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A Sow 母豬 or breeder female hog is a pejorative used by male, Taiwanese BBS chatters to refer to village women who will only date economically productive men. It also means a woman who is "promiscuous but not willing to take responsibility".[1] The Taiwanese BBS chatters have named themselves Sow Believers or Sow Teaching depending on the translation. This term was first mentioned by Obov, previously a Taiwanese worker in Silicon Valley, via the PTT Bulletin Board System. His catchphrase "Sows cry at night" (母豬母豬,夜裏哭哭)leading Obov himself being revered as the founder and patron saint of Sow Teachings (母豬教), equivalent to the former incel forum counterpart Azavii.

Sow in English means female hog who has reproduced.

Use of phrase[edit | edit source]

The use of this phrase to criticize a promiscuous women dates back to at least Song Dynasty China.[2] The typical behavior of the sow is defined by promiscuity in her younger years, and then looking for a 'recycler' man[3] (the Sow Believer word for betabux) when she is ready to 'settle down'. Sows also engage in other stereotypically foidy behaviors, like feminist utterances, using their life on tutorial mode to financially exploit men, by getting men to pay for their extravagant dining, holidays etc., and using men as free transportation providers [4] etc. The term is also (somewhat controversially in the community [5]) used to refer to old women, ugly women, fat women, and women who date foreigners or had Cross-cultural Romance (CCR).

Separate to the usage of the word in Taiwanese BBS boards, Russian anti-natalist message boards use the term as a pejorative to refer to women who desire or have children.[6]

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