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Looksmaxing, sometimes spelled looksmaxxing, or to looksmax, is any attempt at improving one's appearance. The term originated on the PSL forums as a modification of the -maxxing suffix used to indicate a form of self-improvement; thus, looksmaxing means to attempt to maximize one's physical appearance.[1] Looksmax.org is the largest existing looksmaxing forum that follows the PSL tradition of looksmaxing discussion and continues the subculture surrounding it.

In-depth explanation[edit | edit source]

Forms of looksmaxing vary from mild and well-known methods (such as getting a haircut, using minoxidil and grooming eyebrows) to more invasive techniques such as plastic surgery and using anabolic steroids. There also exist purported extreme methods such as smash bone theory in an attempt to thicken one's facial bones. However, a lot of these extreme looksmaxing methods are proposed in a facetious fashion.

The most controversial practice postulated by some ethnicels includes whitemaxxing, which is modifying your appearance to appear more European.

Looksmaxing methods[edit | edit source]

In the looksmaxing community, having a lean body and a full head of hair are considered the most crucial features to look good as a male. Skin quality is another important trait and can be improved by fixing acne, increasing collagen or moderate tanning. As regards the facial bone structure, forward growth (opposed to the unattractive downward growth) is considered the key to have an attractive face. This feature can be improved with procedures like Jaw surgery and genioplasty.

SoftMaxxing[edit | edit source]

Softmaxing is a subset of looksmaxing that concerns non-invasive and cheap methods to improve one's looks. Examples of softmaxing are:

  • Dietary changes such as following a healthy diet and lifestyle, dieting to get lean etc.
  • The use of certain over the counter supplements that are purported to, or have been proven to improve certains aspects of aesthetics. Such as supplements that can improve the color and tone of the skin, such as carotenoids like beta-carotene and astaxanthin,[2][3][4] supplements that can improve overall skin quality and improve wrinkles, such as collagen peptides,[5][6], and supplements that are claimed to improve hair and nail quality, such as biotin (with there only being evidence of biotin serving to alleviate the hair loss caused by a serious deficiency of this mineral).[7][8]
  • Working out in gym to get muscular, running, cycling etc. Various forms of physical activity aimed at improving one's body composition. (Lowering body fat percentage and increasing muscle mass).
  • Better grooming and style. Examples would be following a skincare routine, haircuts, styling facial hair and eyebrows, and wearing better fitting, higher quality clothing. One could also include anti-aging serums in this category, such as usage of retin-A (tretinoin) or various other substances/methods that have evidence for slowing, or purporting to slow collagen loss, such as dermarolling.
  • Various methods of frauding natural features. Like wearing light color contacts, or increasing height with shoe lifts.
  • Orthodontic and dental work such as repairing, aligning, and whitening the teeth, and generally improving oral health.
  • Non-invasive body modifications, such as using contacts in lieu of glasses, or wearing height-increasing insoles

Hard looksmaxing[edit | edit source]

Hardcore Looksmaxing involves more invasive or hazardous methods of enhancing one's physical appearance. Examples would include:

  • Injecting (or taking orally) anabolic steroids to improve one's muscle building capacities far beyond what would be possible naturally.[9]
  • Other substances with anabolic effects or weight loss drugs. Such as the use of the bronchodilator clenbuterol to improve body composition,[10] or the use of potentially dangerous stimulants like ephedrine for weight loss. SARMs would also fall into this category.
  • Bleaching one's skin or using other chemicals to whiten one's skin.
  • Various forms of plastic surgery: fillers, laser scar removal, botox etc.
  • Preventing male-pattern hair loss with the anti-androgenic five-alpha-reductase enzyme inhibitor drugs finasteride and/or dutasteride. Hair regrowth agents like minoxidil could also be included in this category. In extreme cases, some men experiencing hair loss even opt to take even more potent anti-androgen drugs (drugs that block testosterone production or make it inert in the body) such as spironolactone and abiraterone acetate. This is because testosterone itself is bio-active in the scalp, though to a lesser degree than DHT (a more potent androgen, inhibited by the five-alpha-reductase drugs listed above). So, in some extreme cases, men opt for chemical castration rather than lose their hair. There is also some mechanistic and anecdotal evidence (especially among MTF transsexuals) that estrogen or topically applied estrogen can dramatically stimulate hair regrowth,[11][12] leading some desperate men experiencing hair loss to experiment with these compounds on their own hair, despite the obvious strong risk of feminization related side effects (gynecomastia, mood swings, disruption of libido, etc). In the case of topically applied estrogen, the systematic side effects could perhaps be alleviated by the concurrent administration of SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators), which bind to the estrogen receptor in certain body tissues negating its effect (such as breast tissue), and are thus often used by steroid using bodybuilders to prevent gynecomastia.

Controversial looksmaxing methods[edit | edit source]

In the Looksmaxxing community other less popular methods are also discussed, that many deride as pseudo-scientific or unproven, such as:

  • Mewing, a practice that supposedly improves facial bones (such as the position of the maxilla) through adopting correct tongue posture.
  • Bonesmashing, a practice that supposedly relies on Wolf's Law (that states that bones adapt to stress by becoming stronger) to improve bone structure. Basically striking yourself in the face in the belief that this will remould your facial bones.
  • NoFap i.e. stopping masturbation for various purposes like improving brain receptors or improving the hormonal profile.
  • The assumption that various over the counter supplements, like vitamin K in the MK4 form, can have dramatic effects like reshaping one's facial bones.

Surgerymaxxing[edit | edit source]

In looksmaxxing communities it is commonly argued that, much of the time, in order to ascend, ugly men need to undergo plastic surgeries. The least invasive surgeries are otoplasty, rhinoplasty and facial implants (often chin/jaw implants), which are able to fix minor facial flaws, however this might not be enough for men who have recessed facial bones: in these cases Maxillofacial surgery is often argued to be the only way to substantially improve their facial appearance.

Community[edit | edit source]

Looksmaxxers discuss their methods in different forums

  • PSL sites: Looksmax.org, Lookism.net (male only, Redpill)
  • Normie sites: r/PlasticSurgery, RealSelf.com (non-ideological)
  • Other sites: jawsurgeryforums.com, limblengtheningforum.com, hairlosstalk.com, forum.bodybuilding.com (focusing on a specific affliction)

Alternatives to Looksmaxxing[edit | edit source]

In the incelosphere Looksmaxxing is the main form of Deincelization, however some users propose other ways to escape inceldom like Moneymaxxing and increasing social reputation (Statusmaxxing). More uncommonly, some advocate radical practices like trannymaxxing (i.e. becoming a male to female transgender)

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