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The Schluby Hubby is a subset of Oofy doofy theory that describes a type of man that is typically married or in a long-term relationship. This new, controversial theory comes from a Youtuber named: Hell by the Dashboard Light. The Schlub is often referred to as, 'simp', or, 'mangina'. But this particular term details what it actually means to be one.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Hell claims that most woman in the west will override their hypergamous nature to "settle down" with an unremarkable man. This, 'man', in question is usually subservient, also described as a, 'people-pleaser'. The Schlub will never argue or get into conflict unless he absolutely has to. And this pacifist attitude is something woman can use to their advantage. Modern-day women are extremely competitive and they purposefully seek out those type of men to feel better about their pedigree and accomplishments.

This also explains why woman are typically drawn to hippies, stoners, punks and other losers. They should feel more confident with a guy that is not fully mentally developed and is often lacking self-awareness

Clash with Lookism[edit | edit source]

Hell explains that woman are still attracted to the so called Chad but they would also feel insecure with him.

Many incels reject this theory in claims that its unrealistic and opposed to the blackpill, which is backed by science. Hell addressed this particular objection by claiming that its related to character and attitude, not looks.

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