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Kickspassion is an incelebrity and prominent character in the TFL universe. Kicks is one of the most obscure and elusive characters in the incelosphere, as he tends to delete videos and swap channels very often. Many channels have mirrored his videos due to his elusiveness and unwillingness to keep a stable channel.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Not much is known on Kicks. But he previously talked about his dead-end job. he probably lives in the Southern part of the United States. As of now, no one really knows how Kicks looks like, other than Steve Hoca. Kicks was one of the first people to speak about looks theory. He said that a good face is key to attraction, he called it "it's all in the bones" as he referred to Bone Law. Kicks has mentioned that as a teenager, he once spent $2000 of his mother's money to buy very fashionable attire, but this did not at all improve his luck with the ladies.

Attack on MGTOW & disruptive behavior[edit | edit source]

Kicks is mostly known for attacking other users, he has probably attacked a good chunk of all related content producers in the TFL or MGTOW realm. One of his most popular attack videos was named "male models of MGTOW" where he attacked various MGTOW content creators - relating solely to their looks.

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