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The friendzone is a category that women fondly assign to the men who are dear to their heart. A woman will friendzone you because she is open to having sex or romance with you later down the road. Hetero women generally don't become true friends with anyone they don't think they will be willing to be romantic or sexual with later. The, "friendzone", is when she puts you on her rolodex of potential boyfriends or betabuxxers. Also, women are so judgmental towards one another that it is really refreshing to be besties with someone who is finally not catty, and who allows them to be their authentic self without limits!

If a woman has sexgated and romancegated you permanently in her mind and claims that they also, "want to be friends", that is usually a lie, and you will see them ghost you or ignore you in time.

The Friendzone Myth[edit]

There is a myth women don't fuck their friends and that dating is a measure of how much a woman wants to have sex with you. Truth is women fuck their friends if they are attractive. And generally women only form friendships with men they would be open to having sex with down the line. You don't go to your friend's sex parties? Yea cuz ur ugly. There's only a no-sex zone, which contains both partnered and non-partnered people.

Again, what most people mean when they say, "friendzone", is actually permanent sexgating, and at the end of the day has little to do with friendship.

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