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The term greycel or graycel has been used on since at least Spring 2020 (possibly earlier). Some users have posted asking about it.

Discussions[edit | edit source]

IQ[edit | edit source]

"[Serious] What Exactly is a Graycel?" is the title of two threads:

In either case the message body was the same, AE just reposted Mensa's thread:

I always assumed it meant an incel who is or tries to be intelligent. "Graycel" being a play on words to mean greycels in your brain.
But I've seen it used quite a bit for repeat posts. "This post has already been made graycel!". Does it also mean gray as in old or decaying? Because that would make sense in those contents.

April replies[edit | edit source]

  • MountainGorilla said "yeah we call high iq posters graycels because they have lots of gray cells in their brain"
  • Animecel2D said "it means your name is grey and your a new user"

May replies[edit | edit source]

  • psygnosis owl summarized "Gray or Grey are alternate spelling of the colour color of a users name, indicating forum activity."
  • chudur budur posted a graphic showing that it was the color of the first "Recruit" rank one received at 0 posts, and retained until achieving "Officer" rank at 500 posts.
  • The Neet replied "GrAYcel". The initials AY probably stand for something, similar to ER standing for Elliot Rodger.

Synonyms[edit | edit source]

  • newbie
  • newfag