Elliot Rodger

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Elliot Rodger
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Name: Elliot Rodger
Date of Birth: July 24th, 1991
Occupation: dead/student
Ethnicity: Half Asian (Chinese) half white (British)

Elliot Rodger (July 24, 1991 – May 23, 2014) was a shy, mixed race, Asperger, standardcel of Chinese and British descent who hated MPUA's, for-profit matchmakers and dating gurus because he thought they were scams. Because he never approached women, he doesn't meet any definition of inceldom, and thus he is labeled as a voluntary celibate in the incel communities.

His father (Peter Rodger) was a white British national, and his mother (Ong Li Chin) was a Malaysian national of Chinese descent. He wrote the boring and horrible manifesto My Twisted World. Elliot's lack of female attention as a shy boy drove him to do the tragic 2014 Isla Vista shootings, where he killed himself and six other people. Elliot was a member of PUAhate and his shooting resulted in PUAhate's closing. Elliot Rodger's huge manifesto never once mentioned the word incel. Out of thousands of posts across many websites he used the word incel only once or twice. He seemed to have spent most of his social time in the anti-pick-up artist culture. There are rumors he used the ForeverAlone subreddit, but this is unsubstantiated. Elliot was known to cope with fashion. Some media outlets claimed Rodger was part of a "Beta Uprising".

Incel Wiki does not support or condone Elliot Rodger or his crimes.

Initial Internet Reaction

As news of the story broke, one of the first online reactions was from the so called, "mental health support", community Social Anxiety Support which spontaneously erupted in multiple threads of sympathy for Elliot Rodger, exclusively from male users. The femoid users of Social Anxiety Support then started flaming the threads in disgust at the reaction.

Still Alive?


Wonder where he got his narcissism from?


Rodger posted several videos about his loneliness on Youtube, and in his final video promised, "On the day of retribution, I am going to enter the hottest sorority house at UCSB and I will slaughter every single spoiled, stuck-up, blond slut I see inside there" and then "take to the streets of Isla Vista and slay every single person I see there."[1] The videos were taken down by YouTube as violations of their policy against violent threats; then undeleted; and then deleted again in 2018, after the Toronto van attack.[2]

Collection of his vlogs


Elliot Rodger's personal story is disproportionately cited by media because he exhibited narcissistic traits and an unlikable personality and this fits with their narrative. This as compared to the incel murderer George Sodini who had no mental disorders and was (for most of his life) apparently pretty modest, kind, hard working, and normal. Similarly Alek Minassian's personal story is rarely talked about, as he was a horribly bullied special needs student, and talking about his story would generate too much empathy.

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