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Name: unknown
Date of Birth: 2001
Occupation: Warehouse Worker
Ethnicity: white

DBDR (Dead by Daylight Rants) is a blackpiller YouTube channel with over 16,000 subscribers which primarily consists of the channel owner, DBDR, relaying his blackpilled thoughts, observations, and blackpilling life experiences.

It's debatable whether or not he should be considered an incel or simply blackpilled. However, he is a virgin and has a long history of failed attempts at acquiring a girlfriend and sex, along with at least one past oneitis.

He is almost certainly KV.

Some criticize him as being "too negative" and view him as complaining about life too much, while others find him and his videos to be highly relatable, many even claim to use his videos as a cope.

"Yeah, that's pretty much it." Is the catchphrase he closes many of his videos out with.