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Trad-con is an abbreviation for 'traditional conservative', describing people who (in the interpersonal realm) want a return to chivalry (man proves himself to the woman), traditional gender roles, and the nuclear family.


A small but growing number of MGTOWs and MRAs have been complaining that their spaces have been overrun by trad-cons like Janet Bloomfield, and that trad-cons are worse than feminists (which they also dislike) because they think trad-cons generally believe that men should exchange work for sex, and other 'anti-male' gender roles that put men in a slave-like position.

Prominent Republican-leaning MRA Paul Elam has also stated his opposition to trad-cons, despite hiring some radical trad-cons for his site. His hiring of trad-cons like Janet Bloomfield drawing him criticism from aformentioned MGTOWs and MRAs.

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