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ForeverAlone is a whitepilled and purplepilled forum. According to the Washington Post, it is an incel forum.[1] Some subsets of the incelosphere refer to it as a semi-incelospherian community. Its members have some of the most diverse social outlooks in the incelosphere, ranging from bluepilled, blackpilled to redpilled. It is also dual-gendered and one of the largest forums to discuss involuntary/unintentional celibacy.

As of 2019, it is somewhat pro-feminist, occasionally pro-bluepill and anti-overtly-self-identifying-as-incel forum. Anti-feminism will usually get you downvoted.

Philososphy[edit | edit source]

Foreveraloner's ("FAers") generally feel that women are mysterious, relationships are mysterious, and the point of the forum is to sort of marvel at a wide variety of mysterious minutia that they feel are responsible for holding them back from intimacy.

Sample screen from 2019

The posts are mostly recycled memes stolen elsewhere about sorrow and being resigned. So like incel forums but with less humor, anger, and creativity.

Foreveraloners accuse incels of being "too negative and pessimistic." However, identifying with the phrase, "forever alone," is much more harmful and pessimistic than identifying with the words, "involuntary celibate."

Notable Users[edit | edit source]

Notable users of the Foreveralone subreddit included Kyle Incel and Elliot Rodger.

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