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Name: Julien Blanc
Date of Birth: October 24, 1988
Occupation: Dating Coach
Ethnicity: unknown

Julien Blanc is a pick up artist that allegedly learned "game" using the mystery method. While in switzerland he began studying for an advertising for a degree but did not finish, he would later use this knowledge to grow RSD, marketing "game" to unattractive incel men. He then moved to America to pursue being rock star.

After that failed he worked a series of odd jobs, to include working at a clothing store and working at a coffee shop. One job he worked was a garbage man on the back of a truck. This was hard labor enabled him to gain a significant amount of muscle. He never became bulky because he is very tall.

Given his good facial aesthetics and muscular physique he began getting success with women and claimed he game was the cause. Around this time he got a job with RSD doing their marketing and later became a coach. All infield footage of him where he gets a number, kiss, or walks out with any attractive girl was at this stage of his life: Where he had Muscles, Height, Race (white), Good Facial Aesthetics, and Youth.

He fucked all of that up due to depression caused by a bunch of fucked up shit he said about asian girls and women in general going public. No successful infield footage exists of him when he was fat, although he claims he was sleeping with hundreds of 10s. There are some videos of him flirting with 2's and 3's, often with their ugly faces blurred out, but non of him pulling any one, attractive or not when he was fat.

He then became very skinny after likely realizing the importance of looks, however it was too late for him because he was now balding and had lost his youth. No successful infield footage of him pulling any one exists after this attempt of his to salvage his quickly fading looks.

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