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The Italian incelosphere is the subset of the incelosphere wherein people primarily speak or write in the Italian language. The community started in 2007 with the blog An Ugly Blog, while the next year the forum An Ugly Forum was created: the forum was a place where ugly people could discuss their condition and women were accepted. In 2013 the Forum of Ugly was founded and it became the center of Italian Redpilled community.

Glossary of Italian IncelosphereEdit

  • Brutto: ugly
  • Tommy: chad
  • np: literally non-persons, it refers to women
  • BV: Brutto Vero, literally "real ugly", truecel
  • co: Cessa obesa, fat ugly woman (literally obese toilet bowl)
  • IS: PUA forum, rival of Forum of Ugly
  • MDF: morto di figa, cuck


In the Italian incelosphere all users have a strong belief that Italy is the worst place for men and italian women are the most selective and narcissist in the world. Therefore some argue that the only solution to escape inceldom consists in finding a woman with immigrant background or moving to another country.

List of ForumsEdit

the forums are followed by english translation

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Notable members of italian incelosphereEdit