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The cyanpill is an idea proposed by the Prove the Incel Wrong! author, AdvocateDoogy, as:

"a set of guidelines created in an attempt to maximise one's chances to attain inner peace and happiness"[1]

It is named deprecatively by the Prove the Incel Wrong! author:

"[The cyanpill] is only referred to as the cyanpill for the sake of making it easy to understand for incels"[1]

The author has not defined how exactly this differs from concepts like whitepill, but since cyan is a lighter blue color, it probably falls somewhere between whitepill and bluepill in intent.

Rules[edit | edit source]

The cyanpill contains a subset of 9 rules called "Advocate's Law", in reference to the law's author, AdvocateDoogy. Advocate's Law is described as beig "comprised of nine simple rules and truths of society, built off of common sense."[1]

Those 9 rules are:[2]

  1. Always finding reasons to be hateful and toxic isn't conducive to a happy and prosperous life; on the contrary, you'll be permanently miserable.
  2. If you can't handle being rejected, chances are you were never meant to be in a relationship in the first place.
  3. If you consider yourself a "nice guy" in the hopes that a girl is going to let you in her pants, you're not actually a nice guy. You're a creep.
  4. You're not a "victim of society," you're a victim of your own bitter, insecure, and fragile ego.
  5. If you found yourself on an incel website, talking about how much you want pussy, you're guaranteed to be single for the rest of your miserable life.
  6. If you find yourself creating burner accounts just so you can get around bans in an attempt to talk to someone, you're a stalker and you need to walk away.
  7. If you frequently find yourself seriously relating to the Joker from the Batman series, you're putting forth the idea that you are an instable failure.
  8. If you first thought on seeing a random girl is "She's a slut," you're the one with the problem no her.
  9. Sex is not a right, nor is it a need; it's a life privilege at best. If life was a video game, sex would be a top-tier reward you have to spend months, sometimes years grinding for.

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