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An allosexual is someone who experiences libido, or someone who experiences sexual attraction towards others. In terms of libido and sexual attraction, it is the opposite of asexual. In terms of sexual orientation, raw or aromantic allosexuality it is the opposite of demisexuality. With the rise of feminism, pure allosexuality is increasingly being demonized because it is associated with maleness and male sexuality. Aromanticism, as a close cousin of allosexuality is being demonized for similar reasons.

Aromantic allosexual = demonization of men[edit | edit source]

The reason why aromantic allosexuality is demonized is because it is associated with men. Although it is possible to be an aromantic allosexual and live in a long-term or comitted relationship, aro-allos (short for aromantic allosexuals) are still perceived as the sexual orientation which is susceptible to casual flings, or the hook-up culture so to speak. By extension, aro-allos are sometimes perceived as constituting the fundemental base of the PUA (pick-up artist) community.

The Western world, a culture which increasingly seems to dominate the entire world these days, views male sexuality and its undercurrents as inherently bad and in need of a leash. The feminists of the Western world consider themselves as the paracord dog leash handle on that leash. Any attempt to loosen the strength of the feminist hold on the this leash is regarded as dangerous. An attempt to untighten the firm grip of this feminist hand upon the paracord dog leash handle is bound to get a response of "you're a misogynist", a slur intended to frighten anyone from considering upturning the current status quo.

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