Complimentary Heterosexual Affections Directive

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Complimentary Heterosexual Affections Directive or (CHAD) was a parody solution to inceldom 'RooshV' gave in order to promote what he saw as a more reasonable alternative: "game" or "pick-up-artistry". Many incels liked the plan over pick-up-artistry anyway and called it their own. The plan reads like a combination of Caamib's Governmentsgetgirlfriends and Dan Savage's prostitution solution, as well as the Netherland Government's Model for Combatting Inceldom.

His idea was for incels and hookers to voluntarily apply for the program through the government. Hookers would be paid to have sex with incels every six months and redeeming individualized QR codes given to incels meant to prevent impersonation. After the sex session, incels would rate the hookers, and every hooker who EVER dips below two stars gets fired from the program. The program would be funded through taxes on products that allow women to exercise their sexual freedom and have sex with chads and avoid incels. So the tax for CHAD would be a tax on birth control, dating apps, and smartphones for women, requiring women to show a government ID with gender and marital status when purchasing said items. If the women are unmarried when purchasing said items the tax would be increased 100% as well as an extra $1 tax on birth control for unmarried women. Tinder would become nationalized, and to receive notice of a match they would have to pay $5 towards the CHAD program.

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