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A nymphocel or thirstie (from "thirsty" which in this context means "really wanting to have sex") is someone with a high libido who has compulsive sexual urges and is at the same time experiencing inceldom. It is a blend of the word "nymphomania" and "incel". Nymphoceldom is one of the worst subsets of inceldom one could be in, because the physical stresses and pains associated with incelibacy are multiplied many times over due to the sexual urges. The only thing the nymphocel excels at is setting records in terms of the discrepancy between the libido and the sexual outlet. This is because nymphoceldom begins to affect other areas of one's life because its hard to focus on one's career or studies when such a high libido is not quenched.

Nymphocels usually have nymphomania, hypersexuality, satyriasis or hyperphilia. This is the type of incel that regularly uses anaphrodisiacs to keep themselves sane.

The Estropenia Hypothesis[edit | edit source]

One of the major mental disorders that can cause hypersexuality is Bipolar Disorder and BPD, which are part of the Schizophrenia Spectrum (AKA Psychosis Spectrum). One of the major neurochemicals that prevent psychotic episodes is Estrogen[1][2], and since masturbation can convert Testosterone into Estrogen, it can be assumed that hypersexuality is merely a psychological reflex against Estrogen.

One of the major counters to this is the idea that soy products containing phytoestrogens can induce psychotic symptoms[3]. This can be attributed to the fact that phytoestrogen can block off estrogen receptors ("estrogen antagonists" or "estrogen blockers").

The Coomer Hypothesis[edit | edit source]

Coombrain (from KYM)

Often Whitepill and Nofapper will make the claim that most men are suffering from porn addiction (claiming that lower Testosterone as its main effects). Most of them will claim that Schizophrenia is caused by masturbation, and not vice versa. They also made similar machismo claims that trauma (including shell-shock and other forms of PTSD) being a form of weakness, when in fact there is a heavy physiological and hormonal correlation between digit ratio and risk of PTSD[4]. (PTSD having similar bio-mechanisms to Psychosis).

Paradoxically[5], religious puritans and those high in the "right-wing authoritarian" scale are the most likely to have high porn usage. This would suggest that, instead of porn "addicts" being the main problem, those that are more likely to be "sexually bulimic" (cycles of porn use and sexual puritanism) are also more likely to cause anti-liberal disruption. This is the reason why the insult "touch grass" (Escortcel baiting) is often effective. This would also imply that pornography and sexual access is a necessity, rather than a luxury.

Example 1[edit | edit source]

The following is a lenthy blog post written by an anonymous nymphocel in 2016[6]:

Satyriasic relates to an uncontrollable sexual desire or libido in men. Incel refers to those who want to have sex but are unable to acquire it. Unfortunately, I happen to suffer from both ailments. The situation is serious enough that I have had suicidal thoughts about my situation and have even cried with actual tears at how horny I am sometimes. This is all the more astonishing considering I am not the type of person that is emotional or cries. The next question someone reading the above paragraph may ask is " if you want a girl so bad why don't you just ask a girl out"or "why don't you do some online dating". Problem is, I do just that. All of it. Every time I do, I get rejected. When I ask a girl out on a date, she either says she has a boyfriend, or simply scoffs at my approach. I am horny enough that I brush the rejections aside and ask dozens of other women on the same day. Everytime I do, I get rejected. Then I thought maybe my approach is awkward so I tried online dating. I'm currently looking at my inbox and am currently registered with roughly 18 dating websites. I have moved over half of those to the spam folder because they are either too expensive for me, or filled with spam. Among the 8 remaining websites there are major faults too including cockblocking measures such as requiring monetary upgrades to see who likes you, fake profiles and when a woman does actually respond to you, has multiple other male messagers to pick and choose from.
Now you might ask yourself, why I do not simply go to see a hooker if I am that horny. Well, firstly its illegal and public notices makes clear that kerbcrawling is an enforced and arrestable crime. Secondly, even if I were to ignore the law, prostitutes where I live charge per time period not per orgasm. This is not an option for me since I'm somewhat of a satyromaniac; hence a single sex session would last much longer than minutes, closer to an hour probably for me, if not two hours, something that is prohibitively expensive.
Your next question is probably "why do you not simple masturbate". Well, thats what I used to do to keep myself sane. However, I live with my mother and she has recently switched ISP and the new provider does not come with porn, making masturbation a lot more difficult since I'm so used to the porn. Your next statement is probably, "you must be really ugly that no girl wants to go out with you". Well, here's the most puzzling part that even baffles me. I thought I must be butt ugly too that literally hundreds of girls, maybe a thousand (no exaggeration), have rejected my advances. Yet when I went on video chat services and picsharing websites to ask others to rate my looks I usually get answers ranging from "average" to "you are slightly better looking than average", only a few "uglies". Weird huh? I am 6 foot 3, weigh 69 kg, my penis is a bit larger than average at 6.5 inches. I do not have a uni degree but my 5 A to C's at GCSE and various college certificates with mediocre effort proves I am not dumb either. The only physical flaw on an aesthetic level I can think of now is the fact that I have a receding hairline, but even that has only existed for the past year; the result of faulty use of a hair trimmer. But even my hairline is not that noticeable since I am taller than most people and most would only see it if I'm sitting down or tilting my head down. Otherwise, I am lucky to have good overall health. Besides, I'm a non-drinker and non-drug user. Roughly two years ago I decided that it was my lack off car ownership that was driving women away from me. Hence I decided to get myself a driver's license and a car, hopefully upgrading my status in front of women a notch. I got myself a license and a Peugeot 308 but had no such luck at all. I even went to the length of buying an FM transmitter so I could woo random women on the street by asking what their favorite song was and then playing it for them in the hope of kicking off a friendship, that would lead to flirting and subsequently dating and romance. Most rejected. The few that accepted my invitation would break my will at the end off the ride by either telling me they had boyfriends, or giving me a fake cell phone number. One of those fake numbers really broke my heart because she was really convincing at pretending that she's interested in me.
I decided to write about this because not enough people take my status as an incel and satyromaniac seriously For example, it has not only affected my nonexistent sex/love life but has permeated through many aspects of my life. For example, I had to quit my previous job and am now jobless because all the random erections I was getting hurt when pressed against my belt or the pouch in the front center area in my trousers. Most people take for granted that they can wear tracksuit bottoms or sweatpants, whereas I have to worry about causing a moral panic in case a bulge forms due to unannounced arousal. My sexual frustration is taking a toll on my health and finances too because I am at times chain-smoking cigarettes just to calm my sexual tensions. Cigarettes are somewhat of a relief for me.
Nonetheless my online dating story is not over. I am currently speaking to two women. Funny thing is, both are disabled. One is blind, the other is in a wheelchair. I am not disabled. Why do only disabled women speak to me? I am so angry at my lack of sex that I believe that sometimes I think that anyone who says that women have a sex drive equally high as men should be fined or punished. In the same way that we fine or punish individuals that sell fraudulent products, or food containing food poisoning, these misleaders ought to be punished too because the idea that women's libido is equal to that of man is a blatant fraud that has harmful consequences for men who believe its true. Every night club I've been to its the men chasing the women, and the women brushing off their advances as if all their clitorises are desensitized after a botched FGM surgery. Every nightclub I've visited also has a disparity in the number of women to men. Either its 2 men for every woman, or sometimes even 3 or 4 men for every woman. Some self-centered and myopic bloggers in posts I read online claim that incel is a myth, that men merely need to lower their standards to get women. Hello? I am currently chatting to disabled people! Some of my latest few rejections included pensioners, who were way past their sell-by-date. And i'm still being rejected. Even the two disabled women i'm speaking to now are chased by me, not the other way round. I have lowered my standards so much that I approach women that could pass as sumo wrestlers, but I'm still rejected, even though I consider myself a 5 out of 10. I have tried every suggestion men's magazines have thrown at me: wear some cologne; make sure you're always clean; don't be too straightforward etc. etc. My horniness level is so high that I'm actually considering going to the hospital. But what will I tell them? "I need to get laid so badly or else I'm going to lose my sanity?" I'm also considering walking into a police station in order to ask what my limits are on approaching women. I'd ask "Am i sexually harassing women if I am honest and tell girls that I'm desperate to have sex?" I have not had sex in 3 years. I have only had sex 3 times in my entire life. The embarrassing nature of my situation means I can't even tell friends or relatives. What am I supposed to tell my mother? "Hey mom, i'm so ridiculously randy you would not believe?" Therefore nobody knows about the torture I'm going through. Whenever I see people, I smile and pretend that I'm just fine being a singleton. In reality I'm up for everything, from marriage, to engagement, no-strings sex, long-term relationships, but for some reason, all seem off-limit to meas if having a girl-friend is some far-fetched dream akin to wishing you owned a Ferrari. I have also pondered whether my lack of female companionship is due to the fact that I was very attractive when I was a teenager. Back in those days girls used to approach me. I did not need to do any work. But my looks have definitely gone downhill and since I turned roughly 21 I have not once had a woman approach me.
So whats the solution to the predicament that I and other incels find themselves in? Firstly, I literally can't wait for the day when either sexbots will be a viable and affordable option, or the stigma surrounding the ownership of fleshlights are reduced. This would mean vastly increasing the scope, variety and quality of sextoys that are available to men. It would also mean that rather than stocking fleshlights hidden away in sex-shops, it should be available in supermarkets. This would alleviate the current social climate presented to men wherein they have to prostrate to feminazi nonsense which requires that men prostrate towards women as if they are saintly goddesses with halos on their heads that have the omnipotent power to control men by virtue of the forbidden orifice between their legs. I have empathy for the future generations of incel men that may face the agony of sexlessness that I and other incels are suffering from. In order to counter such a predicament, we need to permit the option of choosing female as a gender selection in fertility clinics, to reduce the gender disparity we see with too many young men seeking sex, and too few young women willing to replicate that desire. Another solution is an anti-viagra. We all know there's viagra, but what's the anti-viagra, for guys like me that have boners all the time but no outlet for them, except in heaps of tissues I hide under my bed and the bedsheets I bought that are washed on a bi-weekly basis after they are soiled with too much dry semen on them? We should also censor and possibly fine news outlets that claim that rape has nothing to do with sexual gratification but is merely an outlet for men that want to be violent. The first reason for such a harsh stance is that it is misleading and promotes ignorance; its like saying that a hungry person that shoplifts food isn't actually hungry, he merely wanted to decorate the his room with the foodpackaging. Ridiculous right? The second reason for such a harsh stance towards those that dismiss or trivialize the existence of sexual frustration is that these journalists merely increase the suffering that men like me face, by claiming that the notion of men being unable to get sex is a myth, thereby reducing the willingness of society to rectify the condition of incels, downplaying our predicament and thereby ensuring we fail to find a medical or social remedy for blueballers for the betterment of society at large. The third reason for this stance is that misleading information about the causes of rape merely ensures that rapists and rapees will continue to exist for centuries on end because we will never figure out what the root cause of rape is. Writers who dismiss the existence of incels are not only a danger to incels but a danger to the wider economic well-being of society. This is because a significant amount of incels and blue-ballers are depressed people and various studies show that depressed people are not good for the economy. We also need to acknowledge that the number of incels are also widely underreported because it is not classy or socially advantageous to proclaim "I am not getting any" and many guys don't even know that the word exists.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

The poster of the above thread is obviously very confused. The reason he's confused is because he's bluepilled. You can discern the bluepilled sentiment by the fact that he claims to believe the platitudes that women have given him. He also rates himself as a 5 out of 10, i.e. average. If he was truly a 5 out of 10, then he wouldn't be incel would he? One of the hallmarks of bluepilled thinking is that you believe the platitudes that are thrown your way, unaware that these are mere niceties derived from a politically correct society where you're a winner by being a runner-up. It seems apparent that this is exactly what the above nymphocel is doing. The above post is a perfect example of how bluepilled indoctrination leads to bewilderment and mental disorientation. The mainstream messages of society (i.e. the bluepill) do not live up to expectations or reality. If all those women truly thought he was attractive, why did they refuse to copulate with him? Why did each and every single woman refuse to give him a phone number? Why was the cost-benefit analysis of dating almost zero for him? Its cognitive dissonance such as this which is driving more and more men towards the redpill and some even towards the blackpill.

Example 2[edit | edit source]

The following is a post by a nymphocel written in 2015. Although he never used the term "incel", his subsequent reply posts reveal that he was a KHHV truecel who never received any attention from women[7]:

Ever since I was 11 or so I was plagued by an intense libido. From age 11 to age 18 I was masturbating 5 times a day. Back then I thought it was just a temporary thing and that after I finished puberty I would adapt to my hormone levels and my sex drive would lower to a more manageable level. Throughout my university years, my sex drive remained just as high. I still kept thinking that in a few years time, my sex drive would drop off and I just needed to wait a little longer. When I turned 25 and there was no significant decline in my sex drive I knew I had to do something. Before I go on though, I should probably emphasize just how much my insanely high libido was affecting my life. When I was in middle school and high school, going the school day without masturbating was a feat of heroic difficulty and many days I caved and masturbated in the bathroom stall. Regardless, the first thing I did when I got home was masturbate, which I would do no less than two more times before (quite often more) I went to bed. I always masturbated first thing when I woke up as well. My sex drive and the required masturbation that went along with it completely controlled my life. When I got my first "real job" after I got my degree, I only had a 45 minute lunch break. I lived half an hour away from where I worked so there was no way I would have been able to drive home, masturbate, and get back to work on time. So what I did was I ran out of the building, got in my car, drove into the parking lot of an abandoned store that was 15 minutes away, masturbate, and go back to work. This left no time for me to actually eat lunch, other than maybe scarf down some packaged food that I had ready in my car. There were major decisions that I made in my life that I made in order to maximize my opportunities to masturbate. The main reason I didn't do any extracurricular activities in high school was because I needed to get home ASAP and masturbate. I thought about joining the military but one of the reason I opted not to was fear of lack of opportunities to masturbate, especially in boot camp. One of the reasons I dropped out of the first university I attended was so I could go to a university close enough to where I could live at home (where I would have more opportunities to masturbate) and commute to class. I know it sounds like I'm exaggerating but I'm being as honest as I can. I really didn't get much pleasure out of masturbation due to doing it some much and being circumcised. It was more of a relief thing, something I needed to do to return to a short lived sanity. I was pretty much like a drug addict. Getting to the point, I decided the only rational thing to do would be to get castrated. I found a surgeon on the internet in Thailand, paid less than $3000 and got both of testicles surgically removed. The surgery most certainly worked in the sense that it lowered my sex drive astronomically. My sex drive went from a 100 to a 2. Interestingly, my nonsexual romantic desire for women also plummeted, going from a 100 to about a 10. Before, I always masturbated right before bed and imagined myself snuggling with a girl after, now I almost never masturbate before bed and instead of fantasizing about having a girl with me, most of the time my mind is just filled with random thoughts. Other changes include feeling far less anger, complete loss of most fetishes, finding a much smaller pool of women physically attractive and a change in the type of woman I had a preference for. I also have a lot less motivation and energy in general. In terms of physical changes I have a lot less body hair, my facial hair growth slowed down (though not nearly as much as my body hair growth did) and I have a lot less muscle mass. So AMA.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

The above post seems to clarify the extent to which modern society by and large neglects sexual minorities. Although there are countless articles speaking about how to increase one's sex drive how many are there about decreasing your sex drive? Society has pretty much neglected satyriacs and nymphos as if they're some circus show. As such, the above nymphocel was largely left to his own devices regarding his inceldom and his phenomally high libido which resulted in him getting rid of his balls.

Solutions[edit | edit source]

One of the main issues facing nymphocels is that they are too forward and too direct. Although nymphocels are aware that they should not give off the vibe of being desparate, that is easier said than done. Imagine someone telling you not to laugh when you see something extremely funny, or someone telling you to put on a cheerful face after having experienced something horrible.

Now, the stoic route taken by those who believe in the whitepill would be helpful to those experiencing inceldom as a result of their rash behaviour deriving from hypersexuality. Nonetheless, such info is hard to get by. Wider society could alleviate the issues faced by nyphocels by not immediately jumping to pervert-related knee-jerk reactions when practical proposals are introduced. For example some nymphocels may live in prudish households where they could not turn to for help. As such, it is the duty of wider society step in, for example by permitting pleasure booths (also known as masturbation booths) to be permitted within their jurisdictions. To those who fear that pleasure booths are icky, well, they do not need to be near your front door, they could be placed somewhere a bit secluded. Not only would pleasure booths (to an extent at least) alleviate the physiological symptoms of nymphomania, but it would also alleviate some of the psychological tolls, such as helping the victim of hypersexuality/nymphomania feel more normal.

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