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The oofy doofy theory is a theory on how the modern dating market works associated with the TFL subculture of incels. This theory claims that women prefer to date and have relationships with men who are mediocre looking, agreeable or unassertive, effeminate and generally low in perceived mate quality, as compared to blackpill and redpill derived incel theories that emphasize women's tendency towards hypergamous mating.

This theory is largely based on anecdotal evidence and arguments proposed by several TFL vloggers, such as Hell by the Dashboard Light (who seems to be the originator of the theory and the term), Steve Hoca, Hugh La Traviata, Red Pill Reich, among others. The Israeli academic and narcissism expert Sam Vaknin has also promoted a version of oofy doofy theory in several of his videos, and in one of his official publications, where he claims that women prefer 'beta males', even for short-term relationships (which he argues generally involve an aspect of familiarity).[1]

Most online incels disagree with this theory, and believe women prefer to mate with good looking men when they get the chance to do so. A version of this theory is the Schluby Hubby theory.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Oofy doofy is largely expounded by vloggers who recount their personal observations of men who are the opposite of the 'Chad' ideal promoted by the manosphere achieving unlikely sexual success. Many of these vlogs take on a sardonic or facetious tone, and it's hard to tell whether these vloggers genuinely agree with the oofy doofy theory or are just trolling the more autistic and hyperbolic theories of how the mating market works promulgated in several of the online incel spaces, though others do appear to take the theory completely seriously. What type of men are considered 'oofy doofies' also varies greatly, with some proponents even claiming certain conventionally attractive men who aren't deemed sufficiently masculine are 'oofy doofies'.

Proponents of the theory generally rely on anecdotal evidence to support their claims, generally in the form of posting videos of average looking or ugly men, which they dub 'oofy doofies', consorting with women above their 'looksmatch'.[2] While proponents vary in their claims of what constitutes and 'oofy doofy' or what it is about these men that makes them supposedly so attractive to women, however general themes include:

  • Looks are either only a small portion of what woman look for in a male-parter or women are actively selecting for less attractive men and rejecting good-looking or masculine men. They argue this is either out of female insecurity or because they think handsome men are more likely to be 'players'. Most oofy doofy proponents argue that very ugly men will still be incel, though some contradict themselves here, as they often regale viewers with tales of women dating and reproducing with veritable walking abominations for rhetorical and comedic effect.
  • Feminism has made women more masculine, agentic and competitive and raised their social status. As a consequence, women generally do not desire to submit to men in traditional monogamous relationships, but seek out easily manipulated and passive men to enter romantic relationships with. Women have become men.
  • There is an unknown factor that drives mating success that is not easily perceivable. Some oofy doofy theorists argue this unknown factor is pheromones, immune system compatibility genes, blood factors, or a man's physiognomy (as distinct from his female evaluated physical attractiveness).
  • Women have a natural 'mothering' instinct which has gone haywire due to evolutionary mistmatches, and they now expend this instinct on relationships with their pets and 'sad-case' men instead of bearing children. Some oofy doofy theorists promote men feigning physical sickness or mental incapability and vulnerability as a 'game' tactic to get pussy.
  • In the 'natural order' many incels or TFL men would be high-status and sexually successful men, but women's attraction to 'oofy doofies' has rendered these men incel, at least in 'Western society'. They agree with the blackpill in that they argue there is a natural genetic hierarchy where men with good genes or other desirable genetic traits are more sexually desirable, but argue this has been subverted by feminist brainwashing, which they argue overpowers women's biological impulses due to women's more conformist and agreeable nature. So oofy doofy theory can be seen as an inverted version of the blackpill, with similar ideological/epistemological priors.
  • 'Modern' women's mate choices are overwhelmingly dysgenic, and women sexually selecting for 'oofy doofies' instead of masculine, dominant men will result in a deterioration of the human gene pool.
  • Just be White theory is false and white women, and women in general, actually prefer to date non-White men, especially when these men are ugly/effeminate, as women have been supposedly brainwashed by anti-racism propaganda (a viewpoint mainly pushed by Hugh La Traviata and Hell by Dashboard).
  • Online dating experiments that show handsome man getting heightened levels of attention from women are unreliable as they do not follow through to real dates or sexual intercourse/relationships. Moreover, they argue that these women are mostly flirting/matching with this men out of a desire for validation, and do not intend to seriously pursue relationships with them.

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