Gang Lu

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Gang Lu was an Asian man who went MGTOW and then shot up his university. He wrote to his sister:[1]

Though I am single, I have had a few girlfriends. When I lived in the dormitory in high school I had already started to have girlfriends. When I went to college I often slipped into our old home at the Number 262 Hospital under cover of darkness and spent the night with girls. After I came to the States I had liaisons with Chinese and American women, with single and married women, with girls of good families and girls of the streets. I just don’t have a constant heart in these matters; the grass always looks greener somewhere else, and I can’t be satisfied with any particular person. Maybe I didn’t meet the right one, or perhaps I thought either that they were too good for me or I was too good for them. No matter what the answer is, I feel a bit fed up with male-female relationships.

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