often on boards such as leftypol, feminism or other grand-narratives are referred to as spooks, in a post-modern way. As such, lefty manospherian boards, while critical of feminism, see it largely as a distraction or a non-event.

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