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Paul Proteus
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Name: Paul Proteus
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: ?
Ethnicity: black

Paul Proteus was one of the first popular Black MGTOW channels. as of 2018, Paul is semi-retired from vlogging.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Paul is about in his mid 40's, he does not state his income or occupation. but he often tell his viewers that he works alot - or in his words "bustin my ass" Paul seem to live in a small sized apartment and owns an xbox360, he shared his gamertag in one of his videos.

Paul commonly signed his posts with the exact phrase: "anyway, be back in a bit!"

Searching for this exact string results in a lot of matches and ultimately leads to (and among other things) many user names but one in particular: "class5vapor" which is also a store in Maryland, USA. Further searches show a tumblr blog from 2006 with a lot of Disney character roleplay, various roleplay blogs and even a bitcoin forum account.

Videos and Style[edit | edit source]

Paul is known for his humorous style and delivery. he mostly makes videos criticizing the government, courthouses and women. one of his most popular videos is "tips for women hitting the wall" that gained him many viewers and subscribers.

Racepill[edit | edit source]

Paul made a video about the Racepill. in that video he stated that men are considered "niggas" when facing a judge or a jury in family court, regardless of their race.

Trip to Japan & Final Words[edit | edit source]

Somewhere in 2016, paul traveled to japan where he filmed some of the Veneus and locations including his own commentary. in his words "i bust my ass to get to tokyo" - meaning, traveling to places like japan is the net benefit of having "your own money".

in his trip to japan, paul addressed the controversial video from prager-U university. after his trip to japan, paul made several videos every few months, his upload rate has come to a halt. However he most likely blogs at [this address](

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