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A tradthot is the westernized version of the hoejabi; i.e. a woman, typically some denomination of Christian, but they also come in a secular right-wing variety (particularly outside of the United States), who pretends that she is traditional, anti-feminist, family-oriented, and religiously devout, but isn't really so.

Common Traits[edit | edit source]

  • White, although non-White tradthots also exist.
  • Claims to believe in "traditional family values" but is unmarried and, therefore, likely still riding the cock carousel in her mid twenties or older.
  • Wears sunhats, floral print or pure white dresses, sandals, and similar clothing, in an attempt to seem more "modest" or "traditional" in comparison with other women. Surreptitiously continues to frequently expose cleavage, curves etc, presumably to attract male attention.
  • Admits to having "fallen into sin" or to have engaged in casual sex and other forms of hedonistic dissipation in their past (e.g. drug use), but claims to have been redeemed in Christ[1], or among secular tradthots, claims to having become "redpilled", and as such, she is ready to "move on" and find a traditionalist/Christian husband (especially common among Christian tradthots).
  • Makes frequent use of social media platforms (despite claiming to be modest and traditional) and has a large following of thirsty beta males, who defend her from male critics and provide her income by donating to her Patreon account etc.
  • Is nearing The Wall and is presumably attempting to reinvent herself as a "quality woman", in the hopes of securing a stable, reasonably handsome beta provider, before her looks begin to fade rapidly. However, due to increasing male sexual deprivation and concomitant lowered standards, this may be declining as a reason for women to adopt such a strategy. In the words of one tradthot "I had done relationships the wrong way my whole life. I would try to do everything my way and things would never work out. I would go through heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak ... I dated a pimp. I dated people who were these 'bad boys.'"[2]

Antinomianism[edit | edit source]

Christian tradthots often appeal to antinomianism to justify their clear violations of biblical teachings. Antinomianism was originally defined as the idea that Christians could reject the moral teachings of the Old Testament and still be saved from damnation, frequently being historically ascribed to various Gnostic sects.

In the sense that tradthots employ the concept, it reflects an extreme version (or distortion e.g. "We are justified by faith alone but not by a faith that is alone,") of the Protestant belief that belief and not works lead to salvation (Sola Fide).

Protestant tradthots often believe that due to being justified by faith alone, they can engage in immoral acts and are not subject to any moral restraint. As long as they pray and continue to believe, their immoral actions will be forgiven and they will be saved.

Trad Pivot or Epiphany Phase[edit | edit source]


It is frequently claimed by some in the manosphere[3][4] and elsewhere[5]that tradthots are not being honest in their purported socially conservative/religious beliefs. They argue that tradthots are attempting to hijack an increasing surge of right-wing political sentiment for their own financial gain or social advancement. It is also claimed that they are attempting a "trad pivot" in order to rebrand themselves as chaste, responsible women in the hopes of securing a higher quality beta provider than they could get if they didn't adopt such a deceptive self-presentation. They argue[6] that if the women were indeed traditionalists, they would be busy "shutting the fuck up and making babies" instead of making countless Youtube videos, tweets, and so forth, and engaging in political discussion. They argue that these women are just feminists in disguise, attempting to portray themselves as "redpilled" (in the right-wing sense of the term), to accrue boons from hapless, sexually frustrated beta male dupes.

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