Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris

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Eric Harris (left) and Dylan Klebold (right)

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were two students who committed the Columbine High School massacre. Eric Harris described himself as an incel. They killed 13 students together. What drove them to do the shooting was their rejection and bullying by their classmates.

Incel Wiki does not support or condone the columbine high school murderers or their crimes.

Sexual frustration and incelibacy[edit | edit source]

Dylan and Eric were probably bullied due to sexual frustration. For example, Eric Harris experienced a great deal of rejection by women, once writing up women who rejected him in a list of people who he thought, "should have died". Eric most likely died a virgin according to careful analysis of his life.[1]

If people would give me more compliments all of this [the attack] might still be avoidable.... You know what, maybe I just need to get laid. Maybe that'll just change some s--- around.
—Eric Harris[2]

The quote above suggests Eric felt the attack would have been avoidable if he could just, "get laid".

In his last journal entry, Eric Harris lamented the fact that he couldn't "fuck", suggesting having sex was a top priority for him, and complained about not getting any despite being nice and considerate.[3]

Right now I'm trying to get fucked and trying to finish off these time bombs. NBK came quick. why the fuck cant I get any? I mean, I'm nice and considerate and all that shit, but nooooo. I think I try to hard. but I kinda need to considering NBK is closing in.
—Eric Harris[4]

Brooks Brown, a lifelong friend of Dylan and an on-and-off friend of Eric, also said that they both most likely died as virgins.

Researchers, led by Daniel Provenzano from the University of Windsor in Canada, found that bullying probably evolved as a behavior for men to show their strength and assert dominance, while signaling to women that they are good prospective mates who will provide for their needs and offspring. Professionals dealing with young adults need to recognize the role of sexual motivation in bullying, suggests Provenzano. [5]

Eric Harris made Doom levels.

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