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Name: Sandman
Date of Birth: ca. 1979
Occupation: Wedding photographer, video producer, MGTOW youtuber
Ethnicity: Serbian Canadian

Sandman is the most popular MGTOW Youtuber. He works as a wedding photographer and video producer. He is perhaps the most popular content creator in the manosphere. As of 2018 his channel has over 130,000 subscribers. He is of serbian origin and lives in Toronto, Canada.

Videos & Style[edit | edit source]

not much is known about sandman, he currently works as a wedding photographer. Sandman uses "clickbaity" titles and stock images of pretty woman to draw in more viewers, which seem to work.

in his "system" you make a one time payment to sandman as "donation" with a relevant question, and he makes a video replay in return - while keeping the identity of the paterons hidden.

Voice & Ulterior Motive[edit | edit source]

Some youtubers in the MGTOW and the Incelosphere criticize sandman for his very simplistic delivery, monotonic voice and repetitive content.

it is not known who sandman really is, which made alot of people believe he might have an ulterior motive that is perhaps related to the CIA or other shadow organizations.

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