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A fetish is an awkward replacements for intercourse that some people get into when bored of regular sexual intimacy, or they developed a perversion from genetic or child abuse etc...

An abnormal fetish can be a reason to become an incel. (kinkcel/fetishcel)

Fetish examples[edit | edit source]

Examples of fetishes include:

  • Foot play
  • Shoe play
  • Shoe dangling
  • Pedal pumping - The pedal acts like a "spring" pushing the foot up.
  • Spandex - Pantyhose fetish could be considered as a form of spandex fetishism. In the case of pantyhose fetish: the stretchy fabric acts as a "rubber band" pulling the foot up.
  • Bondage - Handcuffs restrict movement.
  • Strappy sandals - The straps restrict movement.
  • Parthenophilia
  • Watching partner floss in the mirror - "flossy"
  • Physical domination - Physically restraining a female during sex, throwing a female around, all involve movement.

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