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The decile is the rating system used by most people when trying to ascertain their own looks. Can people who write articles about this page stop pretending like they've never called someone a "nine" or a "ten"? It's fun to pretend incels are the craaaazy guys who made up a social hierarchy. However, the decile scale is not an incel invention, just a description of what people mean when they say a "five" or a "ten".

The decile scale does not rank objective value of a human being or their objective worth as a partner, but rather one's general raw attractiveness to most people of the opposite sex, judged by what percentage of the opposite sex would date said person. People ascertain their position on the decile scale by asking where one measures on a scale from one to ten. For example, someone who is called "1st deciler" is said to be at the bottom in terms of aesthetic attraction and is most likely a truecel. Someone who is a "5th deciler" is said to be at the median in terms of aesthetic attraction and is probably a normie. A "10th deciler" constitutes the most aesthetically attractive people in the world, on par with Jeremy Meeks, Scarlett Johansson and Francisco Lachowski, and are sometimes referred to as "Gigachads" in the incelosphere.

Sometimes a rating on the decile scale is incorrectly referred to as a PSL rating. This means that someone got their pic rated on one of the PSL boards or someone is asking you to get your photo rated on one of the PSL boards. The PSL scale typically goes from 1-9, with a 9 being completely flawless and top-level male models like Francisco Lachowski being generally considered PSL 8. The 'average' on the PSL scale is PSL 4. This usage is going out of style now though.

Decile scale[edit | edit source]

While the Declile scale does not define any range of inceldom, it generally correlates to:

It should be noted that scientific tests on dating websites have shown that, on a scale of 1 to 5, women will only give men an average score of 2, whereas men will give women a 3. Make of that what you will. Theoretically, volcels could be placed anywhere on the decile scale, from a 10, to a 1. However, most healthy, virile men will not choose to voluntarily forego romantic relationships, and as such, volcels are more likely to be at the bottom half of the scale. However, because human nature likes to be in control of one's destiny, as such some low-tier normies may lie to themselves and ascribe their volceldom to a personal choice of asceticism or some other disciplinary lifestyle choice. An example wherein individuals may pinpoint their volceldom as such includes the MGTOW community, the off-gridder community, the priesthood community etc. Although in each of these scenarios, "reluctant volcel" is sometimes a more apt term to use than merely "volcel".

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