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Name: VentionMGTOW
Date of Birth: 1964
Occupation: Retired (Former Cummins Diesel Engine Mechanic)
Ethnicity: White?

VentionMGTOW was one of the most popular MGTOW vloggers on youtube. He died on the 25th September 2021 from cancer.[1]

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Vention is about 56 years of age. He lived alone on his ground-level home. He was a retired tradesman. His laughter has been described as "angelic" by shitposters on his YouTube-channel, often ending said posts in the proclamation of "no homo".

Style & Videos[edit | edit source]

Vention advocated prepping and survivalism, crypto-anarchism and wealth hoarding. His videos are usually centered around MGTOW concepts. Despite this, his channel is also about money and money management.

Looks & Hidden Incel Status[edit | edit source]

Lots of Incels theorize that vention is actually an incel, mostly because of his age and looks. It is unknown if vention had any relationship. He claims to have had a girlfriend at one time and is very nebulous about when/where. When he started fasting after being diagnosed with cancer he would lift up his shirt to show his audience his "abs." Being overweight, losing almost a 100 lbs and looking as if he never participated in any physical fitness it was rather cringey to hear him say that women were paying attention to him now and when he went to Mexico he was getting looks from "senoritas."

Health, death[edit | edit source]

On the 23rd of April 2019, Vention posted a new video in which he announced that he has been diagnosed with cancer of the colon and liver.[2] He later went in for a CT scan revealing the extent of the cancer showing growths inside the colon, a "marble" size growth inside the liver and swollen lymph nodes. An Oncologist recommended that he should get the liver growth sampled to find out the type of cancer and appropriate treatment but he refused stating that he knows better than the Doctor and that they will not get a single shekel out of him.[3]

Deciding to ignore all professional advice he has instead pursued a course of much belated fasting and healthy eating, including megadosing on Vitamin C, believing he can fight the cancer by "starving" it of vital nutrients. He was also taking deworming medications that vets give to dogs, hearing that it was a holistic cure instead of changing his diet and going more vegetarian.

In August 2020 he went to an alternative medicine clinic in Mexico, paying close to $50,000 for three weeks of home remedies.[4] The treatment had no noticeable effect. Two months later he had his colon surgically removed, as the tumor had grown big enough to cause blockages.[5]

Vention was taken into the ER on September 16th 2021 with acute kidney failure.[6] He passed away ten days later on September 26th, two years and five months after his initial diagnosis.[7]

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