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Goatmaxxing is a theorized activity which involves moving to a dry desert and/or mountainous area and grazing goats and living a humble, simple life. It was proposed by a unemployed Mexicel known as AKS from Los Angeles.

A potential goatmaxxing strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Find a plot of land in a suitable area for $2000 or less. Build a simple adobe shack on the property with no running water. Wire a small solar panel to a few outlets to be used for electronics and portable heaters during cold weather. Light shack with candles. Cook outdoors only using coal, wood or propane. Dig a well for water.
  • Move to shack
  • Figure out how to care for goats, then buy some and graze them.

How to practice for possible goatmaxxing[edit | edit source]

  • Learn to live on very little money, under $200 a month or less
  • Don't use appliances or running water, cook outside, only use electricity to charge devices or heat.
  • Go hiking a lot and learn bushcraft, spend time in the desert and/or mountains.