Looks Bottleneck

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Looks bottleneck is the idea that men evolved to be less physically attractive to women than vice-versa, because the majority of woman are more attractive than the majority of men.

The good genes hypothesis suggests looks are important to all mammals as they demonstrate physical health and hunting prowess (like sheer size). This probably does not apply to human males since for the better part of history females did not have any choice when it comes to mating or marriage, therefore, looks have possibly not evolve in human males.

Hunting or Fighting[edit | edit source]

There is a notion that the vast majority of males throughout history were hunters, builders or farmers which is not true. Fighting and Hunting became a niche right at the peak of the earliest civilizations. Most men did not hunt because of agriculture and animal husbandry. Human males became highly specialized and versatile as time went on. The need for extremely large males with fighting skills was almost never in high demand.- And this is contrary to what evolutionary psychologists spout when it comes to how a man should be.

Lookism as a new commodity[edit | edit source]

Women are sexually attracted to good looks which created a thunderstorm of problems for men worldwide. If we can establish that men did not evolve to impress, hunt or fight then its obvious that most men are born with unique talents and traits that can be used in society in different ways. However, because looks is the prime catalyst of attraction in males, we might see changes implemented on a political level, as birthrates fail to meet the basic replacement rate.

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