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/r/Braincels is a blackpilled involuntary celibate community hosted by Reddit. It is watched over by Lord of Lords Blackops2cel. It is more raucous than, and a bit more calm than

The subreddit gets an estimated 2-3 posts per minute, and has an *enormous* amount of lurkers. Braincels generally produces more lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek content compared to other incel communities, as it largely consists of memes in support of the blackpill and baits for r/inceltears.


Creation[edit | edit source]

Braincels was created by AnathematicAnarchist before the /r/incels ban. He was later forgotten by the 'community' until he wrote a suicide letter, after which the community embraced him. He has not posted since his suicide letter. Given that a large number of suicides from braincels that have been tied to real Facebook accounts, it is more likely than not that the creator of the sub committed suicide.

First Major Moderator[edit | edit source]

The subreddit was occupied by the female head-moderator, Board_Gaming, who had repeatedly self-proclaimed to not believe in the Blackpill, posted in Inceltears, and seemingly disliked Incels. She has also been hypothesised to be perhaps autistic, due to the nature of the vast majority of comments she makes being of the form "I am not X" or "I do not X," which have spawned several mock accounts on the sub that imitate her. In October of 2018, she stepped down as head-moderator and was replaced by /u/IQ9K, who added five new moderators to help him out. The forum became more ban-heavy, masculinist, and content-restrictive after Board_Gamings absence.

Brigading[edit | edit source]

Braincels is regularly brigaded by inceltears. Inceltears users have been rumored to post CP and other stuff to get the sub shut down.

Positive Masculinity[edit | edit source]

The community to this day still seems to be quite active, despite being quarantined from the rest of Reddit by Reddit admins on September 27, 2018, because of misogyny. On the date of the quarantining of Braincels, Reddit gave a link to a feminist male studies organization, telling incels to learn, "positive masculinity," sparking many memes making fun of the term, "positive masculinity," for its comically vague thought-police vibe. It was later learned that the founder of the male org that Reddit linked, Michael Kimmel, was an alleged sexual assaulter, leading to much questioning as to whether or not Reddit meant, "positive masculinity," to mean rape.


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