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True Forced Loneliness,[1] also known as TFL, is a predominantly black YouTube vlogging community, often categorized as a sub-group of incels. It was formed in 2008 by the three old-age youtubers: William 'Bill' Greathouse (bill1224601), Dwayne Holloway (chisma), and Steve Hoca. It began as a singular vlogging group with a website that described their philosophy at A member of the TFL movement is called a TFLer. Many of the younger TFLers have since the mid-2010s begun using the terms TFL and inceldom interchangeably. Around 2008, three years after YouTube began, they began to making videos discussing Incel topics including their personal experiences with inceldom, lookism, and vlogging on their own failures with various women. All three original TFLers eventually split ways, and still make videos today except for Holloway, who started a campaign against Greathouse before he left YouTube.

Since then, at least 16 Youtube vloggers have self-identified and built a channel around the TFL label since its inception. The most popular "public faces" of TFL are Oreo Man, Kent, Jamil the King, HeedandSucceed, Blaze1, the late Baraka TV, each member bringing a distinguishing factor such as comedy or personal storytelling to their video content. Many TFL archives can be found on the archive channel You wouldn't like me when I get gutta.

In 2022, YouTuber SwearfoGod made a series of videos titled "How NOT to Handle Rejection/Heartbreak" where he looked at TFL members in-depth.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Looking back, as a whole TFL is best thought of as the beginning of vlogging on Youtube in the English incelosphere. It centered around Steve Hoca's friends/fans and later Kent's friends/fans, and their vlogging style. Most modern TFL vloggers can be categorized as either an involuntary celibate or MGTOW vlogger in addition to being a TFL vlogger. The only differences between TFL and involuntary celibate communties are that many antecedent TFLers tend to be mostly unaware of the term "incel" or the incelosphere, lean toward a MGTOW perspective and vlogging style more often than incels, use poorer recording techniques and advertizement, and are mostly non-white. In contrast to self-identified TFLers, self-identified incel vloggers tend to have a higher proportion of whites.

Modern TFL[edit | edit source]

RIP Baraka

TFLers that existed past the original formation of TFL include:

Original TFL[edit | edit source]

William Greathouse

Back in 2008, TFL was a relatively anti-feminist. The three original TFLers were very often mocked – especially by forums, like Sherdog Off Topic forums (usually referred to OT).[2] The TFLers generally blamed society instead of the individual for their dating predicaments.

Original TFL Philosophy[edit | edit source]

TFL is the early version of what would become the anti-feminist version of Incel. No ideas on are new—only the wording. Bill tended to be the more conspiracy theorist-related one. Dwayne tended to be the more "nice guy"-related one. Steve tended to dislike how women have more sexual choice than men. To combine the trio, you would get the victim-complex from Bill, the humanism of Dwayne, and the anti-feminism of Steve.

Video Archives[edit | edit source]

Most of the very first TFL videos from the 3 original TFLers from 2008-2009 have been lost forever, however a few have been reuploaded on the following channel: click here

Hawks NestArchive and You wouldn't like me when I get gutta have the most archived/mirrored TFL videos on Youtube, with the latter mostly videos of black and ethnic TFLers from the mid-2010s

Sodini[edit | edit source]

Other themes of TFL included sympathizing with George Sodini, who was the 2009 Collier Township shooter[3], shooting up a women's dance class because he couldn't get laid in 19 years or find a girlfriend in 25 years. George was an incel shooter who probably never heard of the word incel nor was there any evidence he used incel forums of watched TFL vlogs.

In one video[4] at the 24 second mark, William Greathouse said this: "there was no fucking excuse for George Sodini to have to spend his life alone." As with some posts at, there were some who sympathized with killers on youtube. Unfortunately, now, this has turned into praising of killers by some users on less moderated incel sites.

Site[edit | edit source]

True Forced Loneliness Website Archive: [1]

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