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Tradcon is an abbreviation for 'traditional conservative', describing people who (in the interpersonal realm) want a return to chivalry (man proves himself to and protects the woman), traditional gender roles, and the nuclear family.

Tradcon women[edit | edit source]

Tradcon women are notable for feeling sympathetic toward incels. Many incels do not feel excitement in response, as tradcon women are even more hypergamous than feminists and are exclusively looking for betabuxxers, not even an equal in income. In fact the wageslave role of men is so important to tradcon women, many men who like traditional work still feel contrained by this desire of tradcon women. Tradcon women were often bullied in their younger years, leading to them seeking out betabuxxers much earlier in their adult life. They see incels as overlooked betabuxxers, or, in other words, people who would be great at wageslaving for them while they sit on their ass, drink tea, and rant about feminism. They may advocate for societally arranged partnerships.

Other Criticism[edit | edit source]

Proponents of traditional conservatism see their values' past success as indicators of future success, but critics of traditional conservatism see tradon values as gynocentric, misandrist, and/or archaic. For example, they believe that it is a men's duty to die in a war while not being entitled to a companion if he returns.

Traditionalists deal with criticism by shaming men, similiar to feminists. Their go-to phrase is "MGTOW/MRA and feminism are two sides of the same coin", however, due to shaming, generalizing and percieving men as disposable, it more true that "tradcons and feminists are the exact same side of the same coin".

A small but growing number of MGTOWs and MRAs have been complaining that their spaces have been overrun by trad-cons like Janet Bloomfield, and that trad-cons are worse than feminists (which they also dislike) because they think trad-cons generally believe that men should exchange work for sex, and other 'anti-male' gender roles that put men in a slave-like position.

Prominent Republican-leaning MRA Paul Elam has also stated his opposition to trad-cons, despite hiring some radical trad-cons for his site. His hiring of trad-cons like Janet Bloomfield drawing him criticism from aformentioned MGTOWs and MRAs.

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