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Goatmaxxing is a theorized activity which involves moving to a dry desert and/or mountainous area and grazing goats and living a humble, simple life. It was proposed by a MexiNEET known as AKS from Los Angeles.

A potential goatmaxxing strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Find a plot of land in a suitable area for $2000 or less. Build a simple adobe shack on the property with no running water. Wire a small solar panel to a few outlets to be used for electronics and portable heaters during cold weather. Light shack with candles. Cook outdoors only using coal, wood or propane. Dig a well for water.
  • When living out on the land, it is preferable to have access to a forest, as one can then access firewood and building materials needed for living a primitive, simple life.
  • Move to shack
  • Figure out how to care for goats, then buy some and graze them.

How to practice for possible goatmaxxing[edit | edit source]

  • Learn to live on very little money, under $200 a month or less
  • Don't use appliances or running water, cook outside, only use electricity to charge devices or heat.
  • Go hiking a lot and learn bushcraft, spend time in the desert and/or mountains.
  • Read Industrial Society and its Future by Theodore J. Kaczynski. This will maximize one's will to live such a radically simple lifestyle.

An alternative version would be sheepmaxxing. One historical theory about the ethnogenesis of nations such as the Romanians and Welsh is that many of them lived in small villages in the mountains and forrests in order to hide from agressive invading tribes. Thus, they could only practice very limited agriculture in the forests and mountains with bad, rocky soil. So many of them would take up the life of sheep or goat herders. The romanian/vlach/walach herders would travel all across the Balkan penninsula and the Carpathian mountains, from Greece all the way up to Czechia and southern Poland. This process is called transhumance. Some of these shepards were married, but saw their wives and children rarely, some took the whole family with them, to help with the sheep, and others would be forever single, just them and the sheep ;) . Thus, they would invent interesting fantasy stories and sing songs on the flute and the nai (multiflute) to pass the time. In old romanian folk culture, the lifestile of the lonely shepard was romanticised and sometimes admired. This lifestile is still very common in Romania, and many shepards are actually quite wealthy, selling the animal products even on the international market, especially exporting them to the Middle East, to islamic countries that consume a lot of sheep or goat meat.

Historically and worldwide, this has given rise to certain jokes about this lifestyle.