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- This wiki aims to be a repository of information regarding the manosphere at large, particularly incels. The wiki does not endorse, agree nor disagree with any information added by users. Mods of this site endeavor to monitor & appropriately deal with any material which breaks the rules, but are not able to be online all the time. As such, information added is responsability of the user adding it in accordance with the law. Incel Wiki takes no responsibility for any actions whatsoever of users. Incel WIki is not incels.co, both sites have different rules and moderators. Incel Wiki does not support or condone violence, and is against the incitement of violence.

- This is a satirical site, do not take the content seriously. Take the site as fiction, not fact. No advise here is genuine mental health or physical health advise.

- Do *not* post content violating US/international law, create a page about someone under 18, post calls to violence, or create a page about yourself.

- If you are feeling suicidal please call the Samaritan's Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-877-870-4673. If you need professional help please seek it.