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"Khazar milkers" meme.

Boobs (or boobies, titties, etc.) refer to a frontal sexual display on the human female chest. They provide females with a fairly socially acceptable, subtle and thus convenient means of whoring. Boobs are also an erogenous zone for women, and besides grooling and dilated pupils, engorged nipples[citation needed] are a sign of female arousal, however counter to men's intuition women themselves do not associate erect nipples with arousal.[1]

Sexual signaling[edit | edit source]

Women sexually harassing men with their frontal lordosis.

The permanently swollen breasts in human females are unique among primates. In other primates, breasts only swell during breastfeeding which is accompanied by temporary infertility.[2] However, full human breasts might mimick estrous swellings of the buttocks which signals sexual readiness in primates.[3] Thus, women's perma-swollen breasts might still signal sexual readiness in men's hindbrains. This way women can conveniently gain sexual attention whenever they need it, e.g. to secure their mate's continued investment, to attract a new mate or for near-term resource accrual from short-term sexual encounters. Such strategies are particularly useful in Nothern slow life environments, where boobs indeed appear to have a greater sexual significance (compared to booties).[2][4]

The curved arch from collarbone to the boobs further reminds of the lordosis posture, thus boobs act as a frontal or secondary lordosis, and possibly evolved as self-mimicry of the buttocks when humans evolved their upright posture and gait.

Women are frequently oblivious to the fact that their swollen breasts are extremely sexually attractive to men, or at least they pretend to be oblivious.

Attractive breasts[edit | edit source]

Boobs are preferred by men today to be firm and smooth, in fact, firmness is more important than size.[5]

Runaway hypothesis vs good genes[edit | edit source]

Boobs may have been runaway selected to mimic the buttocks,[6] also explaining men's immense thirst for their sight as it may have been amplified by Fisherian feedback. This means the permanently swollen boobs of women have no biological purpose besides whoring, aesthetic pleasure and passing on this trait to increase the physical attractiveness of the female offspring. To the contrary, good geners would claim that well-formed boobs are honest signals of reproductive value, e.g. that they are evidence of the ability to grow fat deposits which are suggested to be prerequisites for reproduction,[7] however there is little evidence for this being the case. Large breasts do not even produce more mother milk.[8] Though there does seem to be a link in the extremely-flat regime, namely the tuberous breast syndrome is frequently characterized by a small breast volume, lactation insufficiency, but also an abnormal pointy appearance.[9]

Intrasexual competition[edit | edit source]

Women are known to compete with looks more than men do. There is evidence women's breast size plays a role in this intrasexual competition. For example women were less likely to introduce their partners to large-breasted women in one study.[10]

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