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Hell by the Dashboard Light
By including people on this wiki we are not necessarily implying they are incel or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, incel is a life circumstance, not a movement/community.
Name: Hell by the Dashboard Light
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: Works in physics lab
Ethnicity: White

Hell by the Dashboard Light (or simply "Hell" or "Dashboard, abbreviated: Alex) is an incelebrity and prominant character in the Incelosphere

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

alex works in a physics lab, at some university. not much else is known about his personal life as he rather to keep things private

High IQ[edit | edit source]

Alex is one of the most cerebral people in the entire incelosphere. his theories are often groundbreaking and mind provoking. he himself said that his IQ is in the 150 range, but some theorize that its above that

Vlogs and Theories[edit | edit source]

he usually covers a range of topics, from dating to society in general. his videos are often shot with a gopro camera, that sits on the dashboard of his car.

  • Asians have it better - Alex strongly believes that Asian culture is much healthier and more cohesive than american culture, and he has made several videos with examples to promote that idea.
  • Masculinity is out, Femininity is in - Alex believes that "macho" culture is slowly dissipating and everything is becoming more feminized.
  • People Age worse, and are dying younger - Hell believes that people are aging worse and dying younger, he often uses old photos to prove his point, he also says that high infant mortality rate is part of why doctors fail to see that truth.
  • Schluby Hubby Theory - Hell believes that its not the chads whom are getting the girls. but its usually very avarage, even balding men.

The Treasure Trove & Other Works[edit | edit source]

Hell has an extensive private video archive of his own commentary relating to wordly events,history (mainly world war 2),medicine,science and economy. some of his "private" work is considered highly prized among his fans. many users offered hell real money in exchange for these blacklisted/private videos, but he declined and stated many times that he will release them on his own volition. The reason behind the blacklisting is related to youtubes code of conduct.- and inspite of this, his fanbase demands that these videos will be released to the general public- even if it means getting off youtube and starting on another platform. in light of the situation, many of his fans have taken matters into their own hands and started to archive his videos on their own.

Recent Theory[edit | edit source]

Hell's most recent theory is about the the gender war, and the endless fighting between men and woman. He claims that every organism/mammal in the world works together to produce babies other than humans. Women seem to be the cause of this as they choose to have less children, if any. He also points that this is the first time in history where both sexes actually hate each other. And that most woman harbor hatred for anything that is remotely manly or masculine.

Gymcel[edit | edit source]

Hell is known to be a Gymcel. he strongly rejects the whole concept of self improvement via the gym

Homecoming & The Archive[edit | edit source]

Alex main goal is to stop paying into the system. and informed his viewers that he is intent on going back to the midwest - where he is originally from.

he also talked about an extensive archive featuring hundreds of videos, it is not clear if he will release it sometime in the future.

Debate with FACEandLMS[edit | edit source]

HBTDL debated FaceandLMS on a 3 hour livestream. hell introduced many new theories and ideas to the incelosphere

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