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French satirical print depicting cuckolds (bearing the customary horns) 'celebrating' the "grand family of honorable cuckolds of all nations" before a female personification of infidelity.

Cuckoldry is when a man's wife/partner is unfaithful towards him. Usually, due to sympathy, unwitting cucks are not shamed, though it was a common sport in the English literary tradition (see Shakespeare) to mock such men. Witting cucks are often seen as particularly worthy of contempt, due to their perceived low status, perverted nature, untrustworthiness, and/or effeminacy,[1][2][3] though there is an increasing trend to promote such arrangements, especially in certain intellectual circles, usually under the guise of various 'sex positive', 'free love' ideologies, such as polyamory (which doesn't necessarily imply cuckoldry).[4]

A cuck fetishist is a man who approves of his wife having sex with other men to pursue sexual gratification. In other words, a man who subverts monogamous practices in a way that doesn't involve sleeping with multiple women. Wife-swappers and the like are also technically cucks, though as their fetish involves a degree of reciprocity, and they are seen as more masculine than witting cucks, they are not generally as looked down upon.

In modern conservative circles in the West, and particularly among the alt-right, 'cuck', is used as a pejorative term that refers to a spineless or effeminate man in general, a man who advocates progressive social policies, or a conservative who adopts a pro-racial-diversity policy, among other things. Essentially, a man who isn't adjudged as being politically 'extreme' enough. A society that caved in to the feminine imperative is said to be cucked, and men who are claimed to be simps are often labelled as 'cucks'. In Islam, apathy with regards to having promiscuous family members is called being a dayuuth.[5]

History of the term[edit | edit source]

The term cuckold is all over medieval literature; in fact, it isn’t too much of an exaggeration to say that a huge percentage of humour from this time revolves around making fun of cuckolds. Cuckoldry plays a major theme Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays, the 13th Century poem “The Owl and the Nightingale” to the 18th Century play “The Country Wife”. The cuckold was often portrayed with horns, signifying lechery or ridiculousness, themes associated with satyrs and the god Pan, and Satan by extension. Thus, this style of humor had an element of religious shaming to it.

Horns are still associated with cuckolds in the modern era; in some Mediterranean countries, an obscene gesture is created by extending the index and litter finger upwards and tucking in the other fingers and the thumb. This gesture is used to imply the target of the gesture has been cuckolded, and is thus often seen as an especially grievous insult. Meanwhile, in Chinese-speaking communities, wearing a green hat (戴綠帽) is used to denote cuckoldry. The phrase 'green hat' is apparently a near-homonym for 'cuckold'. It is claimed this tradition dates back to the Mongol Yuan dynasty, when relatives of prostitutes were publically shamed by being made to wear green hats to signal their inability to 'control their women'.[6]

Criticism of usage[edit | edit source]

Some anti-monogamy incels and anti-masculinist men don't approve of people using this word as a pejorative, claiming the motives of shaming a lack of masculinity are generally anti-incel, social darwinian, or misandrist. These individuals assert that 'weak men' will always exist and are necessary to value for a healthy society, and frequently argue that forms of non-monogamy that diverge from polygyny are beneficial to incels.

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