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The Alt-Right consists of people on the political right who have formed their own movement, separate from the 'cuckservative' Republican establishment. It is basically defined by white nationalists, white supremacists, and 'race realists' as well as overlapping but separate groups such as Neo-Nazis or Neo-Fascists. Some Alt-Right figures, such as Richard Spencer, Roger Devlin, Gregory Conte, and Andrew Anglin see inceldom as potentially useful to their own type of pro-natalist agenda. There aren't many pro-natalist groups out there, so the alt-right kinda hogs the most prominent spot. Any other pro-natalist movement would also likely be sympathetic to incels. You can basically tell how alt-right someone is by how much they use the word 'cuck'.


Women worshipping[edit | edit source]

Many (not all) alt-righters pedestalize and orbit tradthots such as Lauren Southern. Alt-right men tend to have a fetish for Asian women (or more likely, Asian women have a fetish for them) [1] and often marry Jews (e.g Jared Taylor, Mike Enoch).

Rise to prominence[edit | edit source]

The digital MSM lately likes to elevate people that are extremely controversial because they took out too many loans and are trying to pay it off with clickbait. They feign outrage and then give free publicity to the people they pretend to be outraged about. This phenomena may have been the largest contributor to the rise of the alt-right. Without the 30,000 articles on Richard Spencer no one would have heard or cared about him.

The Incel Question[edit | edit source]

here is Grotesque's response

It's because most of them denounced us at first, in a lame effort to find a common ground and seem more moderate with their enemies. Because teehee nobody cares about the ugly guy standing in the corner.
Then, they realized that incel numbers are growing quickly and there's shekels to be made. Thus, they are throwing their hat in to be the guy that "helped" us, and become a de facto spokesmen for incels.

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