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BBC Theory, or Big Black Cock Theory, claims Black males have an advantage over other races of men in seducing women because black men have BBCs (Big Black Cocks) and dickmog all other races.

Many redpillers often subscribe to this theory while many purplepilled people often criticize such theories and argue the opposite is actually true, and that racial bias and sexually aggressive 'Mandingo' stereotypes actually harm minority men.

Arguments in support and against BBC Theory[edit | edit source]

Support[edit | edit source]

  • Bald white men lose attractiveness, whereas bald black men with a shaved head do not lose their attraction potential.[1]
  • Stereotypes and some personality research indicate that Black men are more extroverted and emotionally stable on average than White men, which seems to be a personality profile associated with mating success. However, such racial differences in the Big Five personality traits seem small and potentially not reliable. [2] This may be due to the general low validity of self-report personality and group comparison bias, however.
  • Men of African descent tend to be muscular[3] and superior at certain athletic abilities on average,[4] which may be the reason why Black men are over-represented compared to men of other races in certain prestige team sports in multiracial countries like the US.[5] Both of these traits typically desired by women.
  • A survey of a sample of self-reported sex-workers on Amazon's MTurk platform found that the subjects rated Black men as being the most the most sexually skilled race of men, while East Asians & South Asians were evaluated as being the sexually worse performing ethnicities.[6] This is despite the fact that the prostitutes evaluated Black men as being more likely to be impolite compared to other races overall, suggesting they weren't perceived as more likable overall. However, the women in this study ultimately preferred White men as clients over Black men, even when controlling for ethnocentric bias.[7] This may indicate that Black men are considered particularly sexually desirable when it comes to no-strings attached sex, at least among fast life strategy/promiscuous women. Part of the women's high evaluation of the sexual potency of Black men may also be explained by Black men's apparent higher sexual stamina, as Black men were less likely to ejaculate quickly than other races of men according to the prostitute's reports.[8]
    Black men's reported longer ejaculation latency, however, may be explained by higher sexual experience/specific experience with sex workers among black men.[citation needed] Anecdotal reports from sex workers depict Black men as being more sexually aggressive and less romantic than other groups of men on average (leading some to avoid them as clients),[9] which may actually be desired by such women in particular (and perhaps women in general, as suggested by female pornography preferences).[10]
    However, the authors of the Amazon Turk sex worker study left open the possible that ascertainment bias affected the results. Such an ascertainment bias could be caused by the higher propensity of Black men in the US to visit sex workers combined with the tendency of some sex workers to avoid them as clients, resulting in the workers who did have experience with Black men to give them more favorable evaluations, though they considered this unlikely.[11] Such an explanation also contradicts the women's generally unfavorable evaluation of Black client's level of politeness and willingness to pay for more expensive services such as the 'girlfriend experience'.

Against[edit | edit source]

  • Most Black men don't have BBC according to statistics, while any racial differences in penis size being moderate when studies do find such group differences. Some argue that the idea that there are racial differences in penis sizes is a myth that relies on weak cherrypicked data.[12] However, there are studies demonstrating a small increase in the mean penis size compared to other races.[13] If reliable, a small difference in the mean of a group leads to greater extremes at the tail ends of the standard distribution would mean the men with the very largest penises would tend to be Black much more often.
  • The majority of White women in the US do not marry out of their race and strongly prefer White men, at least for long-term monogamous relationships.[14]
  • White women who date Black men tend to be lower IQ than other women of their race, while Black men who date White women tend to be higher IQ compared to other Black men. This indicates that assortative mating is a more important determinant of interracial dating than adhering to racial stereotypes for Black men.[15]
    • Some analyses of online dating data show that Black men are generally seen as less desirable partners compared to White men.[16]
      Speed dating studies also show that Black men are seen as generally viewed less desirable partners compared to White men, with substantial heterogeneity. Some show null effects for race as an independent variable for men on predicting speed-dating outcomes.[17]
      Other similarly designed speed-dating experiments show large effects; for example, Chopik & Johnson (2021) found that controlling for same-race preference, being Black was strongly negatively associated with being chosen in speed-dating. The magnitude of the direct effect of the Black race was similar to that of the magnitude of the negative effect found for Asian race among men, though it was weaker than the direct positive effect of physical attractiveness.[18]

United States government study[edit | edit source]

According to a U.S. government study, sickle cell, a rare disease which is more common under black people, caused a "significant penile enlargement" in one patient.[19] Self induced priapism is commonly advocated as a penis enlargement technique on penis extension forums. Thus, the BBC phenomenon may be primarily caused by the penis enlargement resulting from priapism episodes related to sickle cell anemia.

BBC theory debunked[edit | edit source]

In an episode of Blackpill 101, BBC theory was analysed by looking at several studies:

Sexual Studies & Census Data[edit | edit source]

Specifically concerning white and black relationships, it is frequently claimed that white women especially do not have a preference for black men. The usual evidence cites match statistics from websites and apps like OKCupid or Tinder. However, this data is flawed as it examines only online interactions and "facebook-official" relationships and has a very small sample size. It does not examine purely sexual interactions, "hookups", or offline dating.

Though it is frequently said by both ethnicels and the far-right that "white women are the most loyal" racially, several studies have found that bm/wf interracial sex is fairly common, even if "relationships" are less so.

One study, one of the largest of its kind, "The Social Organization of Sexuality" published in the mid-90s looked at the sexual behaviors of thousands of Americans taken from all 50 states, found that roughly one-in-ten white women (white being defined by the study as people of European ancestry) not cohabiting with their current partner were having sex with a non-white man, with black males being the most common partner. The study did not investigate the race(s) of previous sexual partners of cohabiting and married white couples, so the fraction was potentially higher than presented in this particular section of the study.[20]

An earlier study in 1974 at the University of Arizona found that black men (nearly 90%) engaged in interracial dating and one-night stands despite black women attending the university in equal number to black men, who were a clear minority on campus. Black men had sex with their white dates nearly 100% of the time, with some black men in the study having had one-night stands with as many as fifty different white women. Comparatively, white men rarely engaged in interracial one-night stands, and roughly half of those who did date a woman outside of their race never even had sex with her.[21]

In the UK in 1991, census data found that one in five young black males in London were cohabiting with a white woman. As with previous studies: A staggering number given the much smaller African demographics at the time.[22]

One must also consider that European women, globally, make up fewer than half-a-billion people, with the most common ages of these women being in their mid-40s[23] means there are not many young women, relatively, to go around. Despite that, an uncountable number of white women of varying ages have appeared in both amateur and professional interracial pornography since the 1970s, and these women must be taken into consideration as well.

Lastly, data form the CDC collected between the years 2016 - 2019 found that 1/4 of all white parents in the United States had a mixed-race baby, with White women exceeding White men breeding with another race by over 60,000 babies. Roughly 12/100 babies born to white mothers had a non-White father, with black men being the most-common non-white father, as white women were 3x as likely to have children with a black partner than white males were to have children with a black partner.

Studies which examine sexual behaviors and feature interracial sex studies, although few in existence, as well as inferences to be made from census data indicate that although white women may not necessarily "prefer" black men, certainly not as life partners, a significant portion of the white female population has had sex with them and they are the preferred non-white sexual partner.[24]

Thus, various debunkings of the BBC Theory via dating statistics are likely self-proclaimed ethnicel and far-right cope, as bm/wf casual sex and even becoming parents is not exceptionally-rare.

It is also likely a cope that the only women who do so are unattractive or overweight, as most amateur interracial porn and website that catalogue "coalburners" such as CoalFax generally feature average to attractive women.

References[edit | edit source]

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