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PUAs target the most vulnerable people

A pickup artist or PUA is a scammer who claims to help incels get positive IOIs through social manipulation ("game"). Funnily enough, this is the same approach to incels taken by psychologists, psychiatrists, and feminists, as well as virtually everyone else nowadays despite them falsly claiming to hate PUA type advice (Such as Confidence, emphasis on self-improvement, etc.). The idea that one can dramatically change ones own personal life in modern America while mostly ignoring fundamental life issues (like ugliness, or poverty) is also an underlying principle of cognitive behavioral therapy, the most widely practiced professional therapy mode in the US which has failed to slow down the increase in suicides.

A PUA would scam an Asian manlet into believing that their low sexual market value lies in being too submissive, rather than being short and Asian.


History[edit | edit source]

Ancient times[edit | edit source]

The first known pick up artist was Ovid, a Roman author born in 43 BC. Ovid's work "ars amandi" (art of love) concerns the seduction of a woman: he explains seduction is a scientific discipline, which can be taught by a "love professor", afterwards he describes accurate strategies to seduct women, like deceiving them.

Another best seller of pick-up art is the Kama Sutra (600 A.D.). This indian book generally concerns love between humans, but the main topic is the courtship of a woman and the methods to get a wife or a lover.

Modern Times[edit | edit source]

Giacomo Casanova is the most famous PUA of 18th Century, in fact he wrote the book "History of My Life" in which he explained the strategy he uses to seduce women: he claimed he seduced girls with "conversation skills" that he used to arouse emotions into women who consequently developed sexual desire for him, however the truth is Casanova was a liar who didn't actually use "conversation skills" to attract women but his LMS, infact he was extremely tall (20cm above average), very attractive and even very rich.

20th century[edit | edit source]

The modern PUA movement started in the 1970s with the rise of hook up culture after the sexual revolution in modern western countries. Now it is more common for men to play the field and seek out casual sexual encounters before marriage. Due to the existence of female hypergamy and Bateman's Principle, many men that are not physically blessed are having poor prospects of casual sex encounters and thus a market niche was formed catering to their desire to improve their prospects. From the 1960's to the 1980's there were a small amount of, become a playboy, type pick up artist guides.

1990s[edit | edit source]


One of the first mainstream PUAs was Ross Jeffries who in the 1990s advocated N.L.P (neuro-linguistic programming) to attract women, which is the technique of influencing female attraction by use of subliminal phrases in conversations.

2000s[edit | edit source]


The modern incarnation of PUA was engineered by an internet marketer by the name of Eben Pagan (David de Angelo) a member of an internet marketing group known as The Syndicate and author of the PUA manual Double your Dating, which claims the bold faced lie that looks don't matter at all to women (actually the complete opposite) and any A.F.C (Average Frustrated Chump) who applies PUA techniques will be able to become a slayer. (Which is also a lie Game, alone cannot make up for bad looks.[1]


PUA remained a niche community until the release of the book The Game by journalist Neil Strauss, a semi autobiographical work describing, induction into a PUA circle led by the most famous PUA, The street magician and reality TV star Mystery.

The success of The Game resulted in a PUA craze in the mid nineties that lasted until the early 2010s.


Mystery had combined the teachings of get-rich quick marketer David De Angelo with evolutionary psychology to create a unique style of PUA creatively dubbed The Mystery Method.


R. Don Steele is a baby boomer PUA dating coach who developed three techniques to supposedly improve client success with women. The three steps basically boil down to a, firm handshake, good posture, and sexual intent as the principles to getting women. The incel mass shooter, George Sodini, attended several of his seminars.

2010s[edit | edit source]


It is argued that PUA communities combined with the internet are ultimately responsible for the rise of the Manosphere in general.

Roosh V

RooshV is a blogger and former sex tourist who was a highly influential figure in the manosphere and game community. After originally coming to prominence in the 2000s as a PUA blogger, the man wrote various books[2] which detailed apparent sexual conquests in foreign countries and, advised methods of picking up women. Like many manosphere writers, the writing became increasingly political and closer to alt-right viewpoints in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential elections. After becoming a born-again Oriental Orthodox Christian, Roosh denounced previous writings and forbade discussion of casual sex on a private forum.


Roissy was the sobriquet used by the author of the (now defunct) blog Chateau Heartiste, which was a blog that promoted pick-up artistry (under the name of game), anti-feminist writings, and also increasingly white nationalism, especially during the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.


The first website where what we now know as the Blackpill was widely espoused was the forum puahate.com, whose original purpose was to expose the lies and scams of the PUA industry, eventually morphing into a manosphere forum where a major theme emerged of women being primarily attracted to a man's LMS (looks, money, status) in other words objective value to women in opposition to more vague concepts like personality and game. Contrary to what some media says, the website, however, was not an incel forum, as there were people of every celibacy status there and there were no subforums on it that self-identified as incel subforums.


The major 2010s extant proponents of PUA were the subreddit R/TRP (which promotes a more holistic approach to PUA, as well as incorporating the concept of female hypergamy) and the PUA company Real Social Dynamics.

Given the advent of the #metoo movement and the rise of online dating, the PUA industry is increasingly moribund, but still somewhat influential.

Getting the police called on incels[edit | edit source]

Pick up artists often sell useless bootcamps, scamming hopeful incels out of thousands of dollars and putting them at risk of macing, arrest, and harassment allegations. The first popular PUA book was written by Ross Jeffries and is called How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed.. There is a disclaimer on the first few pages warning that the contents could easily get one arrested if acted out fully. PUA Julien Blanc caused mass outrage among feminists online when videos of the guy choking random women during cold approaches went viral.

Many PUA's also used to advocated more hardcore techniques to break past what they called last minute resistance (a woman backing out of prospective sexual intercourse at the last minute, because the man in question is not as good looking as the woman would prefer.) Like man-handling the woman or exposing one's self, in other words committing acts of legally defined sexual assault. The rise in PUA seems to accompany the rise of people not wanting to pair other people up.

Does game work?[edit | edit source]

Main article: Game

Put two pick-up artists with equal fame and money with normal social skills in a bar. Then approach an equal number of women, and the better looking guy will get the girl.

Victims[edit | edit source]

George Sodini is a well known incel victim of pick-up artists.

Incels vs. pick up artists[edit | edit source]

The pick up artist scene (now mostly found on /r/TRP) has always been at odds with most incel communities. One site that had a lot of incels: PUAhate.com was almost exclusively dedicated to exposing pick up artists during first years of the site. Similarly r/TRP hates on incels. The difference is in philosophy.

PUA's (and feminists) think men pick up women through social skills almost exclusively. Self-identified incels (and others) instead advocate L.M.S

Self-identified incels usually stress looks as the most important (which is correct). The PUA (and therapy) industry is dependent on trying to make people think they can cheat lookism.

PUAs target the most vulnerable people‎

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