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To voicemog someone is to have a better voice than them. The criteria behind male voicemoggers and female voicemoggers differs. But both are used in the incelosphere to denote the ability to attract partners with one's voice. The voice is a secondary sexual characteristic, and studies show that it affects the perceived attractiveness of humans. A male voicemogger has a voice that is deep, soothing and low pitch. Studies show that women tend to be aware of the voice men are attracted to and they tend to alter their voice when around men they are interested in. For instance in this situation, women will speak in a higher pitch that is childlike. Notable male voicemoggers are David Attenborough and Jeremy Irons.

Voicemoggers are also common in the ASMR community. These are people who typically talk about nonsense and gibberish, but because their voice is so soothing, millions of people subscribe to their channels, and listen to their vlogs, despite not knowing that the actual topic is about. They just like his or her voice.

During an act of voicemogging, the voicemogger feels proud, whereas the voicemoggee feels humiliated.

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