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Men (also biomen or biomales) are post-tween humans who have a y chromosome, a pair of testicles and a penis. In western society men are disposable; western society is apathetic to male-specific problems. While there are many government-funded organizations dedicated to targeting issues facing girls/women, no such reputable organization exists as a male counterpart. In terms of relationships, one of the most financially and emotionally damaging situations a man can put himself in is the beta orbiter role, whereby he becomes a tool for a woman seeking validation. As of the 21st century, FRA's (false rape accusation) by women against men are extremely common.

Research into ancestral DNA has shown that the average human has half the amount of male ancestors as female ancestors.

Apathy to male suffering[edit | edit source]

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Anyone who doubts that males are disposable in Western society, or thinks that society is not apathetic to male suffering should do the following test. Mention how male sexlessness (i.e. inceldom) has tripled for young men in the space of only a decade. Women are far more likely to be apathetic to male suffering, but even bluepilled white knights constitute a significant demographic, and together, they ensure that societal apathy to male suffering is normalized. The most common talking point for the bluepilled normie who is apathetic to male loneliness includes:

  • "What, you feel entitled to sex or something?"

Gender attractiveness disparity[edit | edit source]

It is well documented that less attractive people face disadvantages in their careers, social life and other areas of life in comparison to their attractive counterparts. Since men are less attractive than women, it stands that men face an additional disadvantage in that regard. See the gender attractiveness disparity page to learn more.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Whereas male sexuality leans more towards pure allosexuality, females lean more towards demisexuality. Due to the apex fallacy, there is a misconception in modern society that men in general are privileged. In ancient history, 17 women procreated for every man that procreated.[1]

Whereas society promotes teratophilia (glamorization of the ugly) among women through campaigns such as "being obese is sexy" or "don't fat-shame", society usually does not afford such luxuries to men.

Reproduction rate[edit | edit source]

A statistic by Dr. Baumeister states that 80% of women throughout history have reproduced compared with 40% of men. That means 60% of men in history were unsuccessful at fulfilling or enacting their biological imperative to pass on their genes.[2]

Research[edit | edit source]

Boys, well into their teens, as well as young men, are often given the false expectation that women desire men to the same extend that men desire women. Men naturally have the ability for stoicness and asceticism (see whitepill), but this false hope given low-tier men doesn't do anyone any favors.

The reality (that should be told to boys whether whether tweens, teens or early vicenarian years) is that women are happier and live longer lives without offspring or spouses.[3] This way, men will grow up being volcel (a rather healthier status) rather than an involuntarily celibate.

Moid[edit | edit source]

Femcels of the incelosphere sometimes use the term "moid" to describe men. Its often intertwined with the term pink pill whereby it is implied that men are superficial and shallow, and have little regard for women who are a combination of fat, ugly and overly timid.

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