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Boobs, or boobies, titties etc. refer to a marvelous adaptation that sexual selection has gifted the human species with, the female breast. The attractiveness of boobs starts right at birth, providing babies with nutrition they need for growth. Boobs are also an erogenous zone for women.

Sexual signaling[edit | edit source]

Breasts in human females are permanently swollen, which is unique among primates. All other primate species have small, deflated breasts. They only enlarge when they are ready to mate or breast feed. This is a sign of fertility, showing the female is capable of producing and caring for a child. Human females developed permanently enlarged breasts to fool the males into thinking they are always ready to mate. Thus the male is always prompted to protect the female because he never knows when mating with her will produce a child.

Besides grooling and dilated pupils, engorged nipples are a sign of female arousal.

Attrative breasts[edit | edit source]

Boobs are preferred by men today to be round, firm and shaky, in fact firmness is more important than size,[1]

Runaway hypothesis[edit | edit source]

Breasts may have been runaway selected to mimic the buttocks,[2] also explaining men's immense thirst for their sight. This means boobs have no biological purpose besides aesthetic pleasure and passing on this trait to increase the physical attractiveness of the female offspring. To the contrary, good geners would claim that well-formed boobs are honest signals of reproductive value, e.g. that they are evidence of the ability to grow fat deposits which are suggested to be prerequisites for reproduction,[3] however there is little evidence for this being the case.

References[edit | edit source]

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