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The asshole theory (in German: Arschlochtheorie) is a theory in the German incelosphere about how women prefer assholes on the whole. This term also has English language equivalents.

Self-identified ABs base asshole theory on the observation that men with rude behavior or negative traits still have a partner, and are on the whole preferred more so than "softies".

Criticism[edit | edit source]

The reasons why even reckless or brutal men have a partner (who, in spite of various "escapades", sometimes return to these men again and again) can be regarded as complex. The conclusion that now all women are interested in such men, is certainly wrong and not the purpose of this thesis. However, male "assholes" have something that "softies" do not possess: a clear male profile, with typically masculine characteristics (albeit pronounced negative in these cases). In the healthier variant, these would be, for example, assertiveness, physical strength, vitality, straightforwardness, protector qualities, etc. In this regard, it can already be said that this appeals to women.

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