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Wizchan is a website focused on wizardry. It was created by someone named, "Mr. Pacific". The first major admin was Fredrick Brennan aka hotwheels, who went on to admin 8chan. Wizchan was started in 2014 as a copy of 4chan and 2chans bulletin board software, except designed only for adult virgins. A 'wizard' in the incelosphere refers to a joke which describes how an adult male virgin transforms into a wizard with magical powers after age 30. Therefore "wizchan".

Hostility to incels[edit | edit source]

Though still part of the incelosphere, the forum is pretty hostile to incels who express that involuntariness. The forum was mainly defined by it's role in various e-drama like Gamergate, and therefore is more filled with culture-warriors and astroturfers rather than actual incels. This site owner is also hostile to incels, filtering all mention of the word incel to crab.

Copypasta/Hotwheels[edit | edit source]

The second admin of wizchan was the eventual creator of 8chan, a paraplegic named copypasta or "Hotwheels". A parapalegic dwarf in a wheelchair who eventually got laid by an... emotional and abusive weeaboo with a fetish for disability.

Gamergate and Zoe[edit | edit source]

Wizchan is notable among cultural critics for being a central drama hotspot of Gamergate, a controversy surrounding a woman named Zoe allegedly cheating on her bf and sleeping with multiple game industry people, including her boss, to get her game greenlit, promoted, and well reviewed.

One of the starting events of gamergate involved a thread on wizchan where users posted about Zoe Quinn's game Depression Quest when it was released in 2013. In the thread many users described how the depression portrayed was nothing compare to theirs as well, insulting the game, and comments that women can't experience depression like men do. The attitudes at the time showed how Wizardchan used to be more incel-friendly (perhaps even primarily incel) because there were comments about how women had an easier time finding sex. It wasn't like neo-Wizardchan of the late 2010s where the board purity-spiraled into LARPing about being purely asexual volcels.

Quinn posted a screenshot of the short thread claiming Wizardchan users had been doxxing and calling her phone while masturbating. One of the screenshotted posts included a photo with the filename "my_picture.jpg" leading to users claiming it was a false flag, as well as the admin hotwheels claiming the posters IP address had never posted before. There were threads on the doxxing website kiwifarms mocking and attacking the wizardchan thread days before Quinn tweeted about it. Quinn had previously tweeted how she participated in the doxxing subforum "helldump" on somethingawful.com. Quinn made a tweet thanking an anonymous person for informing her that the thread existed.

The amount of conflicting information as well as later evidence of Zoe Quinn's lying cast in to doubt the claims of wizardchan users being behind any abuse of Quinn, if it ever happened. These events started the conflict on larger chans which had the same criticism of the game and a claim it was only on steam greenlight because Quinn was female. Games journalists starting covering the wizardchan thread as evidence of harassment and abuse of female developers. These events expanded to the gamergate claim around Quinns sexual relationships relevance to the reviewers and supporters of her game in the gaming industry.

Gamers made the story of Gamergate to be about the gaming industry being corrupt and the entire industry bending at will to things as minor as a borderline woman offering sex. The media made it about gamers not wanting strong female video game protagonists, as if Zoe's game, "Depression Quest", would have been an asset to humanity.

Although, some gamergaters did see themselves as reasserting masculinity back into gaming.

Honestly incelwiki doesn't have time to document this autism, which is documented to death elsewhere.

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