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A graycel or greycel (formally called a recruit) is a user on the forum who has 499 or less posts on the forum. They are called graycels because their username is shown in gray text. Once they have posted 500 posts, they are no longer a graycel and have achieved Officer rank on the forum.

There is a lot of stigma against graycels on Users often might spell graycel as "GrAYcel" to make fun of graycels. If a graycel types a thread that incels disagree with, users might reply with "typical GrAYcel thread" or "ok GrAYcel". Sometimes when a non-graycel types a thread that users think is dumb or noob-ish, people respond with "GrAYcel-tier thread". If a graycel ever types a controversial thread that is likely to be featured on IncelTear (an anti-incel subreddit), users might show the graycel's number of posts and join date. If a graycel had just joined or joined long ago but is still a graycel, users will worry this might be an infiltrator from IncelTear trying to screenshot their own threads on IncelTear. As a result, users often are suspicious toward graycels.