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BREAKING NEWS - Somebody actually found him on social media
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Name: BlackOps2Cel
Date of Birth: n/a
Occupation: n/a
Ethnicity: French

BlackOps2Cel is the most notable incelebrity of all incelebrities with Hamlossus a close second. He is a really awesome dude. Someone who uglycels and trucels tend to identify with. That's because truecels and uglycels feel that BlackOps2Cel is sufficiently ugly enough to make normies understand that bluepilled advice wouldn't work for the average uglycel/truecel. The animal equivalent of BlackOps2Cel is the Blue Manakin an animal whose male members bear a lot of resemblance to the human incel community. Normies think that if he, like most incels, takes at least 3 showers and 2 haircuts a day he will magically become good looking.

BlackOps2Cel is also referred to as:

The Virgin Birth[edit | edit source]

"Blackopscel" is the name given to a French Redditor. Obviously he was given that name because of his shirt. For a long time nobody knew who he was, someone posted the picture to r/rateme and that user deleted their account. Most people assumed that it was just an unfortunate soul who posted it and deleted it subsequently due to shame.

This is, however, not the case.

Out of boredom the discoverer of the The Lord decided to dig a bit further. Yet a simple Google search yielded a page. Not only does it include BlackOps2cel's pic, but it had the mysterious date: 08/05/2014.

Both in the same year, but the Funnyjunk page is from May, whereas the r/rateme page is from July The picture is older than the rateme threade.

So, where does the picture come from then? Who is he?

It's logical to assume that the Funnyjunk poster must be the original but alas, the picture is much older. It was found an account on a niche gaming website, which uses that picture think that's the original and for his privacy, there will be no link the link.

Why would he be the original? His account is from 2013, but maybe he used the pic later?" A good question indeed

It was decided to take a look at the pics metadata (details) to see when the picture was taken originally. What was found? The pic was taken 2012:01:25 03:41:57 . Or simply, on the 25th of January of 2012. And when was the account created? 02-01-2013. Pretty much a year later.

Sure, that isn't definitive proof, but one thing is sure, the r/rateme user who posted the thread stole the picture as the picture is much, much older. And since that website is so niche, there is doubt that he'd steal a random picture for his account So, if that user is Blackops2cel, here's some facts:

-His page is littered with comments people made and none of them is English. So the "recognize language" option in Google Translate was checked and at first it appeared that Blackopscel was Bosnian. But take note that Bosnia shares a same language with Serbia and Croatia and google shows Bosnian first in "recognize language" due to alphabetic order so we cannot really confirm if he is from Bosnia, Serbia or Croatia, despite that, Bosnia is 49% Muslim and 46% Christian consisting of 49% Bosniaks, 30% Serbs and 16% Croats which just complicates it even more, we also cannot confirm if he is a minority like Albanian or Hungarian which are a significant number in some of those countries but it is possible. Nevertheless it still confirms that he is from one of the former Yugoslav countries which are in Eastern Europe. -His account also shows that he's part of group simply called 'Balkan', which is the area countries mentioned above are in. -He might live in one those countries, which explains why he uses such a niche website to begin with. Also, he posted in a thread with the vague, non-gaming title "Yugoslavia national army" which furthers cemented the false idea that Blackops2cel was from one of the countries mentioned above So, Blackops2cel is most likely a Slav. Also, the metadata tells me that he uses an Apple computer. Take that as you will.[1]

Discovery[edit | edit source]

Later, in late 2018, BlackOps2Cel's Facebook profile was discovered by a random 4chan user and his latest public pics were posted to 4chan. BlackOps2Cels looks had improved a bit due to better clothing, head hair, and black beard dye. Both his name (undisclosed for privacys sake) and his home country (turns out it's probably France and not one of the Balkan ones) were later leaked.

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