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Coach Redpill is a manosphere vlogger and content creator. He claims he belongs to the neo-masculinity movement, but no such movement actually exists, as it was originally coined by RooshV and was before Coach Redpill use it used only by RooshV.

On November 15, 2021, he purged both his "Coach Red Pill" and "Gonzalo Lira" channels. Later on in 2022 he converted to be a war time journalist in Ukraine, mainly supporting the russian narative about that war, and calling for a cessation of western support for Ukraine.[1] Coach Red Pill recently died in detainment:

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Coach Redpill appears to be a man in his mid-40's, possibly a retired tradesman or woodworker. He came from a wealthy family and grew up in Los Angeles. He died in detainment in Ukraine:

Vlog[edit | edit source]

Coach Redpill delivers ideas in form of "redpills" to his audience, and he usually gives life advice and life-navigation tips, mostly do's and do-not's. His content is mostly regurgitation of ideas from older youtubers like Sandman and TFM.

Exerpts on what he considers to be bad[2][edit | edit source]

  • "A Warning to Pretty Girls": Salt against Stacies
  • "Unhappy Girls" and "Never date liberal Women": Dark Triad and mentally negative girls are a danger
  • "Beware of Quiet Girls": Quiet girls have nothing of value in their heads. "I never learned my lesson"
  • "Dating Rich Girls": Getting mogged and is still salty
  • "Never Date a Single Mother" and "The MILF Trap": Betabuxxing
  • "Never Date A Girl Over 25": Wall Manipulation
  • "Never Date A Woman Who Competes With You" and "Strong Independent Women ... smirk": Smart women worries
  • "Slatternly Women", "You Cant Save Her", and "Why Slatternly Women Are So Awful": Thots are bad, duh

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