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Name: Elliot Rodger
Date of Birth: July 24th, 1991
Occupation: Student
Ethnicity: Biracial (British and Chinese)

Elliot Rodger (Born July 24, 1991, died May 23, 2014) was a shy, high-functioning autistic, HAPA, standardcel of Chinese and British descent who hated MPUA's, for-profit matchmakers and dating gurus because he thought they were scams. He was never an active member of any self-identified incel community.

His father (Peter Rodger, a small-time director) was a white British national and his mother (Ong Li Chin) was a Malaysian national of Chinese descent. He lived with his father and his Moroccan step-mother after his parent's divorce. In the time leading up to his rampage, he wrote the lengthy manifesto/autobiography My Twisted World and distributed it prior to the incident. Elliot's lack of female attention (partially ascribed to his shyness), sexual frustration, and fury at perceived mistreatment he claims to have suffered and what he saw as the injustices of society drove him to do the tragic 2014 Isla Vista massacre.

Online Activity

Elliot was an unhappy member of PUAhate, which was not a self-identified incel forum. Due to the forum's focus on anti-pickup-artistry, it did have a lot of sexually frustrated men. Elliot described it as “a forum full of men who are starved of sex, just like me”[1] However, Elliot ultimately condemned the site, as his last post there (and anywhere) read: "[Puahate] is full of stupid, disgusting, mentally ill degenerates who take pleasure in putting down others".[2] His shooting resulted in PUAhate's closing soon afterwards, after the heated media coverage regarding the forum that ensued subsequent to the massacre. Rodger's manifesto never mentioned the word "incel" and out of thousands of posts across many websites, he only used the word, "incel", three or so times, including to self-identify. He seemed to have spent most of his forum time in the anti-pick-up artist culture and websites tangentially related to dating, such as bodybuilding.com. There is no proof of him spending any time at all in the actual incel forums around at the time (such as incelsupport or love-shy.com). There are rumors he used the ForeverAlone subreddit, but these claims are unsubstantiated and likely false.


He began his massacre by viciously stabbing his three Asian male roommates (one of which he had quarrelled with previously, due to the roommate's alleged theft of his candles). Rodger's murderous rage and hatred of his roommates were made clearly evident by the fact that in the course of their murders, he stabbed one of them a total of 94 times.[3].

Rodger had the intent of luring people to his dormitory and using it as a torture chamber, fantasizing about torturing attractive and sexually successful individuals by flaying them alive and pouring boiling water on them. He abandoned this plan due to the unexpected resistance that was put up by his roommates, who foiled his attempt at killing them stealthily, resulting in the walls and floor of the dorm being soiled with their blood. After failing in his second and primary objective of conducting a "war on women" by killing all the members of a sorority (due to being blocked by the locked front door of the sorority house), he then proceeded to drive through the streets of Isla Vista, shooting people at random, mowing down pedestrians, and engaging in several gun battles with the police, killing three more people and receiving a gunshot to the hip after engaging in a final gun battle with three sheriff’s deputies. [4] After mowing down a cyclist, he brought his murderous spree to its ultimate conclusion via a self-administered gunshot wound to the head.

The attacks were opportunistically seized upon by some members of the media, and feminists to demonize men in general, and also to attack the manosphere and incelosphere, indicting them for inciting the attack.[5] While Rodger was arguably someone who visited a small part of the manosphere, he was not part of the incelosphere, as PUAhate was not part of the incelosphere. That forum had people of every celibacy status and did not self-identify as incel anywhere.


He apparently enjoyed "swimming, hiking, reading, writing, going to the library and playing video games." His favorite video game was World of Warcraft, stating in his manifesto, that at one time "World of Warcraft was the only thing I had left to live for". Rodger also enjoyed playing other videos games series such as Halo and Call of Duty. He apparently makes an effort to improve his physical appearance prior to the massacre, engaging in callisthenics as a form of bodybuilding, and purchasing expensive designer clothing and sunglasses. He seems to have become more and more desperate in terms of the coping mechanisms he employed prior to the massacre, attempting 'no fap' prior to the attack, and he also attempted to use the "law of attraction" to win the lottery in a last-ditch effort to attract women through acquiring money.

He also is said to have enjoyed fantasy films and television shows. His favorite films included Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. He also enjoyed solitary walks and observing the sunset at scenic locations in Isla Vista prior to the massacre. The sheriff's report written after the incident, also records that he made a number of internet searches that indicated a strong interest in the Nazi Party and its leadership, such as the German dictator Adolf Hitler, the German propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels (who he seemingly suspected of being Jewish) and the Reichsführer-SS, Heinrich Himmler.

Initial Internet Reaction

As news of the story broke, one of the first online reactions was from the so-called, "mental health support", community Social Anxiety Support which spontaneously erupted in multiple threads of sympathy for Elliot Rodger, exclusively from male users. The femoid users of Social Anxiety Support then started flaming the threads in disgust at the reaction.

Reflection of normies' views rather than a reflection of inceldom

Rebecca, a lesbian, former admin of IncelSupport thinks that Rodger was more a product of people's attitudes towards incels, rather than him being a reflection of incels. In other words, Rodger built his persona off of people's (highly-negative) opinion of incels. Alek Minassian was also arguably a reflection of how people see incels, rather than him being a reflection of something inherent about inceldom itself. Rebecca also tried to point out how cherrypicking violent celibates does not mean that inceldom is born from evil, as many (if not most) evil people have partners. According to Rebecca:

"Rodger just fed into what everyone really wants to believe about incels. Even in circles where the word 'incel' is not known, someone who does not attract others sexually is the butt of jokes. S/he will not be taken seriously and will be considered incapable of everything else, too. [...] [Incels] are not perceived as sexual beings. If they display even appropriate sexual behaviour, it makes others inexplicably uncomfortable.[...] It's worth remembering that Adolf Hitler had a partner. So did many well known serial killers and rapists. They were not dangerous because of sexual frustration or an inability to fit in. They were simply evil people."


Still Alive?


Wonder where he got his narcissism from?


Rodger posted several videos about his loneliness on Youtube, with titles such as "Why Don't Girls Like Me?". The disturbing content of these videos led to his mother informing police of her concern for his well-being, and they subsequently paid him a visit prior to the massacre. The deputies who visited him later described him as "shy, timid and polite", and after the visit, they left him alone, as they had no legal reason to detain him. In his final video, he promised, "On the day of retribution, I am going to enter the hottest sorority house at UCSB and I will slaughter every single spoiled, stuck-up, blond slut I see inside there" and then "take to the streets of Isla Vista and slay every single person I see there."[6] The videos were taken down by YouTube as violations of their policy against violent threats; then undeleted; and then deleted again in 2018, after the Toronto van attack.[7]

Collection of his vlogs


Elliot Rodger's personal story is disproportionately cited by media because he exhibited narcissistic traits and an unlikable personality and this fit with their narrative. It has been claimed that Rodger's frustrated narcissism was a significant factor in his decision to undertake his murderous rampage, with this likely being a greater factor in contributing to the massacre than his autism[8], and that frustrated narcissism was also a factor in several other mass killings, as part of a theorised "path to intended violence" model, wherein narcissists seek violent revenge for the alleged insults they suffer in contravention to their elevated self-image, a purported example of such being the terrorist attacks committed by Anders Brevik, who was also diagnosed with autism. It is also important to note, that while it has been claimed that Rodger had Asperger's syndrome, he was never diagnosed with this, instead of being diagnosed with PPNOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder not Otherwise Specified), another Autism Spectrum disorder.

This, as compared to the previous incel murderer George Sodini (who Rodger mentioned in some of his online postings), who had no mental disorders and was (for most of his life) apparently pretty modest, kind, hard-working, and normal. Similarly, Alek Minassian's personal story is rarely talked about, as he was a horribly bullied autistic special needs student, and talking about his story would possibly generate too much empathy.

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