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Name: unknown
Date of Birth: 2001
Occupation: unemployed
Ethnicity: White (of Irish and Italian origin)

DBDR (Dead by Daylight Rants) is a blackpilled YouTuber[1] with over 38,400 subscribers whose content primarily consists of him relaying his blackpilled thoughts, observations, and blackpilling life experiences. He has a second channel, St. DBDR, where he uploads his music, bonus videos and life updates on his community tab[2].

It's debatable whether or not he should be considered an incel or simply blackpilled. However, he is a virgin and has a long history of failed attempts at acquiring a girlfriend and sex, along with at least one past oneitis.

He is almost certainly KV. He once kissed a woman whilst being drunk but she was a dominican stripper from his local strip club.

Some criticize him as being "too negative" and view him as complaining about life too much, while others find him and his videos to be highly relatable, many even claim to use his videos as a cope. A lot of his videos delve into a lot of unique issues that tend to relate to a lot of non NTs. These include lack of skill/talent in anything, ostracization socially from normies, missing out and believing a gf will not fix their lives due to their other issues, learning slowly or being seen as incompetent due to high social inhibition, being behind in life, etc

"Yeah, that's pretty much it." Is the catchphrase he closes many of his videos out with.

Relationship with family[edit | edit source]

- DBDR claims to have a troubled relationship with his mother due to her being a helicopter parent and being manipulative toward him.

She often uses the phrase "You're becoming just like your father!" whenever he consumes alcohol and has tried to institutionalise him [3].

- Claims his Father is an alcoholic[4] - Does not like his uncle and views him as a cuck

- his cousin is 6’4 and frame maxxed

Timeline[edit | edit source]

2001-2011ish: Lived with his mother and father in a very rural area before they divorced when he was 10.

2012: Bullied by some bigger kids.

2013: Was sexually assaulted and nearly raped by an older kid. He rubiks cube maxxed and played video games using a certain tag for gamer halo.

201?-202?: Went to community college for Communications Degree before switching to and attaining a Liberal Arts Degree.

summer 2021: Began making youtube videos consisting of stories and happenings in his personal life.

early 2022: Friends found out about his channel, watched it for months before confronting him on may 7th (2022). All of DBDR's friends except one no longer associate with him.

28 May 2023: Left home town to live with his father [5].

22 Oct 2023: Moves back into home town to live with his mother.

Ramona Flowers Academy[edit | edit source]

9 Nov 2023: Signed up to group therapy by his mother to what he dubbed as the Ramona Flowers academy based off the character in Scott Pilgrim vs The World. [6] [7]

Daily group therapy of 6 hours. Realises the academy is full of females and is wary of it. Has an unfavourable opinion of the therapist and questions their qualifications.

12 Nov 2023: Motivated by interacting with the females in his group therapy session and participating in the activities of the group therapy. [8]

14-15 Nov 2023: Day 5-6 of Therapy. Therapist suggested he take SSRIs and he refused as he believes it will have a negative effect on his mental faculties.

Almost got a number but failed due to Therapist mentioning earlier that the group should not share phone numbers with each other since they were there for mental health reasons.

16-26 Nov 2023: DBDR's mom believes his therapy is not helping him due to him expressing interest in the girls in his group, refusing to take medication and seeming more depressed. DBDR expresses that he is worried that the medication could cause erectile dysfunction to which she replied "It's not like you were using it anyway." She checks him out of the program. [9]

References[edit | edit source]

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