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A nice guy is a male who acts receptive, agreeable, socially acceptable, and pleasant towards both men and women. Women and Blackpillers accuse nice guys of being bluepilled, saying that their niceness cannot (or should not) be sexually attractive on its own. Their niceness and smiling is commonly explained by low dominance status, often as a result of poor looks, physical weakness, religion, and/or modern egalitarian domestication.

Women prefer bullies over nice men[edit | edit source]


Contrary to men, women tend to prefer a disagreeable partner during the initial stages of dating once men have passed their LMS test.[1][2] This results in bullies having substantially more sexual partners than the bullied.[3][4][5][6][7][8] This gives men an incentive to act like jerks to avoid being ghosted. Women consequently tend to complain that there are no genuinely nice guys, which is thought to be a shit test, virtue signaling, or self-delusion.

These insights are central to the red pill, black pill, and the countless clickbaity news articles about how "women love psycopaths", and they are related to hybristophilia, i.e. women's sexual interest in criminal and violent males.

The immense contradiction between the socially desired male niceness and goodness and their low sexual success as a result of female mate choice has motivated mass murderers Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian, claiming themselves to be "supreme gentlemen" and thus deserving female sexual attention. Minassian explicitly stated having been "too nice" to women.[9][10]

Fake nice guys[edit | edit source]

Both womanospherians and manospherians accuse many men of being "fake nice", but in different ways.

Womanospherians seem to have a problem with virtually all genuinely nice guys, but will label them as Nice Guys™ nonetheless (see /r/niceguys). They deem all actual nice guys as fake nice guys, distracting from the fact that women reward anti-social behaviour. They see it as hypocritical when nice guys get angry at the fact that most women in the Western world do not find nice guys sexually attractive. Because anger is often not nice when directed outwardly.

Womanospherians also have a problem with actual fake nice guys, but so does everyone else.

Manospherians are more tolerant to nice guys (see Karen Straughan) but are very critical of men who they perceive as being much more nice to women than as to men, who they call white knights.

Both womanospherians and manospherians accuse men who they perceive as nice guys of deceiving women in dating.

Notable nice guys in the incelosphere[edit | edit source]

The following individuals have been indentified as nice guys by normies.

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