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Name: Kent
Date of Birth: September 5th 1994
Occupation: ?
Ethnicity: black

Kentray Ernesto Brown (born September 1994),[1] best known as KentTV (also known currently as Kinetic Kentray), is a retired YouTuber and vlogger known as one of the key figures of the TFL collective. Apart of the black incelosphere, he is best known for his videos detailing his failed attempts at relationships, dating, and bullying – most of which containing rage-filled outbursts. Due to this distinction, he's garnered the honorific title "black Elliot." Brown was closely associated with Jamil the King and Baraka TV.

YouTube channels such as Liquid Kent, Kent Television, and You wouldn't like me when I get gutta have archived his most infamous videos for public consumption.

In 2022, YouTuber SwearfoGod also brought attention to Brown in multiple videos and live streams, where he referred to him as "IShowSpeeds Long Lost Father".

Personal life[edit | edit source]

His height and race was impeding his progress with women. Kent had a troubled childhood and he often talked about it in his videos

SWAG[edit | edit source]

Kent is mostly known for his "fresh" style of clothing. he usually rocks a red baseball cap and nice clothing in general. But he was often ridiculed for his large collection of hats and unwillingness to try new styles, causing him to verbally lash out multiple times to his audience that he is NOT GETTING RID OF HIS HATS.

Vlogs[edit | edit source]

Kent had many channels, and many videos. but most of them are lost because he kept on deleting his channel and making new ones. His videos are usually of him getting very emotional in front of the camera, so much so that it's earned him meme status among many incel communities.

Best of Kent[edit | edit source]

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