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An indicator of interest, often abbreviated as IOI, is a definite signal that a person is interested in you romantically. There are many variations of IOIs, and not all people who are romantically interested are able to give them out properly due to shyness or other difficulties. In addition, many dating-challenged people claim to not get IOIs often enough, if at all. The opposite of an IOI is a fuck-off signal.


  • A girl starts touching you for no apparent reason.
  • A girl giggles for no particularly good reason.
  • A girl seems really into you and echoes your body movements (mirroring).
  • A girl says that you're sexy out of the blue.
  • A girl asks you to come to her place alone.
  • A girl lurks in your vicinity.
  • A girl stares longer than normal.

The IOI deficiency problem[edit | edit source]

A number of commentators believe that most love-shys and incels suffer from a defiency of IOIs, and so when an opportunity finally arises, they are unable to act correctly and thus botch the opportunity due to a lack of prior practice. This is an example of a vicious circle that keeps people incel and love-shy.

Love-shys and IOIs[edit | edit source]

Love-shys tend to have as much difficulty responding to IOIs as they do giving them out. For love-shys who are able to receive IOIs at a decent rate, this can be psychologically devastating, as they are unable to capitalize on opportunities that are thrust in front of them.

Misinterpretation[edit | edit source]

Some love-shys and incels misinterpret ordinary greetings or confuse generic interest from girls as romantic interest. This can be the result of a lack of experience, an inability to correctly read body language, or other factors. On the other hand, genuine romantic interest can be misinterpreted as simple friendliness as well. Note that females can also misinterpret ordinary greetings or confuse generic interest from males as romantic interest which can lead to misunderstandings and conflict.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

The need for a girl to indicate her interest before you ask her out is controversial. Some claim that all that is needed is to establish a good rapport with a girl beforehand, while others claim that this method consistently results in failure more often than not. Some believe that a definite indicator of interest is needed beforehand, and if the girl is ambiguous it means that she is not interested.

The generation of IOIs ties in with the looks/personality controversy, where some claim that a minimum looks threshold is required to receive enough IOIs to act on them. Others claim that a certain personality type is needed.

Imagining IOIs[edit | edit source]

If you don't want to cold approach then approach women who give you IOI's. But from my experience with this around 80% of the women I thought were giving me IOI's or checking me out rejected me or token flirted me. Only 20% were actually receptive ...which leads me to believe that we as men imagine most of our IOI's. Make sure you have adequate COPING mechanisms if you are approaching girls who you think are giving you IOI's, because you'll need them when most reject you and the redpill finally hits you that most of your IOI's are in your head. I've had to come up with new ways of COPING myself as so few of the girls I think are giving me IOI's are actually interested in me when I go talk to them.

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