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-cel[edit | edit source]

Suffix denoting involuntary celibate. Used in the formation of the words: gymcel, heightcel, baldcel, workcel, wristcel, etc. The stem word indicates the condition that made him incel, the activity that the incel spends to compensate for his lack of success with women, or just an incel that happen to be with the quality. For example, a baldcel is a balding man who is unattractive to women because of his hair loss. A gymcel is a man who spends his free time exercising in the hopes that a more fit body will cause him to become more attractive to women. A currycel is a South Asian male who happens to be an incel. See incel for specifics.

-maxx/-maxxing/-max[edit | edit source]

An effort to improve an aspect of one's life in order to secure sexual and/or romantic intimacy. "Maximize" it.

-mogged[edit | edit source]

Suffix indicating being dominated by another person. The stem word denotes the feature that one is being dominated by.


heightmogged[edit | edit source]

Being dominated by another's height.

wristmogged[edit | edit source]

Being dominated by a man with a thicker wrist.

skullmogged[edit | edit source]

Being dominated by a man with a better shaped or bigger skull.

akabusimogged[edit | edit source]

Being dominated by a man of Kriss Akabusi-like prowess. Awooga indeed.

DOLPHmogged[edit | edit source]

The hardest of -mogged. It means an individual got dominated by Dolph Lundgren, and is now facing a proverbial decision : to leap or not to leap.

-pill[edit | edit source]

Refers to embracing a type of philosophy. Coined from the movie The Matrix where the character Morpheus gives Neo the option to accept reality by swallowing a red pill or go back being connected to the matrix by swallowing the blue pill;

Usage of this term

redpill[edit | edit source]

Confronting the true pretense of an aspect of a particular thing, especially in regards to the mechanics of socialisation, in the incel contexts.

bluepill[edit | edit source]

The preference of believing in a comforting or convenient lie, especially when it concerns a person's world view, with emphasis on the pretense or opinion that goes contrary to the research suggesting physical attraction is utmost in social or sexual situations.

blackpill[edit | edit source]

A fatalistic/depressed version of red pill.

purplepill[edit | edit source]

The stance of being neutral or on the fence with regards to gender relations; i.e. not on the manosphere side, nor on the feminist side.

whitepill[edit | edit source]

The acceptance phase of the blackpill and therefore seeking to assimilate that knowledge to improve your life, or become a volcel per The term has also been used by some to refer to the negation of the black pill i.e another form of the bluepill.

pinkpill[edit | edit source]

The femcel version of the blackpill. A femcel's brand of philosophy.

-pilled[edit | edit source]

The act of accepting one of the "pills" as the truth.

-fuel[edit | edit source]

Motivation for something. ex. Lifefuel (Inspirational, motivating, induces warm emotions)

A[edit | edit source]

ABine[edit | edit source]

A kind term to refer to a female AB, or a woman inexperienced in romantic or sexual relationships. Used in the German AB community.

adipophilia[edit | edit source]

Attraction to fat people

AFC[edit | edit source]

An "Average Frustrated Chump". A term favored by the incelosphere of the 1990s. Variations include WBAFC (Way-Below AFC), BAFC (Below AFC) and AFChick (a female AFC).

AF/BB[edit | edit source]

Alpha fucks / beta buxx. Refer to woman who gets fucked by alphas and settles down with a beta. Originates from a concept in evolutionary psychology, known as strategic pluralism.

albino[edit | edit source]

A term originating from the user TomCruise. It is a disparaging remark used towards SlutHate Users of European Descent

alpha[edit | edit source]

The opposite of a beta male. Takes on risk and confrontation. Confident and a leader.

all-or-nothing[edit | edit source]

Theory which states that you're either a slayer or an incel.

alt[edit | edit source]

Stands for alternate account.

AMALT[edit | edit source]

Femcel version of AWALT. "All men are like that" or "All men are literal trash."

AMOG[edit | edit source]

Short for 'Alpha Male of the Group', a term originating in the PUA community. Also 'Alpha Male Other Guy' (The PUA student is obviously an Alpha Male Himself).

AMOGing [edit | edit source]

Originally a PUA slang which refers in degrading a man who's trying to interfere with your sexual conquest.

Andreas Lubitz[edit | edit source]

Co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525. Purposely crashed a plane full of slayers and 8+ JB into a mountainside killing 150, after his girlfriend broke up with him.

animalcel[edit | edit source]

In animal societies most males are involuntary celibate, while the alpha male of the group has the privilege to breed with females.

anteface[edit | edit source]

A face where the middle and lower face protrude forwardly. A straight full anteface is the most preferred in male faces.[1] Term originated from plastic surgeon Hermann Sailer

AOC[edit | edit source]

Age of Consent.

approach anxiety[edit | edit source]

Fear of initiating a casual conversation with a woman, fear of flirting with a woman or fear of asking a woman out.

ascend[edit | edit source]

When an incel moves on to get laid or gain a relationship. In the looksmaxxing community ascending means success in improving Looks with plastic surgery.

aspie[edit | edit source]

An aspie is one who has Asperger's Syndrome, which is believed to be part of the autism spectrum. Aspies, while often being quite gifted verbally, have social, emotional, and sensory integration difficulties, among others. They engage in repetitive behavior in a restricted area of interest and have low social awareness. The exact cause of Asperger's is unknown, but it is known to be partially genetic. There is no working treatment. Many people with this improve as they mature to adulthood, but social and communication difficulties typically persist.

AT[edit | edit source]

An abbreviation in the AB German scene for asshole theory

AWALT[edit | edit source]

All woman are like that. Used to generalize woman. Not necessarily to be taken literally, however it is advised as a heuristic when dealing with women, as they are good at pretending to be NAWALTS.

B[edit | edit source]

boyo[edit | edit source]

A Welsh/Irish slang word for 'friend' or 'mate', literally meaning 'boy'. Became popularized as a term of address in the PSL community. - Other variations: Broyo, Broyolo, buddy boyo.

Babebux[edit | edit source]

Femcel version of Betabux, but with less attached. A beta female when a man takes advantage of her. She is chosen to be his significant other because she earns a decent wage to finance his lifestyle, etc. "Cock Carousel" is exclusive to incels, so the last part of Betabux does not apply.

bald theory[edit | edit source]

A concept originating from the user TomCruise. He argues that you can never be 8+ if you do not look good bald.

barebacking / going bareback[edit | edit source]

Having sex without condoms.

BBC[edit | edit source]

Big Black Cock. Often used to address blacks on the forum. The topic of whether it is true are not is brought up time and time again.

BBC Theory[edit | edit source]

This theory argues that blacks are in fact the quintessential of masculinity and sex appeal. Some whitecels who have failed in their homecoutries, see blacks succeeding and adopt the belief that it's better to be black, than white, despite evidence to the contrary which shows that deathnics and blacks are often discriminated against by women in the dating market.

BBV[edit | edit source]

Big Black Vagina. Often used to address blacks Females on the forum.

BBV Theory[edit | edit source]

This theory argues that blacks Females are in fact the quintessential of female sexuality. The theory also argues that the more Dom the BBV the great chance of her siring you slayer son(s).

BDD[edit | edit source]

Usually refers to "Body dysmorphic disorder" a psychiatric illness where one is irrationally concerned about one's physical appearance, manifest in inaccuracy with fastidious attentiveness.

Becky[edit | edit source]

A moderately attractive female. Not as attractive as Stacy.

beta[edit | edit source]

(1) A weak male, opposite to an alpha. (2) a beta provider (3) subservience in general, ie a beta female

Beta male[edit | edit source]

A beta male is an average male, aka someone who is not a leader, not very physically strong, not rich, not super hot, unassertive, and is subordinate to alpha males in terms of mate access.

be smart enough to know when you are lucky theory[edit | edit source]

Take the opportunity even if it's sounds too good to be true, in some cases you are actually hitting the jackpot.

beta eyes / big eyes / big round eyes[edit | edit source]

Eyes that appear big. Not necessarily unattractive in a male, but often considered to be a negative trait. Sometimes also called bug eyes, cuck eyes or frog eyes.

beta provider[edit | edit source]

A man who financially supports the woman in a relationship. It could also be a man who emotionally supports her by being overly romantic, sometimes to the detriment of his personal boundaries and to the health of the relationship.

beta provider game[edit | edit source]

Tactic used by men who wants sex. Basically the man jumps through hoops by going through multiple dates hoping that the woman will eventually reward him with sex. In a relationship he will support the woman financially or emotionally.

betabux[edit | edit source]

also betabuxing. When a male financially provides for a partner. Frequently used to imply that a woman is only with a man due to his provisioning capabilities, and not out of any real attraction.

BF[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation for "body fat". Also means boyfriend.

birdcel[edit | edit source]

A man having weak chin and big nose at the same time

bid[edit | edit source]

Bids (or biddys) resemble cucks in that they put resources into a relationship which does not benefit their own progeny, either caring for another man's young or putting resources into a woman who is sleeping with other men.

The difference is that unlike the traditional cuck who is deceived, bids willingly consent to engaging in these types of relationships, openly adopting children they know are not their own, or consenting to an "open" relationship which allows sex with other men while the man gets no extra sex at all.

Bids often engage in "cuckold fetishism" where they roleplay that they are being cheated on, but that isn't real cuckolding, just like rape roleplay is not real rape. That said, bids often get cucked for real, as their foids do not respect them and will easily step outside the "boundaries" the bid thinks he can set for her.

The etymology of bids is a shortening from the 2nd syllable of cebidae, a family of monkeys including the subfamily callitridae which includes the polyandrous marmoset/tamarin monkeys who become pathetic "non-reproductive helpers" while their polyandrous "mates" only allow the Chad monkeys to impregnate them.

Blackops2cel[edit | edit source]

A man who achieved meme status after his picture was posted on the subreddit r/amiugly. Seen by some as the incel messiah.

black knight[edit | edit source]

The opposite of a white knight. In other words, a man who purposefully inconveniences or imperils women, and is hostile towards them.

Blue baller[edit | edit source]

Someone whose inceldom is causing them physical pain in the balls (testicles).

blackcel[edit | edit source]

A black incel. Also known as an niggacel.

blackpill[edit | edit source]

A collection of harsh truths about dating and relationships backed by sociological studies. Alternative, a fatalist position about dating born from a belief in gender essentialism. Often, but not necessarily is concomitant with Existential Nihilism.

Bluepill[edit | edit source]

Used to describe something that does not agree, understand. or acknowledge the harsh realities of the world, specifically about dating.

bone law[edit | edit source]

Refers to the fact that male aesthetics depends on the development of a man's bodily frame and facial bones mostly. For example according to bone law a receding chin is due to an underdeveloped jawbone.

bonepressed[edit | edit source]

Measuring the size of ones penis by pushing the pubic fat all the way down to the bone when using a ruler. Said to be the most accurate way of measuring due to wide variation btw pubic fat composites among men.

bone smash theory[edit | edit source]

A theory predicated on the principle of Wolff's law (the idea that bones will grow in response to stress placed on them), bone smash theory asserts that you can cause bone growth by exposing the bone to repeated blunt trauma. This is usually used to cause growth of the facial bones, such as the cheekbones or mandible.

Brutto Vero[edit | edit source]

Italian incelosphere term for Truecel

Brad[edit | edit source]

A moderately attractive male, typically white. Not as attractive as a Chad.

BTFO[edit | edit source]

"Blown the fuck out." Meaning a certain comment is demoralizing or demotivating to a group/individual. It can also be used to say someone lost an argument or got verbally one-upped.

buddy boy[edit | edit source]

Slang term for comrade or chum. Often used as a derogatory term of address towards other forum members that lack understanding or have an opposed point of view from your own. Popularized by user "Jboi" on puahate.

bug eyes / frog eyes / bulging eyes[edit | edit source]

Eyes that pop out. Could be caused by retruded or downward infraorbital rim placement. Sometimes called big eyes or beta eyes.

burgercel[edit | edit source]

An incel who is American

butterface[edit | edit source]

A woman who has an amazing body and an ugly face at the same time. Comes from 'but her face'.

butterbody[edit | edit source]

The reverse of butterface.

BWH[edit | edit source]

bust / waist / hips

The initialism refers to measurement of the circumference of these 3 areas. These are stats commonly presented for females in Japanese visual novels, and are for example heavily used on character profiles

C[edit | edit source]

carrot theory[edit | edit source]

In certain studies a yellowish skin complexion is shown to be a highly significant predictor of preferences for mate selection for both genders. This tint is easiest to achieve with moderate beta-carotene consumption, abundant in carrots hence the name. In layman's terms it would be called 'healthy skin glow' theory, the opposite of it is a pale skin, this glow was preferred even over a natural tan.

canthal tilt[edit | edit source]

The angle of the lateral canthus (outside corner of eye) in relation to the medial canthus (inside corner of eye). A positive canthal tilt means the lateral canthus is higher on the face in proportion to the medial canthus, whereas a negative canthal tilt means the lateral canthus is lower on the face than the medial canthus. Some sluthaters claim that a negative canthal tilt is an extremely unattractive feature on men. They argue that it looks droopy and unintimidating.

For both men and women, a positive canthal tilt is ideal because it makes for hooded, hunter eyes. It can be argued that an overly positive canthal tilt is a slightly negative trait in males, as it is a feminine feature. Most male sex symbols have neutral, or slightly positive canthal tilt. Negative canthal givse a drowsy, tired appearance. Though there are men who are attractive despite a negative canthal tilt, such as Adrien Brody, Aubrey Graham, Adam Gallagher and André Hamann.

Chad[edit | edit source]

A physically attractive male, typically white. With a PSL rating of 8/10 or higher.

Ethnic counterparts:

  • Tyrone - black
  • Chaddam or Chabdul- Arab
  • Chadpreet or Chaddeep - Indian
  • Chang - East Asian

Chadlet[edit | edit source]

A manlet (Short) Chad

Chadlite[edit | edit source]

A moderately attractive male, typically white. Derived from Chad + -ite. With a PSL rating of 7.

Cho[edit | edit source]

Refers to Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia tech shooter.

co or .co[edit | edit source]

CO means fat ugly woman (literally: obese toilet) in the Italian incelosphere.
.co refers to

compact midface / short midface[edit | edit source]

A high midface ratio, a high fWHR, a short head, a short chin, a short forehead, high bizygomatic width, or wide-set eyes. Compact midfaces are considered the ideal for females because they supposedly indicate neoteny. Some argue that it is also a positive feature for males, as a long midface is nearly universally seen as a negative feature. Concept promoted by Phoenix Wright/Yatterman at, Love-Shy forums and PuaHate.

cock carousel (CC)[edit | edit source]

Metaphor for women having sex with lots of different men. Which is what many women do in-between relationships, or before they settle down for marriage.

Coolidge effect[edit | edit source]

The heightened sexual attraction that men experience for a new sexual partner. Also known as "new pussy". Often experienced in one-night stands and short-term relationships. Has been hypothesised to also exist in females of various species, and there is some scientific evidence for this claim [2]

cold approach[edit | edit source]

Original PUA term referring to approaching an unknown woman in public with the intention of initiating a romantic relationship. Alternative to approaching in a social situation like a party or within a group of friends, which is a 'warm approach'

Colez[edit | edit source]

(Pronounced coals.[1]) A legendary slayer who brought us from the dark ages of twinky male models. Extolled the virtues of masculine, high testosterone features (like a wide face, wide clavicles, a well developed chin that could cut diamonds) and how they are what makes women attracted to you.

Colez biker gang[edit | edit source]

A random collection of users creating ludicrous meme like bad boy characters to parody the masculinity crew using exaggerations. Generally normal people can pick them out of the posters since they sound like cartoons, but aspies can't so some of them actually worship this group.

cope[edit | edit source]

Adopting an untrue belief, to avoid the pain that comes from facing a harsh, unpleasant reality.

Usually used to by lookists to point out that any effort other than plastic surgery is merely a coping mechanism and not productive toward finding a partner. The insulting nature of the word lends it's use to trolls seeking to make others feel bad for daily activities.


Coping: "Yes, I did loose both my legs due to a car accident, which lead to losing my job and my wife divorcing me. But I can honestly say that my life is better now, I've learned to appreciate the small things."

Facing harsh reality: "After I lost my legs, my wife divorced me, and women in the dating market universally reject me. It's over."

copecelling[edit | edit source]

An incel coping mechanism intended to makes sense of an unpleasant reality. It's generally seen in the manlet and ethnic variety, or when a perceived incel is dating out of his league. Usually a pathetic display of black and white thinking, and overall shortsightedness and ignorance.

Height is all that matters. Tall guys can't be incel.

Being white is all that matters. White guys can't be incel.

How can she be dating him? He is a manlet/ethnic!

Note that this does not apply to any of the LMS triumvirate, as this is scientifically proven and accepted fact. Referring to any of these as the cause for one's inceldom would not in any way be considered as copecelling, but rather observing the reality of one's unfortunate fate.

cuck, cuckold[edit | edit source]

A man with an unfaithful girlfriend/wife.

People have wrongly also referred to men in open relationships as cucks, but this is inaccurate. These pseudo-cucks are actually called bids

cucktears[edit | edit source]

Short for the subreddit inceltears, a virgin-shaming terrorist group on Reddit

cybercel[edit | edit source]

Someone who visits the incelosphere; synonymous with incelospherian.

D[edit | edit source]

deep-set eyes[edit | edit source]

Possessing a protruded brow ridge, protruding zygomatic bones, and pronounced infraorbital development. This creates a 'deep set' eye appearance.

Deppression[edit | edit source]

The onset of melancholy from being inferior to Johnny Depp, also known as being Deppmogged. It is the inevitable aftermath of being sub-Depp.

I just saw a video of prime Johnny Depp in motion... I'm so Deppressed.

DHT[edit | edit source]

Dihydrotestosterone, the major androgrenizing Hormone. Plays a major role in male pattern baldness, facial / body hair, acne, libido (sex drive). It is also a potent fat fighter. Also an important Neurosteroid.

DOM[edit | edit source]

Short for dominant. It commonly refers to a ultra-masculine face, but could also refer to an intimidating presence or dominant behavior.

E[edit | edit source]

ED [edit | edit source]

Short for erectile dysfunction.

ER[edit | edit source]

Elliot Rodger, the Isla Vista killer.

Escortcel[edit | edit source]

An incel who uses the services of an escort to get laid.

escort theory[edit | edit source]

A pragmatic philosophy that proposes to isolated adult virgins that they should just man up and get over their issues with safe prostitutes until they fix their sexual frustration. Some advocates consider this the only option for incels as long as they live.

escort crew[edit | edit source]

Incels who only have sex with prostitutes.

ethnic[edit | edit source]

Meaning depends on location, but in the U.S. it usually refers to those of nonwhite ethnicity, who are believed to be repulsive to women, usually due to their lower social status and differing physical features as compared to whites.

ethnicel[edit | edit source]

An incel who is not white but lives in a white-majority country. This condition leads him to inceldom because women of his race prefer dating white men.

ethnik[edit | edit source]

A substitute for "ethnic", due to a censorship filter on PUAhate.

F[edit | edit source]

face theory / face law / F.A.C.E.[edit | edit source]

The theory that face is most important and overshadows all other qualities when it comes to dating. F.A.C.E stands for "Face and Age Conquer Everything".

failo effect[edit | edit source]

The opposite of the halo effect. When someone is physically attractive, they are assumed to have other attractive non-physical features. The failo effect states that an ugly person will be assumed to have unattractive non-physical features on account of being physically ugly. Common among incels. See 'halo effect' for more.

fap[edit | edit source]

Synonym for masturbating. Meant to bring to mind the sound of masturbating. -fap- -fap- -fap-

Fakecel[edit | edit source]

A person who claims to be an incel, but isn't.

FB or fb[edit | edit source]


FB[edit | edit source]

Also means fuck buddy.

fuel[edit | edit source]

Something that increases a specific feeling. e.g. suicide fuel increases suicidal feelings.

fish lips[edit | edit source]

Big misshapen lips or big lips. Blacks and ethnics are sometimes referred to having "fish lips" due to their size. Also some male models or celebrities like Johnny Deep are accused of having "fish lips" due to their size.[2] However, big lips are not necessarily unattractive on men.

FOB[edit | edit source]

Short for Fresh Off the Boat. Refers to immigrants, usually East Asian and Indian immigrants who have thick accidents.

foid[edit | edit source]

A derogatory term for female. Stemmed from female and -oid (as in android or humanoid). Used to suggest that females are not fully human.

FOLM[edit | edit source]

frenulum of labia minora

forcedcel[edit | edit source]

Someone whose inceldom is caused by literal state-coercion and policies by a government which seeks to alter procreation patterns in the country. A great example are the male Uyghurs in China who are being sex-segregated from their women in a deliberate Chinese effort to lower Uyghur demographics.

foreveralone[edit | edit source]

No hope for a relationship. Alternatively, the forum foreveralone, a feminist incel subreddit that doesn't self-identify as incel.

femoid[edit | edit source]

A derogatory term for female. Stemmed from female and -oid (as in android or humanoid). Used to suggest that females are not fully human.

fuck and chuck[edit | edit source]

See pump and dump.

fuckstration[edit | edit source]

The physical manifestation of what inceldom does to a person, characterized primarily by agitation and awkwardly bulging erections at inappropriate moments.

Fuckzoned[edit | edit source]

When a femcel is used in a relationship for nothing other than sex. Think "friendzoned" but pertaining to sex.

FWB[edit | edit source]

Friends with benefits

fWHR[edit | edit source]

Facial Width-to-Height Ratio. Sometimes measured as the bizygomatic width divided by the distance from the upper eyelids to the upper lip.[3] Sometimes measured as the byzygomatic width divided by the distance from the nasion to the prosthion.[4]

G[edit | edit source]

G4P or g4p[edit | edit source]

Means 'gay for pay', it's heterosexual men doing solo erotic shows for homosexual men for money.

Galter[edit | edit source]

An incelospherian or manospherian who attempts to subvert his bluepilled or gynocentric society throgh economic means.

Galting[edit | edit source]

The act of subverting one's bluepilled or gynocentric society through economic means by incelibates or manospherians.

GL[edit | edit source]

Short for good looking.

Good Looking Loser / GLL[edit | edit source]

A pick-up artist guru who is critical of some mainstream PUA beliefs and practices. Unlike some other PUA's Good Looking Loser emphasizes that looks do matter.

GF[edit | edit source]


gigachad[edit | edit source]

A male who is higher in attractiveness than Chad.

go outside theory[edit | edit source]

The theory that if you go outside and interact with other people, you have a better chance of getting laid than trolling internet forums for hours per day.

Greensboro Jock[edit | edit source]

Greensboro Jock is a famous photograph of an American football player that epitomized hyper-masculinity and jock/Chad idealism. For many years the mystery subject of the photograph was called "The ideal image of a Chad" by the pua & incel community. He was formally identified in May 2015 as Jay Gould (born April 1st 1979), an American man who was now living as a entrepreneur millionaire and CEO of a company called Yashi. He was a Greensboro student of 20-years-old when he was photographed in 1999. The image also brought him recognition on the forum

Greycel[edit | edit source]

A user with a grey name on or This color is assigned to users who have a small amount of posts on the forum, therefore the term greycel is derogatory and is used with the meaning of newbie

GTFIH[edit | edit source]

"Get The Fuck In Here" i.e. read this post.

H[edit | edit source]

halo effect[edit | edit source]

The psychological effect when people ascribe personality characteristics or other qualities based on their impression of a person. For example, good looking people are perceived as smarter, better leaders and more successful even without properly getting to know the person. Masculine looking men are perceived to be respected more by their peers, more mature and more dominant.

hammy[edit | edit source]

Short for, hamlossus, a reference to a poster on /r/malegrooming who become a meme in incel communities due to his facial appearance

height theory[edit | edit source]

Refers to the scientific research that suggests height is a distinctively or the prime attractive feature for men.

HH[edit | edit source]

HH (also represented by the number sign # or the number 88 since H is the eighth letter of the alphabet) can represent "Heil Hitler" (support of NSDAP) or "Honk Honk" (support of Clown World and it's mascot Honkler)

high inhibition[edit | edit source]

A person who sacrifices his/her happiness due to the irrational fear that pursuing personal goals will result in people's social disapproval. In layman's terms it's somebody who can't stand up for himself and chooses passivity/safety. See social inhibition at Wikipedia.

High IQ[edit | edit source]

Indicates agreement with a point previously stated

heightism[edit | edit source]

Prejudice or discrimination based on one's height.

high E[edit | edit source]

High estrogen. In females, this results in large breasts, an hourglass figure, a rounded buttocks and lustful facial features. High E females typically desire high T males. Low E females typically prefer low T males. While both males and females can be high E, the term is typically used in reference to females. The opposite term is High T (high testosterone).

high T[edit | edit source]

High testosterone. In males, this results in a masculine (high) fWHR, low inhibition, large interior skull volume, increased muscularity, thick bones, a prominent supraorbital ridge, and high horizontal punching power. High T women have similar features.

high quality non-primitive (HQNP)[edit | edit source]

An attractive, intelligent, "higher class" female. Term coined by Tyger.

hole[edit | edit source]

A pejorative used to refer to a female among some incels (and noncels).

hooded eyes[edit | edit source]

The appearance of eyes aliken to that of Sean O'Pry, where an fold of adipose skin covers the upper crease of one's eyelid.

hook nose[edit | edit source]

Nose which is bumpy, this condition is often caused by a maxillary recession.

horizontal punching power[edit | edit source]

Referring to the amount of force generated by a single punch. Polynesians are widely argued to generate the most horizontal punching power.

hunter eyes[edit | edit source]

Vertically narrow eyes, usually covered by big brow ridge and tilted eyebrows. Different from DOM eyebrows which are straight.

hypergamy[edit | edit source]

Usually refers to a facet of evolutionary psychology regarding women, especially in regards to their sexual partners, preferring to date above their league in either physical beauty, social status or wealth. Also used to imply that women are never satisfied with their male partners, and as such are always looking for a "better" male, in this sense synonymous with monkey branching[5].

I[edit | edit source]

icarus92[edit | edit source]

A chatroom used by members of the former Puahate still active today.

incel[edit | edit source]

An involuntary celibate man. Refers to state in which a person who is willing and physically able to engage in sexual relations is unable to find a partner. The term applies to people who have not yet engaged in sex, those who have had sex at least once but are unable to find another partner, and those in a relationship with a partner who is unwilling to have sex.

For more about this see this article --> [3]

most common types of incel discussed on this board

baldcel[edit | edit source]

A man who is either bald or balding which drastically affects one's aesthetic value.

framecel[edit | edit source]

An adult male with the bone structure of a 15 year old kid. Frame refers here to body frame.

workcel[edit | edit source]

Someone whose work preoccupies any freedom to enjoy any activities that may be conducive to the chance of sexual intercourse.

slavecel[edit | edit source]

An extreme version of the workcel. A workcel whose work has a great hold over him in terms of time and energy. He's practically a slave.

heightcel / shortcel[edit | edit source]

A short guy who is incel because of his height.

gymcel[edit | edit source]

An incel who thinks he can compensate with muscles for his low LMS. Alternatively, an incel who engages in physical exercise as a coping mechanism to deal with his inceldom. Also used by non incels in a facetious manner to refer to lifting weights.

gymthot[edit | edit source]

A girl who, under the guise of showing her questionable gym gains, shows off her body on social media.

virgincel [edit | edit source]

An incel whose lack of sexual experience makes him even more socially awkward.

inhibitioncel[edit | edit source]

A person whose social inhibition is extremely high.

skullcel[edit | edit source]

An incel whose skull hasn't reached the adult male's size thus it distorts his facial proportions.

currycel[edit | edit source]

An incel who is Indian.

mentalcel[edit | edit source]

A person who is incel due to mental condition like social anxiety or mental disorder.

ethnicel[edit | edit source]

An incel who is ethnic.

fakecel[edit | edit source]

Someone pretending to be an incel to be edgy or to fit in.

Rice-[edit | edit source]

Relating to someone from Asia.

ricecel[edit | edit source]

An incel who is East Asian.

gingercel[edit | edit source]

An incel who has ginger hair.

wristcel[edit | edit source]

An adult or fully grown incel whose wrist bones are of small circumference and/or of womanly or childish size thus it effects his masculinity or sense of manliness. Typically it means wrists less than 6.5" inches.

gingercel[edit | edit source]

An incel who has ginger hair.

incelibacy[edit | edit source]

As a mass noun = incelibacy. As a countable noun = incelibate. The term is a shortening of "involuntary celibacy".

incelosphere[edit | edit source]

The incelosphere is an umbrella term describing a network of websites and forums that discuss inceldom. Someone who visits these sites is called a cybercel or incelospherian.

Inceldom spectrum[edit | edit source]

A scale measuring how deeply one is immersed with the inceldom condition. Most deeply immersed = truecel. Least deeply immersed = nearcel. The median in between nearcel and truecel = incel.

incelese[edit | edit source]

Synonymous with ricecel.

Inkwell[edit | edit source]

means Incel (Sarcastic.) Was originally coined to mock the users of the subreddit inceltears, as the term was commonly misspelled by its users.

IT/ITCucks[edit | edit source]

Short for the subreddit inceltears, a virgin-shaming terrorist group on Reddit

it's over[edit | edit source]

An expression of defeat or fatalism, common among incels.

incel rule of thumb[edit | edit source]

If you are attracted to her, then she is out of your league.

inhibition[edit | edit source]

See high inhibition.

IOI[edit | edit source]

Indicator of interest. Actions that may indicate that a woman is interested in you.

IOD[edit | edit source]

Indicator of disinterest.

IPD[edit | edit source]

inter-pupillary distance; the eyes should not be too far apart or too close to one another

J[edit | edit source]

JesslynNicole[edit | edit source]

27 year old attractive female member. Lives in a small town in Kansas. Reads history books, plays video games, doesn't believe in online dating, hates loud/rude guys, and doesn't go out or drink. Wants an incel boyfriend with a high IQ. Claims to have only slept with 3 guys, had 2 long term relationships and hasn't had sex since 2008. Some consider her a master troll or a one in a million anomaly. Admin deleted her account after her real life identity was revealed. Now posts under an alt account.

JB[edit | edit source]

Stands for jailbait. Usually refers to a teenager. Used outside incel communities as well.

JBW[edit | edit source]

Just be white.

JFC[edit | edit source]

Acronym for "just fucking cage".

JFL[edit | edit source]

Just fucking lol.

Jomon[edit | edit source]

The original Ainu descended inhabitants of Japan. A robust, masculine, hairier race before they were outbred by Yayoi and Chinese.

juggernaut law[edit | edit source]

If a woman is below average height, has wonky teeth, Dumbo ears, this makes guys feel like they have a CHANCE with her, as opposed to if she were more "perfect", less flawed. So this means that even girls that are AVERAGE and BELOW still have guys hitting on them. You can't stop a woman's dating potential. She is like The Juggernaut. If she is a single mum, then more guys will think they are being her prince charming by rescuing her from all the "other bad, bad men out there". She is UNSTOPPABLE. Any flaw she has JUST MAKES HER STRONGER in the dating world.

jock[edit | edit source]

A stereotypical athletic high school student that is popular with girls.

Jsanza29[edit | edit source]

Johnny Sanza: 23 year old truecel from Canada. The general consensus amongst the regular posters is that he represents the epitome of ugliness.

K[edit | edit source]

KEK[edit | edit source]

Different form of "lol," or "laughing out loud." It originates from the game World of Warcraft, where players on the oposite faction have their text chat run though a cypher, where "lol" appears as "kek."

KHHV[edit | edit source]

Kissless, hugless, handholdless virgin

KHHHHVHHJSHDGSGHDHVV[edit | edit source]

The Ultimate Truecel

KV=[edit | edit source]

Stands for kissless virgin

L[edit | edit source]

L-[edit | edit source]


Landwhale[edit | edit source]

An obese human female, often morbidly so. Generally seen as being of very low desirability and extreme low worth to men and at the lowest end of the totem pole in regards to female attractiveness. Alternatively called a fat cow, hog or warpig.

Lanklet[edit | edit source]

Tall, skinny, and therefore unattractive man.

Lanza[edit | edit source]

Refers to Adam Lanza the Sandy Hook shooter.

Late Starter[edit | edit source]

A person who has taken much longer than most people to gain sexual and/or romantic experience. After the entry to sexual/romantic experience, however, no more side effects of inceldom show. Someone who continues to have side effects of inceldom after gaining sexual/romantic experience are referred to as post-acute-inceldom-syndrome or PAIS.

Le Fort fracture of skull[edit | edit source]

types of facial fractures involving the maxillary bone and surrounding structures in a usually bilateral and either horizontal, pyramidal or transverse way. Le Forts are performed sometimes to fix a receded areas of facial bones like the maxillary. Lefort III is basically homicide (it involves flaying the skin off the face, and then cutting the skull nearly in half) and is thus not performed for petty cosmetic reasons, rather it is only performed to rectify severe deformities.

Type of leforts include Lefort I, Lefort II, and Lefort III

legit[edit | edit source]

It means true. Denote one's agreement to particular opinion or fact.

LDAR[edit | edit source]

Lay Down and Rot.

Lequack surgery[edit | edit source]


Lifefuel[edit | edit source]

Something that is positive and gives encouragement in life.

LLUF[edit | edit source]

An abbreviation of Liegen lassen und fliege, or, in English, Let Lie and Fly. Used to describe the attitude that women in your native country are unattainable or not worth dating and so the only rational strategy if one wants to date is to fly (travel) abroad for a date.

Used in the German AB communities.

LLUFies[edit | edit source]

Followers of the above concept.

LMS[edit | edit source]

(L)ooks, (M)oney and (S)tatus. Concept developed by PUAHate suggesting that what matters in attracting women are looks, money and status. It denies personality, confidence or game to be significant factors.

long face / horse face / long midface / narrow face / gay face[edit | edit source]

A low midface ratio, a low fWHR, a long head, a long chin, a long forehead, low bizygomatic width or close-set eyes. A long face could be natural due to bodily height (taller people have longer faces;[6] e.g. Yao Ming has a long face due to his height[7]). A long face could also be caused by environmental factors such as mouthbreathing (Adenoid face). A long face is deemed to be unattractive by some sluthaters, yet some of these sluthaters themselves are unaware that some of the people they worship (like Randy Orton and Ian Somerhalder) have high midface ratios. This is due to an illusion.

long-term relationship[edit | edit source]

A relationship that lasts a long time, especially with those who are planning to live together, are considering to be exclusive with each other, or are possibly considering to marry. The sex gets boring due to low perceived mutual attraction and sexual variety.

lookism[edit | edit source]

Prejudice or discrimination based on one's looks.

looksdigger[edit | edit source]

Like a gold digger but for looks. A woman or man who goes after the best looking people available.

looks theory / looks law[edit | edit source]

A theory which holds that looks matter a lot in dating. Compare to PUA advice and the usual "be confident" advice.

looksmatch[edit | edit source]

Your equivalent in looks for the opposite sex.

looksmax[edit | edit source]

Maxing out one's own appearance.

See also: Guide to looksmaxing

love-shy[edit | edit source]

An inability to form a romantic partnership because of shyness. Overlaps with inceldom. Coined by psychologist Brian Gilmartin.

low inhib[edit | edit source]

Short for low inhibition. Is confident and doesn't second guess.

Lowinhibmaxx[edit | edit source]

To get a low inhibition, to become someone with low inhibition.

statusmax[edit | edit source]

to improve one's status.

moneymax[edit | edit source]

To improve one's money/financial status. Elliot Rodger once attempted to moneymaxx by winning the lottery.

low inhibition[edit | edit source]

Refers to a person who doesn't care what others think of him, generally it's the mindset of a functioning adult male, in extreme cases refers to antisocial criminals.

LTR or ltr[edit | edit source]

long term relationship or long term romance

luck theory[edit | edit source]

A theory that states that luck plays a role in a man's success in wooing women. How lucky you are is typically genetically based and determined at birth. Many times when a man is seen dating a woman outside of his league, it is assumed he has a great personality or is very wealthy. This is true in many cases, but there is also the possibility he is just lucky.

M[edit | edit source]

M-[edit | edit source]


MAB[edit | edit source]

Male absolute beginner. A man inexperienced in sexual or romantic relationships. Used in the German AB community.

male model nuthugger / MM nuthugger[edit | edit source]

A term used by the masculinity crew to deride those who like male models--who are too feminine to be considered attractive by them.

manlet[edit | edit source]

A short male who is less than average height (5'10" / 177 cm). However this depends on each country as different countries have different average heights.

mascthetic[edit | edit source]

Combination of masculine and aesthetic. Used by some factions of the masculinity crew.

masculinity crew[edit | edit source]

A group of men who believes in masculinity theory or adheres to it by going to the gym.

masculinity theory[edit | edit source]

The theory which claims that a masculine appearance (in both face and body) is important to a man's attractiveness. A masculine face, a robust bone structure and high muscle mass are regarded as attractive. It claims that women don't find feminine faces, narrow faces or a skinny body attractive on men.

mental masturbation[edit | edit source]

Useless intellectual debate that has nothing to do with reality anymore and only serves to bloat up the person's ego.

Mewing[edit | edit source]

An informal term of pushing the tongue up hard against the roof of the mouth for long periods of time and/or or chewing hard falim gum. It is said to improve the appearance of the jaw and to give the user a stronger and more aesthetic looking profile. It is pioneered by British orthodontist Mike Mew, after whom the technique is named.

MGTOW[edit | edit source]

Refers to 'men going their own way'. The term describes a group of men who believe that their social isolation, passive-aggressive behavior, not having children, and theories they posted online will collapse society as it is.

midface ratio[edit | edit source]

Distance from midpoint of the pupils to the middle of the lips (sometimes to the top of the lips) divided by the interpupillary distance. Concept promoted by Phoenix Wright/Yatterman at, Love-Shy forums and PuaHate.

Mike Mew / Mew Theory[edit | edit source]

An orthodontist who argues the development of the face and jaws is dependent on correct oral posture. Mew theory suggest chewing hard gum and pressing the tongue to the roof of mouth, depstite the fact he has never released clinical trials that prove his theories. [8]

Milkmired[edit | edit source]

To have aged like milk, unlike someone who ages like wine.

mirin[edit | edit source]

Short for admiring.

miscer[edit | edit source]

Active member of the 'misc' found at the forum of

MiscLegend[edit | edit source]

The biggest slayer in the Shire. Also, a pizza-faced burrito maker from Manletland. When not obsessing about his height and/or showing his erect phallus to people online, he's approaching women at the train station to invite them to the woods.

Mixoscopia[edit | edit source]

The promotion of watching sex (or porn) rather than actual sex.

Meeks[edit | edit source]

Jeremy Meeks.

Mew[edit | edit source]

(1) Mike Mew] or John Mew (2) to have proper oral posture.

MFR[edit | edit source]

Midface ratio

MM[edit | edit source]

Male Model

Morph Theory / morph game[edit | edit source]

To digitally manipulate your online dating profile images to appear more aesthetic.

mog[edit | edit source]

to amog someone,

a bastardized version of 'amog', or 'alpha male of the group' referring to someone being more good-looking or superior than you. Derives from PUA slang, where mogging (socially or physically dominating other males) was advocated as a method of attracting women. e.g. "he mogged me', meaning, 'he was better looking than me'

monkeybranching[edit | edit source]

Synonymous with one sense of the term hypergamy. When a women abandons a relationship in order to secure a "better male". Also used as a verb as in "to monkeybranch".

[edit | edit source]

An abbreviation of Männerüberschuss, or, in English: Multiple Men. Used to describe the theory that in Germany inceldom exists in the above 53 year old crowd due to a surplus of men above age 53 in Germany. Used in the German AB communities.

natty[edit | edit source]

Refers to natural bodybuilding, it means without the use of steroids, or other Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs).

Alternatively, refers to Natty Kadifa

NCT[edit | edit source]

Negative Canthal Tilt

nearcel[edit | edit source]

Someone who is romantically unsuccessful, but not adequately enough to qualify as an incel or truecel; a portmanteau of "nearly" and "incel".

NEET[edit | edit source]

a person who is Not in Education, Employment, or Training.

neck theory[edit | edit source]

Neck is important in making you masculine

NAWALT[edit | edit source]

Not all woman are like that.

N[edit | edit source]

ngl[edit | edit source]

"not gonna lie" or "no gonna lie". See also: #TBH

nofap[edit | edit source]

Abstaining for masturbation. Usually due to moral reasons, or due to the notion that masturbation lessens testosterone and makes one weak and undesirable. Sometimes, it may be due to the belief that abstaining from masturbation increases creativity and motivation. Fap is a word that is supposed to bring to mind the sound of masturbation -fap- -fap- -fap-.

normie[edit | edit source]

An average everyday boring person. Sometimes used to refer to people that are "average" in looks in contrast to Chad and incel. A "high-tier normie" refers to person who is- above average in attractiveness (but not as attractive as Brad or Becky). A "low-tier normie" refers to a person who are below average in attractiveness.

normalfag[edit | edit source]

The average everyday boring person.

normalfag theory[edit | edit source]

The average everyday boring person's dating strategy, which is dating people who are just good enough for sex from their small pool of prospects and this selection takes place when their level of sexual frustration exceeds their fear of rejection.

Normalo/Normala[edit | edit source]

The equivalent to normie in German AB communities. Possibily coined without knowledge of the English equivalent. Used in the German AB communities to describe someone who is not incel but instead has gained normal sexual experience.

Norwood/Norwooding/NW[edit | edit source]

The Hamilton–Norwood scale is a scale for measuring the different stages of male pattern baldness. A Norwood 1 means there is no hair loss, with a Norwood 7 being the most advanced stage. Most young adult men have a Norwood 1 hairline, and anything beyond a Norwood 2 is exponentially worse. "Norwood 0" is used to mean a man with an unusually low hairline, and was not part of the original Hamilton-Norwood scale. A balding man is said to be "Norwooding".

Noodlewhore[edit | edit source]

An Asian Woman.

np[edit | edit source]

in the Italian incelosphere np means "non-persons", in other words, Foids . Otherwise means "no problem" outside that space.

NSA[edit | edit source]

No strings attached.

NT[edit | edit source]

Short for neurotypical, normal people who don't have autism, or severe social anxiety.

NTmaxxing[edit | edit source]

Means maximizing non-autistic traits in an effort to appear and act normal and have better success with women, regardless if one has autism or not.

numbers game[edit | edit source]

The more women you meet the more easy it is to find one who likes you.

numale[edit | edit source]

A man who has feminist qualities.

nutrition theory[edit | edit source]

The idea that eating habits, intake of adequate vitamins and minerals lead to a better looking face.

O[edit | edit source]

OdB[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation for Objekt der Begierde or, in English, Object of Desire. Used to describe a person you would like to partner with. Used in the German AB communities.

OKC or okc[edit | edit source]

Refers to the dating site OkCupid.

one-night stand[edit | edit source]

A one-time sexual encounter. The sex is usually more exciting than in long-term relationships due to sexual variety and increased perceived mutual attraction.

ONS[edit | edit source]

One-night stand.

Omega male[edit | edit source]

A man on the lowest rung of the sexual/romantic (and sometimes general) social hierarchies. Often a synonym for incel or truecel. Very ugly or severely handicapped.

Oneitis[edit | edit source]

The condition a man experiences when he becomes obsessed with one girl who does not love him back. The word oneitis may also refer to the girl whom the man is obsessed with.

Our Heavenly Father[edit | edit source]

Refers to David Gandy. A group of incels here consider him the living god of male aesthetics.

P[edit | edit source]

PCT[edit | edit source]

Positive canthal tilt. An attractive tilting of the eyes in a V-shape.

Peppers life / dat Peppers life[edit | edit source]

Being an isolated virgin and living on welfare as a mature person. Comes from the actual lifestyle of the user 'Brian Peppers' on this forum.

Permavirgin[edit | edit source]

Synonymous with "truecel".

Personality[edit | edit source]

From braincels automod: "Personality isn't really that important to most women. They often emphasize personality for good physical looks and social status."

Personality Detector[edit | edit source]

This term is used to mock women who stick with abusive significant others or women who enter relationships with someone who has a negative background. Personality detectors in reality tend to give people a weird feeling around those with negative/malicious intentions. Incels argue that this warning fails so much with women, that the idea of sexual freedom being a rational sorting mechanism for personality is insane.

PFL[edit | edit source]

Palpebral fissure length; this measures the length of the eye, longer is better as it will make the eye more long than tall

PJ or Plain Jane[edit | edit source]

Refers to an average-looking female rated 5 to 6/10

POF or pof[edit | edit source]

Refers to the dating site PlentyofFish.

POIS[edit | edit source]

An abbreviation of Post Acute Inceldom Syndrome. A description of those who are sexually active but continue to experience the side effects of inceldom or the side effects of self-destructive behaviour and medical conditions caused by a period of inceldom. This is somewhat analogous to the German AB community term semi-AB, or semi-absolute beginner. Someone who has sexual experience but still has problems with intimacy.

potato face[edit | edit source]

A facial phenotype that has shallow cheekbones, shallow brow ridge, underdeveloped jaw. The term comes form the resemblance with a potato. The technically correct term is amorphous appearance, meaning soft solid.

pretty boy[edit | edit source]

A male considered attractive, but with a relatively feminine face. An example is Justin Bieber. The masculinity crew views pretty boys as cuckolds or "asexual handbags"--having no sexual appeal to women.

Prime=[edit | edit source]

When it is/was at its best (for example: prime Stacy)

protocel[edit | edit source]

Someone whose inceldom preceded the incelosphere era.

prostitute[edit | edit source]

A woman who exchanges sex for money. It includes women who are in relationships with beta providers.

subgroups of prostitutes:

PSL[edit | edit source]

An acronym for the sequential semi-incelospherian forums:, sluthate, and

PSL scale/rating[edit | edit source]

A rating that would be given to you if you were a member of, sluthate, and/or

roastie[edit | edit source]

A sexually promiscuous woman. Word originated from the idea that a woman's vagina becomes distended after she get fucked by a lot of partners.

streetwalker[edit | edit source]

Low class prostitute that walks the streets, they are source of STD's, sell drugs and mug some of their clients. Preferred by poverty class people and sociopaths.

escort[edit | edit source]

Higher class prostitute who only works through websites and has her own place to service the clients. Some of them visit the client or go out with them to social gatherings. Contrary to popular beliefs these women are clean and safe. Preferred by middle and upper class

gold digger[edit | edit source]

Women who only date rich men and they do this because of their money. Technically they sell sex for money but only to one customer at a time.

proximity theory[edit | edit source]

Refers to the statistically demonstrated fact that most people date people who live close to them and are in the same social group. Proximity theory argues this is the number one preference of most people due to it's convenience and their risk aversion.

pump and dump[edit | edit source]

Having sex with a female with the female expecting a relationship, but instead of the man pursuing a relationship, he abandons her after he gets the sex he desires.

PUA[edit | edit source]

'Pickup Artist' originally coined from the belief that picking up women is a form of art. Used to describe the members of the seduction community. Now it refers to a group of fraudulent men who sell overcharged useless/untested self-help advice on dating to naive sexually inexperienced people.

pickup autist[edit | edit source]

Derogatory term used to describe people who are addicted to products of PUA's and engage in this in a repetitive way like an autist who has his daily rituals.

Pizza Guy / Pizza Slayer[edit | edit source]

An autistic teenager who has a channel on YouTube with over 20,000 subscribers that reviews energy drinks and pizza. A popular animated gif features him giving a thumbs up.

R[edit | edit source]

rat face[edit | edit source]

refers to a face characterized by a disproportionately long midface, narrow skull and overly tapered, narrow- often receding chin.Example.

Reeee[edit | edit source]

Commonly referred to now as an "autistic screeching meme", this is an onomatopoeic expression of intense rage or frustration typically associated with the Angry Pepe character. It is meant to represent the unique croak produced by several species of frogs when agitated. Used by more groups than just incels.

rope[edit | edit source]

to commit suicide

roids[edit | edit source]

Anabolic steroids. A form of chemical enhancement used to increase muscle growth.

raw sex appeal (RSA)[edit | edit source]

Term used by the masculinity crew to refer to attractive qualities.

RTB[edit | edit source]

Roided, Tatted and Bleached. It is the equivalent of RTT for dark-skinned non-white men.

RTT[edit | edit source]

Roided, Tatted and Tanned. Commonly claimed to project a "bad boy" or masculine image.

S[edit | edit source]

S-[edit | edit source]


SA or sa[edit | edit source]

Short for 'Shitty Advice'

SAP[edit | edit source]

Small Asian Penis. Used to address Asian males. Term popularized by Tyger.

SARMs[edit | edit source]

Performance-enhancing drugs that emulate the effect of Anabolic steroids

shitcunt[edit | edit source]

A morally deplorable female e.g. a complete cunt. A word popularized by the forum user 'Norwood Cemetery'

short-term relationship[edit | edit source]

A relationship that may not last a long time. Includes a causal relationship, an affair and possibly a one-night stand. The sex in a short-term relationship is usually more exciting than in a long-term relationship due to increased perceived mutual attraction and sexual variety.

SIG or sig[edit | edit source]

Short form for signature.

simp[edit | edit source]

Some Idolizing Mediocre Pussy, often used as a pejorative for an effeminate male similar to cuck.

"Idealizing" might also be used rather than "Idolizing"

Also might be thought of as a short-form for "simpleton" or "simperer".

skull size theory[edit | edit source]

For a male face to be attractive it needs a minimal skull size so that all the facial ratios fall in place.

slay[edit | edit source]

Sexual conquest which presumes getting peer approval automatically.

slayer[edit | edit source]

Alpha male who slays. Generally refers to an attractive male that has sex with multiple women very easy.

sloot[edit | edit source]

A substitute for "slut", usually used by miscers.

slut[edit | edit source]

A woman who has casual sex with multiple men. Usage depends on circumstances, if the woman sleeps with the person than being slut means she was wild in bed, if she rejects the person it means she's hypergamous and a stuck-up.

smash and dash[edit | edit source]

See pump and dump.

social proof[edit | edit source]

A special case of 'halo effect' it refers to people who have a certain status in a group and whatever they do is filtered through that resulting in the group accepting that behavior from this person even though they would never swallow this from a complete stranger.

sour grapes[edit | edit source]

Used to ridicule a copeer. "If I can't have it, then it wasn't any good anyway". Used quite a bit by anti-incels.

soy[edit | edit source]

The official drink of anti-incels according to masculinist incels. There have been studies that suggest, but do not prove, that soy lowers testosterone. Masculinist incels use this to suggest someone is low testosterone, therefore less of a man.

soyciety[edit | edit source]

An extension of the Soyboy, suggesting that society (usually the commenter's) has lost its strength and intergrity by pandering to left-wing politics, feminism and LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Sodini[edit | edit source]

Refers to George Sodini, the man who shot women at LA Fitness because they had rejected him.

sperg[edit | edit source]

A person who has Aspergers. See 'aspie'.

Stacy[edit | edit source]

A female counterpart of Chad. A white attractive female with an hourglass figure.

Stacylite[edit | edit source]

A moderately attractive Stacy. Derived from Stacy + -ite.

sterons[edit | edit source]

Another slang word for anabolic steroids.

stormfrontcel [edit | edit source]

Racist whitecels who rage about ethnics and blacks. Often become angry about interracial dating.

sui[edit | edit source]

to commit suicide

suifuel[edit | edit source]

Short for, "suicide fuel", or something deeply depressing.

STR or str[edit | edit source]

Means short term relationship.

sub-8[edit | edit source]

A man who is not good-looking enough.

subhuman[edit | edit source]

ugly person or feature

sub-5[edit | edit source]

A man who is less than 5/10 on a Looks rating or LMS rating. Condemned to a life of fapping, escorts and incel rage.

Sub-Pitt[edit | edit source]

Below Brad Pitt in facial aesthetics. You aren't living the life and are most likely an incel.

suey[edit | edit source]

To visit Gandy.

supreme gentleman[edit | edit source]

A narcissistic title given by Elliot Rodger to himself.

T[edit | edit source]

tallfag[edit | edit source]

A tall guy.

TBH[edit | edit source]

tbhngl[edit | edit source]

Short for "to be honest, no gonna lie". Invented by user Weed. Mostly a nonsense statement and used as a period at the end of sentences.

tbhtbh[edit | edit source]

A nonsense phrase created by the user: Weed. Short for, "to be honest, to be honest", but the phrase is used as just a period of sentences by some. Also synonymous with tbhngl, or variations of the repeated combination of tbh and ngl.

TFL[edit | edit source]

Stands for true forced loneliness. A phrase mostly used by vloggers who blame women and society for their woes. They were the first incel Youtubers. More conspiracy oriented than self-described incels, as many also blame the "New World Order" etc...

T/test[edit | edit source]

Testosterone, the primary androgen produced by the male body in the Leydig cells of the testicles.

supreme gentleman[edit | edit source]

A narcissistic title given by Elliot Rodger to himself.

thirstie[edit | edit source]

An incel with an exceptionally high libido. As a consequence sufferers tremendously. This is the type of incel that regularly uses anaphrodisiacs to keep themselves sane.

Turbo[edit | edit source]

An extreme case. (e.g. turbomanlet - a very short man)

The Wall[edit | edit source]

"The wall" aka the strongest cope is nothing but a carrot on a stick. Unattractive young men get told to focus on studying and finding a high paying job in order to betabuxx for an used up roastie later in life. This is supposed to happen the moment women hit "the wall". But they never hit "the wall". Women attract men even in their 50s and 60s. It's true that the biological clock is ticking but that doesn't matter thanks to freezing eggs and other tools.

theory theory[edit | edit source]

Refers to the obvious fact that the more you mentally masturbate on a subject the less happier and more socially isolated you become.

to make it[edit | edit source]

To become a slayer. See 'slayer' for more.

tren[edit | edit source]

Trenbolone, a powerful 19-nortestosterone based anabolic steroid.

TRT or trt[edit | edit source]

Means 'testosterone replacement therapy'.

truecel[edit | edit source]

Kiss-less and touch-less virgin -- has never had any sort of physical interaction with a member of the opposite sex because of his repulsive ugly appearance. another word is permacel.

U[edit | edit source]

upper eyelid exposure[edit | edit source]

Visible lines in the upper eyelid. Not necessarily unattractive. Term originated from PuaHate.

V[edit | edit source]

vex / vertu[edit | edit source]

The biggest virgin on this forum.

visit Gandy[edit | edit source]

To kill oneself; to visit "God" aka "David Gandy", some of the posters consider him the god of male aesthetics.

Visit Grier[edit | edit source]

Alternate of form of "visit Gandy"

Visit Orton[edit | edit source]

Masculinity crew's version of "Visit Gandy"

visit Kinney[edit | edit source]

Alternate of form of "visit Gandy", came into use after PuaHate started to censor visiting Gandy.

volcel[edit | edit source]

A voluntary celibate. Someone who can get sex but choose not to. Contrast it to incel.

VT[edit | edit source]

An abbrevation of Verachtenstheorie or, in English, Despise Theory. Used to describe an unconscious or conscious female contempt toward men without sexual experience. Used in the German AB communities.

W[edit | edit source]

WAB[edit | edit source]

An abbreviation of Woman (female) Absolute Beginner. A woman inexperienced in sexual or romantic relationships. Used in the German AB community.

warpig[edit | edit source]

A type of obese and piggy-looking female. Often quarrelsome and bellicose, these females look to create war with people (particularly men) that don't find them attractive.

whitecel[edit | edit source]

A white incel. Also known as an albinocel.

white knight[edit | edit source]

Believing that women will be impressed by protective behaviour and coming to their rescue. Guys do this in the hope of a sex reward.

whore[edit | edit source]

Slang for prostitute. See 'prostitute' for more.

wizard[edit | edit source]

A man who is a virgin until the age of 30. Wizardchan parodies a meme that if a man maintains his virginity until the age of 30 he's going to achieve supernatural powers like a wizard. Elliot Rodger once frequented that site too.

WK[edit | edit source]

See White knight.

womb to tomb[edit | edit source]

To live as an incel for life. Used to describe a man so ugly and aspie that he will be a truecel for life. Incels that never made it. See "to make it" for more.

wrist theory[edit | edit source]

A theory that wrist circumference is the best indicator of upper-body bone thickness because there is a lack of adipose tissue surrounding it.

Y[edit | edit source]

yellow fever[edit | edit source]

A debilitating degenerative disease characterized by the unnatural attraction towards mongoloid creatures. Symptoms include: small phallus, low testosterone, short stature, weak facial bones, Alt-right political leanings, high voice, effeminate behavior, Caucasian ancestry, childlike brain, gracile bone structure, head trauma during childhood.

YW[edit | edit source]

Short for "Yowie Wowie", the catch phrase of Bray Wyatt in 2019 since adopting his "Fiend" alias of an evil clown.[9] "Yowie Wowie" is used on forums also in reference to the DC Comics Joker and Clown World.

Z[edit | edit source]

zygo[edit | edit source]

Short for zygoma or zygomatic bone (cheekbone).

zyzz[edit | edit source]

Refers to Aziz Shavershian who was an Australian (of Kurdish ancestry) bodybuilder, personal trainer, model and Internet celebrity known for his unique style. He created a cult following on YouTube. He came up with the term 'we're all gonna make it' and several other memes. He died of a heart attack at age 22, partially induced by harsh steroid and recreational drug abuse. Zyzz was his internet handle.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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