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Name: Edward Dutton
Date of Birth: 1980
Occupation: Anthropologist, professor
Ethnicity: English

The Jolly Heretic aka Edward Dutton, PhD., is an anthropologist, religion researcher, YouTuber, author, and the author of How to Judge People by What They Look Like, a book about physiognomy. He holds degrees in theology and religious studies. He currently lives in Finland and teaches at the Polish business school called Asbiro University; he has one wife and two kids. He has perfected the art of turning tiny effect sizes into a compelling story and telling it in an entertaining manner.

Jolly Heretic and incels[edit | edit source]

A meme Dutton posted on his Twitter, summarising his position on incels.[1]

Edward has made a number of videos wherein he blames inceldom on the sexual revolution and the destruction of monogamy, similar to Jordan Peterson, Angela Nagle, and Roger Devlin. He also had made a number of observations about social dynamics that incel wiki writers and admins have found interesting.

On his YouTube channel, he has presented a couple of hypotheses explaining the incel phenomenon.[2] Some have hypothesized he has recently found studies via the Scientific Blackpill because of certain content in certain recent videos, although it is possible he didn't.

On the Scientific Blackpill: Just go to church, incel![edit | edit source]

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Dating advice for Incels: Go to church

—Edward Dutton[3]

In early 2021, Dutton made a video on the Scientific Blackpill, saying it makes many valid points on female sexuality. However, he states that many of the points made in the article, such as the emphasis on female's mate preference for men with dark personality traits and women's sexual selection for superficial traits such as looks, only apply to women that are pursuing a fast-life strategy. Such women, he says, would be more inclined to choose a violent asshole as their behavior evidences their high status and ability to provide protection in a fast life ecology. He states these are also the sorts of women that tend to sexualize themselves online and in public.[4]

He also claimed that self-identified incels are mainly "failed fast life history strategists" themselves, based on his observations of the tone of the discussion on incel forums, which he believes reveals an obsession with casual sex, an excessive distrust of women (which is argued to be a fast life history trait), substantial psychopathology on behalf of the userbase, and a sexual obsession with "fast life history women". He suggests incels should abandon their "failed fast life history strategy" and alleged sexual preference for sluts and instead seek out places where women with a slow-life strategy can be supposedly found, as also suggested by the video's title: "Why Incels Need to Start Going to Church if They Want to Get Some".[5]

He repeated some of these points in a later episode in which he stated that women who like to travel as well as women who have a professional career should be avoided as partners, for they are fast life history strategists. He also claimed that women that talk about sex, women that use the internet to try to meet people, and women that own dogs and post pictures of them on social media websites should all be avoided as they are either pursuing a fast life history strategy or are mutants, "behaving in a maladaptive manner".[6] Essentially, Dutton's position is a scientific veneer on the idea that not all women are like that.

Why Dutton may be wrong[edit | edit source]

Though Dutton is correct in his claim that women are more religious than men and tend to attend church more often, thereby potentially creating a favorable sex ratio for men's dating prospects in such contexts, there are strong flaws in his advice. The main problem is that the age of regular church attendees in the kinds of countries many self-identified incels hail from is very high,[7][8] and thus the number of women that are in a dateable age range for most incels is likely low in the majority of churches in these regions. Moreover, there are already numerous single men in churches, most of which probably mog incels, and thus competition for young women would be expected to be fierce in such contexts. Besides, one must keep in mind that many Christians are neurotypicals who do not go to church for spirituality, but to talk on the parvise before and after mass to people with whom they share interest and a similiar psychology; much like going to class in high school or in university is used by normies to socialise between classes. The same thing is also often true for young people going to Bible studies. On the other hand, incels have very often very poor social skills and are socially awkward, and will not magically become socially good.

Dutton admitted in one of his videos that most incels that followed him were in their 20s;[6] he may not have taken into account the fact that since incels did not have a teen love, those incels might be unable to get a girlfriend once they are in their 20s.

He may also have forgotten how much the people who watch videos of a university professor giving them dating advice and arguing against leftists are mentally different from most normies, be they fast or slow life history strategists.

There is furthermore evidence against the notion that self-sexualization (in terms of wearing makeup) is linked to life history speed in women.[9] Self-sexualization (in terms of online whoring) is linked to economic inequality.[10]

Beliefs[edit | edit source]

Dysgenics[edit | edit source]

What Dutton believes. Meme shared on Twitter by Dutton himself.[11]
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  • Dutton believes the rise of mental disorders associated with genetic mutations, such as autism, are due to the lack of strong Darwinian selection pressures that resulted from the industrial revolution, and calls people who he deems to suffer from mutations "mutants" or "spiteful mutants."
  • Modern society is currently experiencing substantial dysgenics, especially in terms of lowering IQ. He claims this dysgenics is part of a cycle of civilizations, like the writer Oswald Spengler's cyclical view of history, in which civilizations rise from barbarism and achieve a civilized state, partly due to eugenic selection pressures. When the civilization can become so prosperous that the upper-classes become increasingly decadent and refuse to reproduce, he claims it eventually collapses due to a combination of maladaptive genes rising in the population (leading to maladaptive cultural movements and ideas), collapsing birth rates, and foreign invasion from more ethnocentric groups. He ultimately shies away from advocating eugenics as a possible solution to supposed secular genetic decline in general intelligence, mainly because he believes it would require an extremely authoritarian government to implement correctly, and furthermore because he thinks the resulting gap between the eugenic "haves" and the dysgenic "have-nots" would result in a apocalyptic civil war driven by envious people who will not have access to this eugenic technology.
  • He believes physiological birth defects are linked to genetic defects which are also linked to what he considers ideological and intellectual defects—e.g. leftism (he emphasizes xenophilia and anti-homophobia as key maladaptive aspects) and autism. Therefore, the lack of Darwinian pressure due to the industrial revolution and the ability to be easily treated in big cities has allowed "mutants", who he says have weak immune systems on average, to live, reproduce, and gain influence over "non-mutants." He argues that in an environment with a strong Darwinian pressure these mutants would have either died of disease, been killed, or would be ostracized, also typically leading to their death. Many people with leftist political beliefs are genetic mutants (what he calls sometimes "spiteful mutants"), which he says explains their opposition to instinctive human behaviors like ethnocentrism and following traditional, group-based religions. He cites high mutational load as one of the main reasons for the unpleasant physical appearance of many of these activists. Following his colleague Michael Woodley of Menie's Social Epistatis Amplification Model (SEAM), he stated that many of these progressives reach positions of cultural influence and alter the behavior of non-mutants, causing the non-mutants to adopt what he claims are maladaptive cultural practices and beliefs, like atheism, multiculturalism, anti-natalism, and globalism.
  • That capital punishment is "central to civilization." Dutton argues that the increase in capital punishment that occurred from the medieval period onwards in Europe was essentially eugenic and eucivic (beneficial to the maintenance and development of civilization), as the "most psychopathic young men" were essentially killed and removed from the gene pool before being able to reproduce, which resulted in a positive selection pressure for pro-social traits such as agreeableness, religiosity and impulse control. As he argues that these traits need to be highly represented in the population for higher-level states to grow and maintain themselves, he claims that that execution contributed to Europe's ensuing world dominance and all the technological, cultural and social developments that were associated with this in that period of world history. He asserts that Western societies likely would've entered into a "decline and fall" stage of development before reaching an industrial revolution, like the Romans did, if not for this intense selection pressure for religiosity and other pro-social traits that he argues resulted from execution.

Scientific[edit | edit source]

  • Group selection exists, and therefore ethnocentrism is an evolutionarily adaptive human trait. Dutton cites computer models that found that ethnocentric groups always prevail in group conflicts against humanitarians (those that co-operate with everyone, even those not of their group), as the ethnocentrics are apparently more effective at suppressing 'free riders' who leech off the group's resources, betray the group and otherwise undermine group cohesion.
  • Religious belief is highly evolutionary adaptive for both the individual believer and the group he belongs to. On the individual level, he points to research that indicates that religious believers possess better well-being and health, are more socially connected, and tend to have more children than people that are more secular. On the group level he argues that religion promotes what he considered highly adaptive and group-selected behaviors such as altruism, ethnocentrism, the regulation of sexuality, the suppression of "free-riders", and higher fertility. He tends to argue these benefits only apply to organized, hierarchical religions, as he claims that members of cults, paranormal believers, new age followers and the like generally possess "a high mutational load."
  • People invest more resources, care, and generally like and befriend those who are genetically similar to themselves (Frank Salter's genetic similarity theory). He claims this explains ethnocentric behavior, but it also apparently applies across races, as he cites research that finds that among interracial couples, the members of these couples are generally more homogenous in terms of personality than is found among monoracial couplings.
  • Centrists reproducing less is causing political polarization due to political tendencies being partially heritable.
  • Left handedness is associated with homosexuality (the recurrence with which he brings this up has become a running joke in the alt-right), autism, atheism, and higher overall mutational load. Dutton is left-handed himself.
  • Aside from proposed dysgenic trends in IQ, Dutton claims that innovation is slowing due to the systemic exclusion of geniuses from modern academia. Together with his colleague Bruce Charlton, Dutton authored a book called The Genius Famine. The central thesis of the book is that genius is outlier high intelligence accompanied with a personality type known as the Endogenous personality. This type is said to be characterized by creativity, introversion, and personality traits linked to anti-social behavior, such as psychoticism (disagreeableness, impulsiveness, non-conformity, and at extreme levels, the tendency to have psychotic breaks).
    Dutton and Charlton argue in the book that since modern academia emphasizes traits such as conformity (especially to liberal ideals), conscientiousness, interpersonal warmth and networking skills over intelligence and accomplishment, the archetypal genius personality (which Dutton frequently compares to the typical criminal personality characterized by certain Dark triad traits such as psychopathy) is being completely excluded from modern universities in place of what Dutton and Charlton deem the "head girl" personality. That is, highly socially effective and hardworking people of middling intellect who basically manage and organize things but aren't capable of innovation.
  • He believes the sanitary restriction measures taken by some states to limit the spread of COVID by forbidding big gatherings of people were useful. He believes herd immunity should have been attempted to counter COVID, but that it was not possible due to "runaway individualism". Dutton said he had "no aversion" in taking the COVID vaccine, although he had not been contacted to take one. He considers that those who wanted to lock down everything due to COVID were neurotics who overreacted, and that those who did not want to act against COVID "because [they think] 'they will put microchips in my blood or whatever' " are paranoid schizophrenic. He believes if the average IQ in the West was not 100 but 80, like in India, with COVID things would be much worse, stating "look what's happening in India, that would be just appaling."[12]

Political[edit | edit source]

Dutton's explanation of how and why civilisations collapse, as shared on his Twitter by himself.[13]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Intelligent people like classical music more than other people.
  • Being very high IQ (genius level, or above around 150+) predisposes one to have a 'rotten life.'
  • British comedy isn't funny anymore.
  • English men are unbelievably attractive to foreign women.

Incels[edit | edit source]

Dutton might fail to understand that many incels are incels because they are also "mutants". He may also believe that most incels are white right-wingers (as a not insubstantial portion of his audience appear to be incels) despite the fact that ethnics are an important demography in inceldom.

Politics[edit | edit source]

Dutton is a regular guest on Richard Spencer's Radix Radio show since 2020. Like the rest of Radix, he has stated support for single payer health insurance, stating paraphrased "the only time I become sort of left-wing is when I look at America, where you see toothless, just toothless people [...] it reminds me of Britain before the NHS". Unlike Richard Spencer, Edward preferred Trump to Biden in the 2020 election. Edward called Biden 'senile and unpredictable'. Dutton's views may have morphed after associating with Mr. National Socialism, Richard Spencer. Before, in 2016, Ed had written a negative piece about public health insurance for The Guardian as a health columnist.[17]

References[edit | edit source]

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