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Prove the Incel Wrong! (PtIW) is a poorly drawn comic series by AdvocateDoggy, which consists in mostly text; the comics are published on Reddit by their author.

The author posted the comics on IncelTears before it closed, then to IncelTear until the author was banned from there in early August 2021.[1] A Reddit community called r/ProveTheIncelWrong was created for posting the comics on 28 January 2021; it is currently the main place to get the comics. The goal of the comic is to - as the title says - explain why the author thinks most beliefs of "incels" (i.e. female hypergamy, the great importance of looks, refusing to suffer in silence) are wrong; by "incels", the author mostly designates some members of the forum.

The full count of the Prove the Incel Wrong! series is not entirely known. This is because while there is a main series of numbered "episodes" (up to 136 as of 20 July 2021), there are also miniseries spin-offs with their own distinctive numbering posted in the same community, such as Eidolon of Folly (a more traditional adventure comic featuring incels as antagonists) and Prove the Blackpill Wrong! (where the author tries to refute the Scientific Blackpill page of this wiki).

The author of the comics and the Reddit community associated with them promote something they call the cyanpill (cyan is a light blue so this is probably somewhere between bluepill and whitepill in intention).

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