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(Left to Right) Ernest Khalimov, labeled "the Ultimate Chad", and Batyr Suleymanov

Gigachad is a 10/10 Chad whom is within the top 0.1% of physical attractiveness and intimidates most men by his muscular physique. Gigachads generally have incredible facial aesthetics and symmetry, a tall stature and reached peak physique.

Gigachads mog all other highly attractive males and are taller than the average Chad. Gigachad is the extreme opposite of a truecel. An allosexual hetero woman's reaction to seeing the Gigachad is the equivalent to how moths react to a lightbulb.

The female equivalent of gigachad is gigastacy. Having lots of gigachads in your locality isn't eco-friendly, as all the women are constantly using detergents to wash their grool-stained panties purely from walking past him.

Decile[edit | edit source]

He is a "10" on the decile scale and the guy who will never experience nonredamancy. He's the polar opposite of a truecel and inceldom to Gigachad is a baffling mystery, akin to the mystery of the causes behind the big bang theory to astrophysicists. In fact, Gigachad doesn't even know what friendzoning, sexual frustration or rejection feels like!

Examples of African American gigachads are Tyson Beckford, Stefan-Pierre Tomlin and Ovie Soko. Examples of White gigachads are (prime) Fabio, (prime) Dolph Lundgren, (prime) Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chris Hemsworth. Examples of Mongoloid, East Asian and/or Oriental gigachads include Jason Momoa and Godfrey Gao. Examples of Mixed Race gigachads include Jeremy Meeks and Sean Kory. Examples of Middle Eastern and South Asian gigachads include Toni Mahfud and Imran Abbas respectively. Examples of Latino gigachads include Jay Hernandez and William Levy. Examples of Oceanian gigachads include Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Lance Franklin. The most popular men at r/LadyBoners are Franklin Delano Roosevelt JR and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. A historical example of a gigachad is Genghis Khan, who lived during the 13th century. Not only was he aesthetically pleasing, he also possessed the other woman-magnet trait of Dark triad, was extremely ruthless, and through his charismatic and assertive nature not only managed to conquer the world, but he managed to bed so many concubines that today, it has been estimated that roughly 1 in 200 people are his direct descendants.[1]

Superhuman[edit | edit source]

Gigachads possesses all the usual powers of superhuman strength, endurance, and the ability to fly. They are also extremely agile, can do acrobatics, and even flips, somersaults, and rolls. Gigachads are able to jump from incredible heights, such as from a skyscraper to a mountain top.

Apex fallacy[edit | edit source]

The exaltations of real-life gigachads sometimes give off the impression that a bulk of gigachads incline towards the apex fallacy. For example one well known gigachad is called Steven Schapiro. he has collected the phone numbers of gigastacies and stacylites at a quantity that would easily hit six digits. Yet he seems surprised at the notion that other guys can't get a single such number, let alone figures that is similar to his. This is called the apex fallacy, the idea that the most elite members of a specific demographic have similar trajectories as those at the bottom. The clearest example of this is on a video that Schapiro uploaded onto the vlogging channel The Daily Dropout on 5 December 2019, called "Have You Seen One of These Before?". Within this video Schapiro suggests to one of the girls (whose number he just received without asking) that 99% of guys are scared of approaching top-of-the-range pretty girls. This is true. Most guys are afraid of doing that. Yet, Schapiro appears to ridicule these men by gaslighting them into thinking that they have a chance - that the average guys cautiousness or pessimism is irrational. Steven Schapiro appears to be oblivious to the fact that he's a gigachad.

Halo effect[edit | edit source]

In peculiar situations, it is possible for gigachads to experience inceldom, such as gigachads in prison, or some other sex-segregated environment such as partaking in a boy-scouting organization, or working in an all-male oil rig environment. However, Jeremy Meeks has shown that even morally questionable convicts still benefit from the halo effect, thus by extension, inheriting a societal position whereby he is assured an easy pathway towards a romantic life. In a nutshell, the gigachad is in a win-win situation; due to his looks he can't lose in the dating scene, even if a calamity befalls him.

Since there is nothing to ridicule on the body or the personality traits of a gigachad, he has typically never been bullied, whether in the workplace or back at school. Due to this lack of experience of being bullied, gigachad is unlikely to express sympathy for the bullied.

Although this is not always true. As some gigachads experienced a glow up, and were ugly until late in puberty. These gigachads are typically the most successful in long term relationships, as some femoids find a developed senses of empathy to be sexy, in the context of such relationships.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Characteristics of a gigachad are:

  • Able-bodied; i.e. not a single of his physiological attributes even hint at a disability or even a blemish
  • he's never been bullied; his aura is too fantastic for that
  • he's a grool-inducer - women start grooling merely by looking at him
  • has a mooseknuckle to prove he's a dickmogger
  • he's a facemogger
  • whether he's virtuous or scummy, he still gets treated well, due to halo effect
  • he's hulseyistic, meaning he can maintain erections for hours on end
  • he's neurotypical, and therefore an IQmogger
  • he's a voicemogger
  • he's a heightmogger
  • he's NT
  • he doesn't age; he winemires

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