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Name: HeedandSucceed
Date of Birth: February 7th 1991
Occupation: Fast food tester?
Ethnicity: hispanic

Steven Jauregui, known professionally as HeedandSucceed or EatandExceed, is a hispanic, fatcel Incel youtuber that is not related to any particular community, but he is loosely related to oreo man, the TFL community, and the black incelosphere community. He is notable for being the most subscribed TFL channel (despite most subscriptions deriving from videos he made in 2012-2014) and leading a new generation of "TFL'er"s; sharing his experiences and struggles with women. He might have been the person to coin the term "its over", a fatalistic term now reified in the various forum's use of the blackpill philosophy. He strongly believes that there is nothing wrong with admitting defeat and most of his videos are very dark in nature.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

HeedandSucceed grew up in California. he struggled with weight issues throughout his whole life, and often states that it stems from his food addiction. During his teenage years, HeedandSucceed experienced what he describes as "negative reinforcements" from the opposite sex. It's not clear if Heed has ever had an actual partner, he has admitted to having sex a couple times. As of 2019, he is still getting rejected by females, which he describes as "more fuel [being fed] into the monster inside".

Vlog[edit | edit source]

In 2012, Heed began to make playlists and on YouTube. His videos included (reuploaded) interviews, compilations & countdown videos based on professional boxers & wrestlers. Other topics range from from Pokemon Go, reviews of bikes, current events, and let's play's of the game Happy Wheels, among others.

Rivalry and Conversation with Mr. Locario[edit | edit source]

His first TFL video was released in the crest May 2015, in which he explained that Locario is not getting women interested via his dialogical charm (more commonly known as 'game'). Mr. Locario is a small time dating coach from the east coast area. They have both exchanged words about each other in their videos. somewhere in 2017, heedandsucceed debated Mr .Locario on his livestream - many argue that Mr.Locario got the best of him.

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